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101 Tsunayoshi Sawada - Reborn V 2 Comments
102 Minene Uryu - Future Diary Minene Uryu - Future Diary

She is the best character in Mirai Nikki, she should have been the main character. She is so badass and the eyepatch made her even more badass. (She reminds me of senji from Deadman wonderland)

103 Dante - Devil May Cry Dante - Devil May Cry

He is badass in a game. not in anime

Dante should be in the first position. He is a real badass.

True he is really badass both game and anime

What Dante deserves to be the number 1

V 2 Comments
104 Saitō Hajime - Rurouni Kenshin

He's such a deadly swordsman. I prefer his gatotsu over Kenshin's Hiten Mitsurugi. No wonder why he's almost equal to Okita Souji in terms of best swordsmen of the Shinsengumi. AKU SOKU ZAN!

105 Dio Brando - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Dio Brando - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Dio Brando is a fictional character from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga series created by Hirohiko Araki. His name was inspired by musician Ronnie James Dio and movie star Marlon Brando.

"WRYYY! " Simply poetic. - xandermartin98

106 Aomine - Kuroko no Basket
107 Himura Kenshin - Rurouni Kenshin Himura Kenshin - Rurouni Kenshin Himura Kenshin, known as Kenshin Himura in the English-language anime dubs, is a fictional character and protagonist of the Rurouni Kenshin manga created by Nobuhiro Watsuki. V 1 Comment
108 Rogue Cheney - Fairy Tail Rogue Cheney - Fairy Tail

He's so good looking and his dark power is comletely awesome! His personality is also calm and relaxed!

109 Allen Walker - D.Gray Man Allen Walker - D.Gray Man

Saving the world from an anti-Christ type thing, always saving INNOCENT (if you've seen the show you'll probably think it's pretty punny) people, Allen walker is just a major badass, period.

110 Pride - FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
111 Shiba Tatsuya - Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

Tatsuya should be in the top 10

No comments watch till episode 16 and you will understand...

M8, Onii-sama deserves to be in Top 10. He can heal himself in MILISECONDS and REVIVE PEOPLE ( downside: he feels the pain of the person who died 150 times/ by the way HE DOESN'T CARE ), cut an arm with HIS OWN HAND. Not mentioning the other things he does, he is called Godsuya/ Hacksuya.

please take him to the top 10 m8

112 Joseph Joestar - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Joseph Joestar - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Joseph Joestar is a fictional character from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga series created by Hirohiko Araki.

Like all other JOJO's he is really strong builted. Now throughout the whole JOJO series he is the most favoured jojo. He is clever, witty and logical. You don't see many characters who uses coco cola bottle cap to beat up his enemy. All jojo fans loves him!
Special quote: '' Oh no! OH MY GOOD''

113 Kurapika - Hunter X Hunter Kurapika - Hunter X Hunter

Total badass with awesome powers and cool personality, next to Killua he could wreak anything if he really wanted to

This Would Destroy anybody, if he really wanted to

A boss. He completely screwed over Uvo, the fake Spider, and just about everyone else he didn't like. It's amazing how focused he is.

114 Yu Kanda - D.Gray-man

I find it hard to believe this guy is as low as he is!

I find it hard to believe this guy isn't on spot 100987

115 Kazuma - Kaze no Stigma

The god of all badass main characters

V 1 Comment
116 Nova - Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!
117 Takasugi Shinsuke - Gintama

Vegeta is no doubt most badass but this guy deserves to be ahead of many others.. at least top 20.. his personality is just so awesome..

118 Ryo Saeba - City Hunter Ryo Saeba - City Hunter

With is colt python, no one can escape from his aim.

119 Rukia Kuchiki - Bleach Rukia Kuchiki - Bleach

How is she before ichigo? She's the one that kicks him in the face and her speed is astonshing as well

120 Maka Albarn - Soul Eater Maka Albarn - Soul Eater

Not many females are near the top. I'm surprised Maka isn't higher on this list! She is the only female meister in the Soul Eater trio and she doesn't let it stop her. I mean she is such a badass she literally killed the Kishin by punching him in the face! She is strong, determined, and brave. If those aren't some important qualities of a badass I don't know what is. I mean she swings around a scythe for Pete's sake!

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