Biggest Events in Human History

List that contains immense events through human history.

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1 Crucifixion of Christ

The event that caused history to be divided as we know it and who sparked a following that has lasted and flourished into the modern world. Christianity as a movement has inspired countless historical figures and shaped civilisations. And that is an objective view, if you consider the prospect of salvation offered to an entire race then Christ wins hands down without competiton.

Jesus paid the price for our sins on the cross, and rose from the dead to lead us into eternal life. Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection not only had an immeasurable impact on temporal human history, but will have the biggest impact for all eternity.

Nothing has had more impact on human history than the birth of Christ. If you choose to believe his gift is eternal life & salvation. His impact was immediate and everlasting. That is the ultimate event.

He gave us eternal life

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2 World War II

The Nazis almost took over the world.

A crime against mankind.


UM... yea

3 Landing on the Moon

This will be more important in the future because it will mark the first time that people went on a place other than earth. - Harri666

In 10,000 years, only 2 things on this list will be remembered, the Moon Landing, and the first atomic warfare.

It is one little step for a man, but one giant leap for mankind

Biggest achievement the human race will ever know

4 World War I

To The End Of All Wars, Ends Nothings

This should be number 1

The worst thing ever

The Hell Of The World

5 Invention of the Internet

An average person in Europe uses internet two ours a day

6 Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

No offense america but you put the 9/11 bombings above this is insane yes the twin towers and the pentagon being destroyed was a tragedy but it fails in comparison to the amount of death and tragedy of the Japan bombings

The bombing at Hiroshima showed that man could destroy himself. The bombs also were the culmination of decades of racism against Asian peoples in America which was likely an extension of the global "East-West" conflict.

Huge events to be sure, but calling them "culmination of racism against Asian people" is so much revisionist claptrap.

7 Industrial Revolution
8 Discovering the New World

They didn't discover the new world, there were already native americans

A famous French explorer Christophe Colomb discovered America and new civilizations in 1492.

9 The Neolithic Revolution

How was this not on here? Without it, we would still be nomads! - Turkeyasylum

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10 Woodstock

A great thing to be sure, but not even the best thing that happened in 1969.

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11 9/11

No one can ever forget this every year at every school in America you see them talking about this event. It's because it was so horrible and it was tragic...

My birthday is on that day. - darthvadern

12 Gutenberg invents the printing press

Rightly so, This has been voted as the highest the 1001-2000 millennium. The advent of the printing press brought reading to the masses. Could ideas like democrarcy have spread, revolutions have happened without this?

13 Indian Ocean Earthquake & Tsunami

Watching the video of this event gets me every time

Worst natural disaster on record

This was bigger than 9/11

14 Cubs winning the 2016 World Series

Happiest moment in world history.

15 Cold War

An indirect conflict between two sides: East, URSS and West, the American.

16 Eruption of Vesuvius‎
17 Brexit
18 1960 Valdivia Earthquake
19 Civil Rights Movement
20 The Black Death
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