Top Ten Biggest Atari Fails

This old gaming company that used to be has fallen.

The Top Ten

1 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (Atari 2600)
2 Atari 5200

This had a price even higher than the 2600's price. The system was huge.

3 Atari Jaguar
4 Porting Pac-Man to the Atari 2600
5 Rejecting Nintendo's deal

With the Famicom succeeding in Japan, Nintendo was planning to work with Atari on bringing it to North America, but it fell since Atari saw Donkey Kong running on the Coleco ADAM computer, so Nintendo went alone. Unbelievable. Atari, you should've kept the deal with Nintendo. Imagine it! Nintendo & Atari working together would be amazing.

6 The Crash Of 1983
7 Custer's Revenge
8 Atari 5200 Controller

It had a joystick that didn't center and somewhat buttons of a phone made from weak material.

9 2600 Mario Bros. Sound and Graphics

Okay Atari. I know you also did this to the 2600 Pac-Man game. Mario's walking sounds like the sound was recorded on a potato, the coins looked like shingles, and you couldn't tell if the enemy was flipped upside-down or no. Even the pow block was yellow with no words. The graphics and sound of the Mario Bros. game for the Atari 7800 were much better. Why would they do this. The graphics of the Atari Video Computer System which was before the 2600 were somewhat better.

10 Atari Cosmos

This was the weird one. Only 5 units were released (3 which were glitchy mock-ups, 1 which worked, and one which was used by Atari. It costed $200,000. Just that much for a handheld that dosen't work.

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