Biggest Comebacks in Music Mistory

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1 Mariah Carey 2005 comeback after a failed movie and album

The definiton of a queen

2 AC/DC comeback by getting new vocalist

After the death of their vocalist (Bon Scott), they hired Brian Johnson to help make their biggest, best, and highest-selling album ever! Back In Black, which itself contains the best songs in their catalog! I'm not saying Brian is better than Bon, but that's just amazing!

The same year they lost bon, AC/DC creates one of the top ten selling albums of all time and became one of the greatest bands ever.

Bon died, same year they came out with back in black, 49 million records.

The title of this list says Music Mistory? - NuMetalManiak

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3 The Allman Brothers Band comeback after losing Duane and then Berry a year later

For them to forge on after Duane's wreck, had to be painful. And then, Berry Oakley dies almost exactly one year later also on a motorcycle! These guys are legendary!

4 Led Zeppelin comeback by touring again
5 Britney Spears comeback tour after shaving her head

Yes britney spears will have a come back tour next. Year. To Perfom her new single britney. Jean tour

6 Queen comeback by getting new vocalist
7 Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith's comeback to Iron Maiden in 2000
8 Aerosmith comeback by overcoming drug and alcohol addictions
9 D'ERLANGER reunited after 17 years

17 years is very long. craze disbanded, die in cries disbanded and they come back again to prove to everybody that they are legends - ronluna

KYO (Isono Hiroshi), SEELA (Nakao Tomohiro), CIPHER (Ichiro Takigawa), TETSU Kikuchi reunited and released album LAZZARO. - ronluna

10 Guns N' Roses comeback album after 14 years

Guns N' Roses is still alive, kickin' and rockin with Chinese Democracy! - ronluna

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11 Maroon 5 Comeback With Moves Like Jagger
12 Ozzy Osbourne comeback as solo career
13 The Eagles comeback after splitting up

Legendary comeback with the album: "When Hell Freezes Over". After one of the band members said the band would come back together when hell freezes over - THEMASTER

14 Ozzy Osbourne comeback from Randy Rhoads dieing


15 Eminem coming back after rehab for drug addiction
16 Robert Plant comeback as solo artist
17 The Smashing Pumpkins comeback after seven year break-up.
18 Metallica coming back after losing Cliff Burton in 1986
19 Cher comeback with "Believe"

Everybody thought Cher was a has been, and then becomes the oldest female with a #1 single on the Hot 100 at age 52. Believe it! - theOpinionatedOne

20 The Who comeback after the death of their drummer
21 Black Sabbath comeback with a new album coming in out in 2008
22 Santana comeback in 1999

Best comeback ever period. The album is great too and I think that everybody should give it a listen.

23 Meatloaf comeback in 1993
24 Justin Bieber's "Purpose" album in 2015

It really was the biggest comeback album in my opinion...because lets be honest...Purpose was a great album. it was after which not only young teen girls but also adults started loving his music. He bought bops like what do you mean and sorry. And during those couple of bad boy days, when people had thought that he is a gone case now, He proved everyone wrong and the whole world started loving him. even haters turned into beliebers. Really proud of him

25 Green Day comeback with 'American Idiot'
26 Pink Floyd comeback with the Division Bells
27 Metallica coming out with Death Magnetic in 2008
28 Pink Floyd's comeback after Syd Barrett left
29 System of a Down Comeback Tour In 2011
30 Rob Halford's comeback to Judas Priest in 2005
31 Def Leppard Comeback After Their Drummer Loses His Arm

Rick Allen lost his arm, but still continued to play with the band. He even learned to play the songs he performed on two arms with just one arm!

32 Black Sabbath comeback in 1980 with new vocalist
33 Judas Priest comeback in 1990 with the album Painkiller

One of their finest albums. Period

34 Evanescence Comeback From 5-year Hiatus
35 Beyonce's BEYONCE in 2013
36 Dave Grohl's comeback with the Foo Fighters Dave Grohl's comeback with the Foo Fighters David Eric "Dave" Grohl is an American rock musician, multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer and film director. He is best known as the former drummer of the hugely popular 90s grunge band Nirvana and the vocalist/guitarist for the alternative rock band Foo Fighters. He has sat behind the more.
37 David Bowie's "Let's Dance" album in 1983
38 Whitney Houston tops the charts with new album I Look To You in 2009 after long battle with drugs
39 Tokio Hotel after taking a 5 year break
40 Blood On the Tracks - Bob Dylan
41 Sum 41 comeback after Deryck Whibley nearly dies
42 Kesha's comeback after Dr. Luke Lawsuit

Very inspiring and emotional. <3 - Twixx

43 Miley Cyrus comeback after going mad in 2013
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