Top Ten Big Krit Songs

Big krit is one of the most influential rappers of all time. He is from Mississippi just like me and he inspires me to continue my dream to be a hot mc as well. And I don't know why someone hasn't made him a list yet

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1 The Vent

When you are on some deep stuff you kust put this song on. This song really makes you think. If you are a real rap fan you have to know this song its krit number one song in my eyes. - dierius

2 Mt. Olympus

Now this song right here makes you want to turn all the way up. He even talks about Kendrick Lamar control verse in the song. I used to listen to this song everyday - dierius

3 Bigger Picture

A bigger picture with a bigger krit is a love song which we don't see much of from krit. So when you have a song with a real meaning like this one you just can't take it off of repeat. - dierius

4 Rich Dad Poor Dad

The slow mellow beat of this song and the poem at the beginning just hits you in the heart. I had a rich dad poor dad something I didn't understand at first. But the more you listen to the song the more you understand. - dierius

5 Multi Til the Sun Die

I didn't here this song until two years after the album was released. We should all multi before we die said by jay Z. But krit said multi before the sun die not before you die. Which means you can make multi millions even after you die. I mean Tupac did. - dierius

6 Dreamin
7 No Wheaties

You can be a champion with out wheaties. This song is my ringtone right now even though I just started listening to it a month ago it is truly inspirational like a sequel to boobie miles - dierius

8 R.E.M.

I don't know about my dreams all I know is I'm falling. We all fall sometime chasing our dreams but when we do we get back up because that is what champions do. - dierius

9 Red Eye

How is this NOT in the top five?
"the next minute you wanna be free/ then the next minute you hollerin' peace/ because you know it's a war, and they'll be blood in the streets"

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10 As Small As a Giant

Just like in rich dad poor dad this song has a poem at the beginning surprisingly better the rich dad poor dad. America think we are small but we are as small a giant - dierius

The Contenders

11 Lost Generation

My favorite song of all time. Krit and Lupe both kill this

12 Soul Food
13 Pay Attention

I was so happy when I first heard this song play on the radio. I kept telling my mom that's big krit best rapper out of Mississippi. I wish I paid more attention when I was younger - dierius

14 Hometown Hero
15 Heard It All
16 Mind Control
17 Cadillactica
18 Saturdays = Celebration
19 Somedayz
20 Angels
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1. The Vent
2. Bigger Picture
3. Rich Dad Poor Dad
1. Heard It All
2. Soul Food
3. Lost Generation



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