Top 10 Biggest Changes If Kurt Cobain Was Still Alive

The Top Ten Biggest Changes If Kurt Cobain Was Still Alive

1 Pop music wouldn't be as popular

Forget about all famous the pop singers (like Taylor swift, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, etc,) LETS ROCK ON! - Hey1tsme

Pop is only famous because nowdays T.V. channels show pop songs,not rock songs - zxm

2 He would be happier with his fame
3 He would be more popular than most of the famous singers today
4 Rock would be more popular
5 Fans born after 1994 would be able to see him
6 Nirvana would still exist
7 He would been able to spend more time with his daughter
8 We wouldn't have the Foo Fighters
9 Cobain would be a bigger legend
10 More people would join Nirvana

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11 There would be more grunge music
12 There would be little to no post-gunge
13 Nirvana would still be as popular
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