Best Big Nate Characters Who Appear in the Comic Books

The Top Ten Best Big Nate Characters Who Appear in the Comic Books

1 Nate Wright The Big Nate comic strip's main character. Nate is 11 years old, he is an aspiring cartoonist, drummer, underachiever, and plays funny yet overdone pranks on Prank Day (the last day or 2nd last day of school). He is somewhat self-absorbed, believing himself to be irresistible to women despite repeated more.

Comics are fake.

of course

2 Jenny Jenkins
3 Dee Dee Holloway
4 Teddy Ortiz

I absolutely LOVE the comic books, but he chapter books are trash - awesomedp900

5 Francis Butthurst Pope
6 School Picture Guy
7 Randy Betancourt
8 Mr. Rosa
9 Artur Pashkov
10 Mrs. Godfrey

The Contenders

11 Ms. Clarke

She's really nice and caring.

12 Kim Cressly
13 The Onceler
14 Gordon Spyro
15 Ellen Wright
16 Mr. Eustis
17 Marty Wright
18 Nolan
19 Principal Nicholas
20 Mr. Staples
21 Mr. Galvin
22 Peter
23 Gina Hemphill-Toms
24 Coach Calhoun
25 Coach John
26 Vern Wright
27 Breckenridge Puffington III
28 Marcus Goode
29 Mrs. Geraldine Shipulski
30 Mrs. Czerwinski
31 Mrs. Hickson
32 Pickles
33 Spitsy
34 Tito Dickman
35 Trudy

She's nice and friendly.

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