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Roronoa Zoro, nicknamed "Pirate Hunter" Zoro, is a fictional character in the One Piece franchise created by Eiichiro Oda.


"If you can't even protect your captain, then your ambition is worthless"

For Zoro his ambition worth more than his life and he discards his ambition to save his captain. Making his sacrifice by far the greatest.

When He first encounter Mihawk (World's greatest swordsman) he immediately challenged him, Before that he had never lost a single fight but this time he loses and loses pretty bad...When Mihawk put a knife in his chest Zoro wouldn't withdraw back when mihawk asks do you wish to get knife through your heart why aren't you withdrawing... His response...oh man that has set the tone for the most badass character that anime will ever see.

When he realises he has no lost to Mihawk and two of his katana(swords) get broken he stands up turn around open his arms and give way to mihawk to attack on his bare chest...Mihawk asks what now, Zoro says it's a shame for a swordsman to attack on back.

Zoro is beyond badass. Forget the fact that he invented three sword style. He goes above and beyond the call for loyalty and even would let opponents get a handicap if he can find a way to give one. He's just that strong.

He's one of two Strawhat crew members who have no issue killing, the other being Robin. Dude is intense! Even before Luffy had a bounty, Zoro had already made a name for himself as a master swordsman, one people thought of as a demon.

And if someone has a bigger reputation than the main character, then he definitely deserves being called a Badass

Honestly, Zoro should be at the top. Having watch both DBZ and One Piece (Legit all of it, I know One Piece is still going on), Zoro is more badass then Vegeta because first off Vegeta is too black and white in my opinion. Zoro has a immense character development and Vegeta, well he hasn't really changed since his first appearance. I mean, come on! Who can pull off green hair, and carry 3 swords? He gets super lost which I find cute and funny, and not to mention he's actually pretty hot. And his sacrifices just for Luffy? And his loyalty! Not to mention his epic quotes that he says at the perfect times

I'm sure those who have voted for Vegeta mostly haven't watched Zoro in action. Zoro is the most badass character ever made. as described in other comments like "A real badass would make irrational decisions that an average person would never even dare to do, at the same circumstances and have the guts to get away with it. A true daredevil."

Roronoa Zoro- An Anime character (swordsman) who is an Adrenaline Junkie and fights best when he's near death/while fatally wounded. On top of that he isn't just "talk" unlike some of the characters in this list.
Just watch the last 5 mins of episode 377 and you'll know the "definition" of badass.

Sanji: "What happened here?! "
Zoro: "Nothing... OK?... ! "

Two words that's gonna run a chill down yo spine.

PS: Most of the people don't know what is the meaning of "badass". Light and lelouch? Seriously? One writes names and while the other rides a mech. They are the what you call badass these days? They are nerds for christ sakes laugh out loud. I mean I agree they are smart and extremely intelligent on how they do things and that makes them look really cool but nerds aren"t the typical badass. Instead that's what makes them the EXACT OPPOSITE of being a badass because they make calculated decisions and work on basis of that.

A real badass would make ...more

The most bad ass character is Vegeta... But Roronoa Zoro is the only person who can be more bad ass than vegeta..

1) Created his own sword style to surpass his childhood rival and does everything to make the promise he made come true.
2) Has his pride as a swordsman, let's himself been cut by Mihawk because he lost a fight and because he doesn't want a cut on his back, cause that's a shame for a swordsman.
3) He cried because he lost a fight and promised Monkey D. Luffy that he's never going to loose until he defeated Mihawk.
4) Creating his own techniques like: Tatsumaki (the strike with his three swords can make a tornado) and more.
5) Wants to give his own life away to his Captain.

Zoro is the most badass simply because his presence. You could say it is hibernating most of the time (like how he naps a lot), but when the chips are down there is not any other character in any show ever that can emanate cool, confidence, and Death in such a perfect blended aura of pure badassery regardless of how under or overmatched they are.

"Nothing... Happened." Says despite being covered in blood. This is more than enough to determine the most badass anime character.

He's the definition of badass. People fear his name world wide in One Piece. I can hardly find the right words to say. - BeAJa

Zoro is at the epitome of badass-ness. He is loyal to his friends and would protect them with no regards for his own life. He has that scary look and enjoys slicing and cutting things. Unlike most of the guys here,he is not all talk. He deserves the first place...

The word Badass ate the Zoro Zoro Fruit.

Others don't even come close. This man's character is the epitome of badass.

I totally agree with what dis guy said. Roronoa is the badass of badasses

I've always though (as a child) that vegeta was badass. Not until I've seen zoro in action. he's calm, and have no sense of fear. As his favorite quote (he says it in different ways)" If there are enemies, ill just cut em".

"You want to kill me? You couldn't even kill my boredom...! "

I, have never seen a more badass guy than Zoro. I mean, like seriously? His weights are like over exaggerated and he still calls himself weak? Like really? He's not like Vegeta some times a bit too much talk...

And when he does show his confidence...
He means it.

He was made to be the best bad ass in anime. Period

Zoro is the most badass anime character ever!

Combination of both Piccolo and Vegeta

Naming all of Zoro's bad ass moments would take entirely too long as he does it multiple times an arc so I'll go with when he was 2 inches away from slaying a tenryuubito without hesitation

Roronoa zoro is the best badass

Scrolled down directly to find ZORO, he doesn't have any competition in bad-ass category. Him being directionally-challenged adds to his character making him more interesting.

His loyalty is unlimited.
He placed his pride aside twice for one man.
He was the one Mihawk saw potential in.

He will be the Greatest Swordsman.
He will be the Pirate King's First Mate.

After seeing that he sacrificed himself for Luffy and the crew, he's definitely the most badass animen character.

Man Zoro is the most badass charater I ever seen he just cut monet with a smile and prove himself as a wild beast