Top 10 Biggest Disappointments in Splatoon 2

I was playing Splatoon 2 at a friend's house. It was fun yet disappointing at the same time. Here's the biggest disappointments in my opinion.

The Top Ten

1 Can't Play Salmon Run All the Time

The one new, most interesting thing in this game. And I can't play it all the time? Why! - Randomator

2 Mandatory News Message

Just leave Splatoon 2 on and sleep your switch

Yeah. When you need to play in a hurry, this would strike you down.

Okay I like the squid sisters and these new girls are alright too. But why do we have to listen to about a minute of unskipable dialogue. It's like an ad before a YouTube video - Randomator

3 Can't Leave the Splatnet App When Using Voicechat

Just use Discord. - thunderstar1124

4 Maps Still Rotate

Why can't we vote on a random map? - Randomator

5 Single Player Mode Feels the Same

Octo Expansion. - mattstat716

6 Barely Any New Weapons

Dualies, Shotgun-Umbrellas, new type of roller, new type of blaster, and the Squeezer. - thunderstar1124

7 4 Game Modes that are the Same from the Original

Game needs new modes, clam blitz isn't enough. - mattstat716

Clam Blitz exists now. - thunderstar1124

How about a splatle royale

8 Can't Play All 4 Game Modes at the Same Time
9 Motion Controls

Just switch to Analog Controls. - thunderstar1124

10 Callie Isn't There After the Final Boss

They heard you. - mattstat716

Is it really that hard to have Callie next to Marie after you beat Octavio? For god's sake, OCTAVIO HIMSELF is there after you beat him! All they had to do was copy and paste Callie's model and program in some dialogue! - TheYoshiOverlord

Thanks to version 3.0.0...Calle IS there after the final boss, but I like covering her in ink and watching her shake it off 😄

The Contenders

11 Can't Swap Weapons in Between Matches

Even Mariokart lets you swap vehicles/character - Randomator

You’re able to do this now. - thunderstar1124

12 Copy and Waste Sequel

This actually feels like a true sequel now after the Major update. - thunderstar1124

It doesn't even feel like a sequel. It feels more like Splatoon 1.5 - Randomator

13 Piranha Pit Returned

This stage was the worst Splatoon 1 map for all modes, and that carried over into 2. Should have returned as a Salmon Run stage. Now it's just gonna make me not want to play the game...
Basically I've blacklisted it. If it's in ranked/league/turf, I *will not* play on it. - mattstat716

14 Tower Control is Full of Blasters

This mode is 90% blasters and 10% other weapons. It's stupid how the matchmaking puts 4 of them on the same team, too. - mattstat716

15 The Sprinkler Was Nerfed Into Unusability


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