Top 10 Biggest Angry Birds Goodies

The Top Ten

1 Mighty Dragon

A Red dragon who catches his fish when he destroys all the pigs!

2 Mighty Eagle

An Eagle trys to get his fish when he destroys all the pigs!

3 Terence

Red's closest cousin with double of Red's attacks!

4 Matilda Matilda

A girl always drops an egg that explodes near all the pigs!

5 Bomb

He explodes always to destroy all the pigs!

6 Chuck Chuck

Speeds like a bullet with 51000 Jigawatts all around to destroy all the pigs!

7 Senna Bird

Chuck's younger Brother who Speeds almost as Chuck in a Spin speed of 50000 Jigawatts

8 Silver

Super speed and Super strength with 50000 Jigawatt speed and Shockwave Strength Jigawatt about a 7890090% Who's in a silver type Massive life!

9 Hal

Spear beacked bird who backflips by his ultra tornado! Sometimes seen like some sharp beaked prey bird!

10 Bubbles

Mostly known as the smallest, but they didn't identify it correctly! He's way bigger than Red! He bubbles out as a balloon and bursts!

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