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1 Britney Spears vs Christina Aguilera

Xtina has much stronger voice but I still prefer Brit. Anyway this rivalry is impressive - Magnolia

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2 Michael Jackson vs Elvis Presley

Are you kidding? Elvis Presley was by far more talented than Michael Jackson. You can't compare Michael Jackson to the most iconic singer that ever was.

Michael Jackson is the most iconic singer that there ever was... - anewman

Both fan bases should stop it. The one is the King of Pop, the other is the king of Rock - Magnolia

So I'm a MJ fan and I think his music was a little better than Elvis' was. But they're both very talented although MJ was a better entertainer( and I think that his songs were better but that's only my opinion

Presley fans should stop pretending MJ wasnt talented and MJ fans should stop laughing about Presley's body.

3 Arnold Schwarzenegger vs Sylvester Stallone

Sly is better in my opinion but I love Schwarz too - Magnolia

4 Angelina Jolie vs Jennifer Aniston

Team Jolie of course. Aniston is talentless comedy star, she cannot act in serious dramatic films - Magnolia

5 Whitney Houston vs Mariah Carey

Whitney Houston was much better. Her voice... Incredible. Although Mariah's voice is very impressive, too.

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6 Lady Gaga vs Britney Spears
7 2Pac vs Eminem
8 Madonna vs Janet Jackson

I think they both are very cool entertainers - Magnolia

9 Piers Morgan vs Jeremy Clarkson

This was the imfamous rivalry in which Jeremy punched Piers in the face one time. The former Britain's Got Talent judge vs the current Top Gear host.

This is the reason why Jeremy Clarksonm has never appeared on Piers Morgan's Life Stories.

10 Michael Jackson vs Prince

Sheesh! These rivalries never end. Is it still possible to love the both of them and get alone? I love Michael Jackson as much as I love Prince! I loved them both ever since when I was a little child. Both are very talented artists, and even the best looking men in my entire life; But at the same time, they've got their own unique sound. I've always seen the fans always trashing MJ and even insulting others for liking he. Same here with the MJJ fandom, but it trends to be more of the Prince fandom... I'm sorry! =( So MJJ fans and Prince fans, SHUT the HECK UP AND ENJOY YOUR MUSIC. ! These fandoms must be in peace with each other.

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11 Bruce Lee vs Jackie Chan
12 Johnny Depp vs Leonardo DiCaprio

Team Depp of course because he's a much better actor than Leo is. He simply becomes his role and format only says his parts and he's more entertaining.

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13 Madonna vs Mariah Carey
14 Angelina Jolie vs Milla Jovovich

Who's the best female action star? I love them both very much but think that Milla is unbeatable - Magnolia

15 Tom Cruise vs Brad Pitt
16 Meryl Streep vs Glenn Close

Both overrated actresses. They got that in common.

Streep all the way

17 Madonna vs Kylie Minogue
18 Thalia vs Paulina Rubio

Paulina Rubio wins my vote! Both may come from Mexican vocal group Timbriche, but when it comes to which girl is fearless, expressive, and has a kickass voice: It's got to be Paulina, hands down! Sorry Thalia, I thought you might have that in blood; But since you wanted to be the next Mariah Carey ( Awful singing voice ), it just cost you one less cheering fan.

Thalia is better than Paulina.She is a global singer and the QUEEN of Latin Pop..

19 Blue vs Westlife
20 Robert Pattinson vs Taylor Lautner

Taylor Laurent all the way

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