Top 10 Biggest Douchebags in Disney Animated Shows

For this list we'll be looking at the biggest douchebags from Disney animated shows.

The Top Ten

Nega Duck - Darkwing Duck

A definition of a scumbag which Nega Duck would mostly take it as a compliment, Nega Duck is a loose cannon acting violently towards others and doesn't care what others think of him and though he occasionally teams up with Darkwing's other villains he has no problem turning on them at a moment's notice.

Preston Northwest - Gravity Falls

A snobbish, uncaring and ruthless millionaire who cares for neither the lower class or rich in one episode he and Pacifica trick Dipper into ridding a ghost from their mansion so they can continue with their party only for him to find out from the ghost of the reason for the cursing of the Northwest family and as the ghost escapes and begins turning everyone into wooden statues Preston along with his wife and butler ditch them and hide out in a panic room and order Pacifica to join them and leaving everyone to their horrible fate but Pacifica stands up to him and opening the gate letting everyone in and breaking the curse.

Peter Pete - Goof Troop

Pete has done a lot of reprehensible things on the show such as when he scams the Goofs out of all their vacation money to fix their car preventing them to going to a family reunion, he helped Max to film Goofy for a video contest for "America's Most Painful Home Video's" to win a trip to Hawaii and despite the video winning Pete ends up taking the prize for himself and even went as far as to trick Goofy into giving him his cat Waffles so that he can exploit him for a series of commercials

Mr. Doofenschmirz - Phineas and Ferb

Heinz's parents are just some of the absolutely worst parents in cartoon history from the minute he was born they never gave a crap about him or showed any love towards him and straight up abused him at one point when their lawn gnomes are repossessed Mr. Doofenschmirtz forces him to dress up as a gnome and stand all day in front of their house and yells at him to not move.

Gideon - Gravity Falls
Muriel Finster - Recess

Super strict who seems to enjoy terrorizing the children with the aid of Randall who snitches on the students so Miss Finster can punish them.

Flintheart Glomgold - DuckTales

Scrooge's long time rival who is hell bent on one-upping Scrooge and claiming the title of richest duck in the world and is willing to resort to any cheap and underhanded tactic to make that happen including hiring others to do his dirty work and in one episode he frames Scrooge for stealing one of his paintings and has him thrown in prison.

Bonnie Rockwaller - Kim Possible

Kim's rival whose always being a nuisance to her always trying to one up her.

She’s such a queen bee

Professor Martin Torque - Talespin

From the episode "Form Here to Machinery" Prof Torque plans on replacing pilots everywhere with his automated pilot robots thanks to a partnership with Mr. Shere Khan after his robot beats Baloo in a race and doesn't seem to have a problem with putting thousands of pilots out of work or ruining other people's delivery businesses including Higher for Hire.

Dijonay Jones - The Proud Family

Dijonay is a horrible friend to have she's almost as bad as Dodi Bishop from As Told By Ginger she acts like a friend to Penny when its convenient to her but is more then willing to betray or take advantage of her such as the time then she Penny and their friends buy tickets to a concert but Penny and Dijonay can't go because they have to babysit their siblings and Dijonay suggest that they watch their siblings together at Penny's place however she ends up ditching Penny to go to the concert leaving Penny to deal with all of her rowdy and troublesome brothers and sisters, in another she and the others choose to go to Lacianaga's party instead of Penny's and only show up at her doorstep to ask if they can park their car in their driveway unaware that they don't plan to go to Penny's party and last but not least Dijonay even sold out Penny to the Gross Sisters when she was hiding from them just to avoid taking a beating.

The Contenders

Kuzco - The Emperor's New School
Maggie Pesky - The Buzz On Maggie
Boss Beaver - Timon & Pumbaa
Quint - Timon & Pumbaa
Dawn Swatworthy - The Buzz on Maggie
Pony Head - Star vs. the Forces of Evil
Higgs - Star vs. the Forces of Evil
Timon - Timon & Pumbaa

Pumbaa: Don't worry, Timon; I KNOW what I'm doing! I'M the brains of the outfit now, remember? (as it turns out, he's actually right)

Timon: Oh ho ho ho; I REMEMBER! (unplugs Pumbaa's brain out of spite)

LaCienega Boulevardez - The Proud Family
Suzy Johnson - Phineas and Ferb
Aldrin Pesky - The Buzz On Maggie
Mr. Throgmorton - TaleSpin
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