Top 10 Biggest Differences Between Linkin Park and Three Days Grace

I remember a visitor that commented on one of my old Jeffery0206 lists saying that Three Days Grace is a wannabe LP. I honestly don't see the resemblance between the two. I like both bands but I don't know why people compare them to each other.

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1 Linkin Park focuses on experimentation and tries different genres and sounds Three Days Grace doesn't
2 Linkin Park is a rap rock orientated band and Three Days Grace is just a rock orientated band
3 Chester Bennington has a higher vocal range than Adam Gontier and Matt Walst
4 Linkin Park tries to blend in/mix other genres while Three Days Grace doesn't
5 Linkin Park is a Nu Metal/ Alternative Rock/ Pop Rock/ Electronic Rock/ Rap Rock/ Experimental Rock band where as Three Days Grace is just a Post- Grunge/ Alternative Rock band
6 Chester Bennington's screams are higher and more aggressive than Adam Gontier's and Matt Walst's screams
7 Three Days Grace is mostly angsty while Linkin Park stopped being angsty with Minutes to Midnight and onwards
8 Three Days Grace replaced their old singer while Linkin Park didn't

Linkin Park actually did have a different singer when they first started. Their original singer was Mark Wakefield. I think Chester joined in 1999, but pretty much everything else on this list is true. Linkin Park and Three Days Grace aren’t even remotely close to similar. Linkin Park experimented with a ton of different genres while Three Days Grace pretty much stuck to rock. The only experiment they ever really did was with “Transit of Venus” when they added more electronic elements, but even then, they were still rock, plus the singers sound nothing alike. - 3DG20

9 Three Days Grace has no rapping Linkin Park does
10 The lead singer for Linkin Park committed suicide, the lead singer for Three Days Grace is still alive

screw you

The Contenders

11 Linkin Park has variety, Three Days Grace doesn't
12 Chester Bennington sounds nothing like Adam Gontier or Matt Walst
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