Biggest Badasses in Dark Souls 1


The Top Ten

1 Knight Artorias

Gave his life to save a puppy. Who can say no to this guy? - KarmalApples

ArtoriasxCiaran can't deny best Soulsborne ship

Artorias x ornstein no homo though

2 Dragon Slayer Ornstein

Literal slayer of dragons, captain of the Four Knights of Gwyn, with gold lion armor to boot. - KarmalApples

3 Havel, the Rock

Awesome armor, incredibly powerful, wields the tooth of a slain dragon. Essentially the face of Souls badassery. - KarmalApples

4 Solaire of Astora

This man requires no introduction. - KarmalApples

5 Andre of Astora

Ripped old guy with a majestic mane. Not to mention fantastic martial artist. - KarmalApples

6 Big Hat Logan

Created a sorcery as strong as Lord Gwyn's sunlight spears. Gave the outside world the middle finger so he could continue with his work. - KarmalApples

7 Lord's Blade Ciaran

Awesome armor, awesome weapons. Good person. Respects peers. - KarmalApples

8 Hawkeye Gough

Shot a dragon out of the sky. Blind. WHAT - KarmalApples

9 Chosen Undead

The one who ended it all. Overcame every challenge given them through sheer force of will. - KarmalApples

10 Executioner Smough

Gigantic hammer that could crush a full-grown man like a bug. Grinds the bones of his victims into his food. - KarmalApples

The Contenders

11 Gwyn

How could you not have him on the list?
He is easily the most badass character in Dark Souls and the whole reason why the war with the dragons was possible

12 Black Iron Tarkus

He's better at the game than you

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