Best Big Mouth Characters

One of my favourite parts about the show is the cast of interesting, quirky characters, so what better list is there to make?
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1 Jay Bilzerian

Just like Maurice, I love basically everything about this guy, his obsession with magic, his general insanity and the episodes focused on him. I did also find it quite touching when he said he would raise his pillow's child despite the fact it wasn't his child (don't question it, watch the show to get context).

I can seriously relate to this kid! I came out as bi in middle school too! And believe it or not: my name is also Jay! What a coincidence! o0o

I love him so much if he was really I'd totally want him inside of me. Great character

I was so worried wether he would be #1 I mean' imagine if lola or ' jesse was top of the list?

2 Maurice

From the very first episode, this guy absolutely stole the show. He's easily one of the funniest parts of the show. Every scene with him is ten times better than those without. And despite being a major character, he doesn't appear as often as you would think. Despite all the sexual catchphrases, he also speaks for the audience when Andrew does something stupid, especially in the latter half of the series. He actually has good teachings behind his crazy sexual rage.

This guy is just so funny in every scene he appears in. His dialogue, actions, sudden outbursts of rage, just everything. I also appreciate the fact that he can be a pretty cool friend to Andrew when he feels like it.

Just love how well he embodies being a hormone monster being so destructive.

Kay's great but Maurice is the greatest by far

3 Connie

Honestly can related to her a lot, she basically the voice that run in girls and maybe some guys minds, love how she has high confident, that for me as well as her being funny all the time is what make her the best hormone monster, she does not tell the kids what to do but a inside voice of what they already thinking- making the kids choose their own path. -Annie

While she isn't as great as Maurice, she is still extremely funny. Unlike Maurice, she acts in a much more deliberate, calculated way (usually). That said, her sudden fits of rage are possibly even funnier than Maurice's.

I actually think I like her more than maurice - she's amazing

I hope she's real for a one night stand with me

4 Jessi Glaser

Although I don’t hate/have any problems with jessi I don’t think she should be above matthew on this list. Because jessi has absolutely NO FLAVOUR. Without connie she’s basically just a girl with mommy issues. This entire show she just stands around the good characters of the show taking in the “cheerleader effect.” I just feel like without any of her friends then jessi starts to lack personality.

I believe that kids do go in bad times, jessi character show us that it normal to feel angry and take anger out on other things, which people get ashamed of doing, The storyline in season 1 was decent finding out her mother is a lesbain (bisexual? ), season 2 was great for her it had a way better story line for her in general following the side effect of what had happened in season 1 and finding out the best ways to cope - Annie

For a good half of the season, she was nothing more than an ok character, but the second half developed her so much with the whole plot about her mother. While this plot was going on, there was also the whole thing about dealing with her feelings towards Jay and in the end, she became one of the most complex characters in the show.

Espeically the storyline in the last episode about the depression kitty. I love how the writers have written her character to be so realistic that it almost hurts, espeically as a teenage girl watching the show since I see so much of myself in jessi

5 Matthew

How is Matthew not higher on the list? He is the sassiest and by far the funniest. He is such a witty character and always has the best lines

Mathew is undoubtedly one of the funniest characters. If not the funniest.

The best - kind of ship him with jay now

"I like him more than the others" Hah

6 Nick Birch

The fact that he is so innocent about everything is extremely well implemented. This works especially well considering the obscenity of the show. This both makes him an interesting character as he tries to figure stuff out and a very amusing one as well.

Super funny and chill throught the show and goes through a lot of different things

The best next to Jay

7 Coach Steve

I just voted for him by accident - I find his character extremely annoying and unfunny especially in a show where all the characters have an entirely different style of humour. he had many more storylines in season 2 and I hated all of them just because of how irritating his character is

I honestly don't like this character that much, the only reason I put him on the list is because he is quite funny in the last 2 episodes. I find him to be too stupid to be funny in a show where many characters are quite complex.

Funniest character on the show... by far. His comedic timing is flawless and I am always laughing by his dumbfounded quotes.

I love this character and how sweet he is.

8 Lola

We should totally cuddle after I get a string cheese from the garage.

She makes the funniest noises

She's really funny

She cracks me up - sooo awful!

"EWwww Feminism! I am NOT with her"

9 Andrew Glouberman

The amount of stuff he goes through during the season is ridiculous. He works quite well as a voice of reason in many situations, yet he is just a flawed as everyone else in the show as he tries coming to terms with everything.

Seriously the funniest character..

I like his friendship with Nick.

10 Missy

While she only gets a small amount of time in the spotlight, I find her to be a good character. I enjoy the whole nerdy girl trope a lot in this case, as she is more than just that. She is slightly annoying during episode 8 though.

I love her masturbation storyline because I love that the writers included girls and didn't just make it all about andrew. I don't really like her in the episode about weed though because she was a bit annoying and preachy

I love kind hearted girl characters

The Contenders
11 Ghost of Duke Ellington

I simply find this person funny because of the extremely messed up things that he utters almost every time he speaks. Out of every character, this one shocked me the most.

12 Marty Glouberman

He primarily exists for the sole reason of a running joke, the reason I love him is because the joke is so funny and never gets old.

Scallop jokes are hilarious

The greatest jew joke on T.V.

Marty is the best dad ever

13 Gina Alvarez

She has a good head on her shoulders, seems like the most normal one in the show, and that has charm to it. Her family is pretty funny too.

14 Judd Birch
15 Leah Birch
16 Ali

I so hope she and jay get together

17 Diane Birch
18 Hormone Monster Rick

This character is pretty much the embodiment of physical comedy and is severly underrated. His voice and 4th wall breaks are consistently hilarious.

I love rick he is hilarious

19 Shame Wizard

His song is the best musical number of the show

I love his honesty. The song in "The Dark Side of the Boob" was hilarous!

Man this wizard ain't match for Harry Potter

He is the mvp of season 2

20 Devon
21 Caleb

Also known as “the kid with the rolly backpack”… I love how he always states the obvious and blurts out random facts at random times. I also love how they added a possibly autistic kid in the show, you don’t see that often. Every time I see him in an episode I hope he speaks because he’s so unpredictable.

22 Daisy Ellington
23 Tyler

Tyler is the like kid version of Maurice
i'm gunna MAKE THIS KIDS THING SO HARD (Maurice) woah woah that's not how we handle things... Oh I'm sorry I'm Gunna make this Thingy? so hard (maurice) ok much better.

24 Cherry Maraschino
25 Jay's Brother
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