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1 Nate Wright Nate Wright The Big Nate comic strip's main character. Nate is 11 years old, he is an aspiring cartoonist, drummer, underachiever, and plays funny yet overdone pranks on Prank Day (the last day or 2nd last day of school). He is somewhat self-absorbed, believing himself to be irresistible to women despite repeated more.

Well duh he is the main character. - TopTenJackson

The hair, the sexiness, the bad ideas..what more from a comic character

I like anyone that can sing some acdc. Only real die hard fans would get my joke.

He is extremly relatable... He just fels real, my all time favorite comedy strip character

2 Chad Applewhite V 3 Comments
3 Teddy Ortiz

He is a good character and I can admit he is awesome

This guy's awesome. It's good Lincoln Peirce put a black kid in the comics. (Teddy's African-Latino.)

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4 Spitsy
5 Francis Pope

Yeah, he is a trivia fanatic, but still. he and I are very similar.

6 Dee Dee Holloway

When I saw a bad comment about her in the worst big nate characters website I felt like that person was totally wrong and she shouldn't deserve to be in that website

Although total drama queen, she can be funny. That's why she's ranked at 6. - Jetticus12

(FYI, when I said she should not be in that website, I was referring Dee Dee.

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7 Jenny Jenkins

I don't think she should be here. In the worst big Nate characters website all of her comments were bad.

First of all when someone offers you a swing you don't say stop head what did Nate EVER do to her I mean like

But she's so cute!

8 Mr. Ken Rosa

He is nice and very kind to the P.S 38 students including Nate

He is my favorite teacher of P.S.38

9 Mrs. Clara Godfrey

She should not be here, she is a very bad character.

Mrs. Godfrey is a mean teacher. I'm glad I don't have her - pancake2015

She doesn't deserve to be here. yes, she was nice to nate very few times,but she nearly screams at him always

10 Marty Wright V 1 Comment

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? Chester Budrick

He was in worst but he is awesome

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11 Mr. Wright (Nate's Dad)

You have to admit Mr. Wright is pretty funny especially in Big Nate Strikes back

12 Greg Heffley Greg Heffley

He's not a Big Nate character! He's the protagonist in Diary of a Wimpy Kid!

Not even in Big Nate - pancake2015



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13 Ruby
14 School Picture Guy

He is a very nice guy,i don't understand why he is not in the top 10's in here.

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15 Ted Wright

In the comic here goes nothing

16 Gina Toms

She's so obnoxious why is she here? - EpicJake

She shouldn't be here too

Totally agree.

17 Artur Pashkov

OK, I know this is TopTen BEST Big Nate characters, but I wanted to put this here. He is a really nice kid, but sometimes I resent him for not stopping Jenny from yelling at Nate. Plus I know how Nate feels when he has to be second to Artur. I'm like that too.

18 Rodrick Heffley

Rodrick is in Diary of a Wimpy Kid, not in Big Nate

19 Miranda

Funny I laughed so hard when she said "When do I get to hit someone! " And when she put makeup on Nate

She's like Megan Parker

20 Manny Heffley

He is from Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

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