Best BIGBANG and 2NE1 Couples

The Top Ten Best BIGBANG and 2NE1 Couples

1 G-Dragon and CL

They're amazing

They match for each of them

Their chemistry is undeniable, their friendship is so cute ♥

Becouse same pesonality and energetic leader

2 Daesung and Minzy


3 Top and Bom

Top and bom is the best couples. Both of them are very cute.

TOPBOM are the cutest

TopBom couple is cutest


4 Taeyang and Minzy

Two of them is really cute together. They're same-not in appearance but in talent and personality. I mean, see the video "2NE1 let's go party live ft bigbang". They're holding hands! Ooh don't forget they're hugs every minzy permorm or come to taeyang after only look at me. Love them

5 Taeyang and Dara

Tae Yang likes Dara and that's why I think they both suit each other.

Taeyang and dara is a very perfect couple or partner for me

Love them in I need a girl

I think they suit to each other... Hehe

6 G-Dragon and Minzy
7 G-Dragon and Sandara Park

They both had a great fashion sense and has a good chemistry

The chemistry is strong.

Daragon Chemistry also popular as Nyondal in Philiphines

They look perfect to each other they have same outfit

8 Top and Daesung
9 Taeyang and G-Dragon
10 Seungri and Bom

The Contenders

11 Seungri and Dara

I don't know why doesn't anyone talk about these two. Seungri used to get out with her a lot and they share secrets even CL doesn't know about. And let's not forget that she attended his academy and calls him sunbae and ceo!

12 G-Dragon and Top

They have great chemistry and sound great together

13 Seungri and CL

Their relationship together is so cute ^^
"Cat and Dog relationship"
Also, the moment in Winner T.V. when Seungri was staring CL's legs, and she noticed - PopeSeungri

14 Top and Minzy
15 Seungri and G-Dragon
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