Biggest Events in Human History

List that contains immense events through human history.

The Top Ten Biggest Events in Human History

1 World War II

Brpught about hundreds of new inventilns, not just fkr war but for everyday use.

Big technologies change.

Hitler is jealous that England won world war 1

The Nazis almost took over the world.

2 Crucifixion of Christ

Whatever you're religious or not,we have to admit,the death of this man divided a lot of people if he was really the ''son of god'' or not. And created the vatican which later it's pretty much a very important part of human history.

The event that caused history to be divided as we know it and who sparked a following that has lasted and flourished into the modern world. Christianity as a movement has inspired countless historical figures and shaped civilisations. And that is an objective view, if you consider the prospect of salvation offered to an entire race then Christ wins hands down without competiton.

Jesus paid the price for our sins on the cross, and rose from the dead to lead us into eternal life. Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection not only had an immeasurable impact on temporal human history, but will have the biggest impact for all eternity.

Seriously, we base time off of this event. Come on, it’s the truth

3 Landing on the Moon

I thought this was a major event because it was a race between the USA and Russia to land on the moon successfully and well, we did it.

landing on the moon shaped our entire outer space research or data that we have

This will be more important in the future because it will mark the first time that people went on a place other than earth. - Harri666

In 10,000 years, only 2 things on this list will be remembered, the Moon Landing, and the first atomic warfare.

4 Invention of the Internet

It has changed our lives today, it made them easier and harder in certain ways

An average person in Europe uses internet two ours a day

Started obesity epidemic, physical interface, pear-shaped bodies as the norm.

5 Industrial Revolution

what is it

6 World War I

Without WW1 there would have been no ww2, korean war, vietnam war, cold war or war in the middle east.

The worst thing ever

To The End Of All Wars, Ends Nothings

This should be number 1

7 9/11

This terrorist attack still effects our life now because now we can't look at a jew without thinking "Terrorist"

Security checks at airports increased, homeland security was invented, and American Nationalism rose

No one can ever forget this every year at every school in America you see them talking about this event. It's because it was so horrible and it was tragic...

8 Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

No offense america but you put the 9/11 bombings above this is insane yes the twin towers and the pentagon being destroyed was a tragedy but it fails in comparison to the amount of death and tragedy of the Japan bombings

Huge events to be sure, but calling them "culmination of racism against Asian people" is so much revisionist claptrap.

The bombing at Hiroshima showed that man could destroy himself. The bombs also were the culmination of decades of racism against Asian peoples in America which was likely an extension of the global "East-West" conflict.


9 The Black Death

It was all a prank! True story!

10 Discovering the New World

The discovery of the americas by the europeans, it was inevitable since some civilizations there already made trips around the world (The incas made a trip to the polynesia islands and had trades with the tribus there)

But this was the thing that made USA,canada,mexico,brazil,etc and a lot of resources came from the americas (especially the potato)

They didn't discover the new world, there were already native americans

We wouldn't have bacon if it didn't happen

A famous French explorer Christophe Colomb discovered America and new civilizations in 1492.

The Contenders

11 Birth of Muhammad

The birth shaped the course of history:
Constantinople end
so on and so forth

It should be first

Must be first

Should be first, brought Quran which his a miracle in itself.

12 The Neolithic Revolution

How was this not on here? Without it, we would still be nomads! - Turkeyasylum

Agricultural Revolution should be #1~

13 Constantinople Conquered

The Muslims conquered the capital of the Roman Empire. More specifically it was the Turks who were once a backward people who were kicked out by the Mongols.

No one can imagine the most powerful 1300 years stronghold of the roman empire will fall to the hand of a new era

Constantinople still exists as Istanbul, Turkey.

14 Gutenberg Invents the Printing Press

Rightly so, This has been voted as the highest the 1001-2000 millennium. The advent of the printing press brought reading to the masses. Could ideas like democrarcy have spread, revolutions have happened without this?

15 Cubs winning the 2016 World Series

Happiest moment in world history.

Sorry but how is this more important and impactful than the Black Plague?


16 Woodstock

Changed the history showing the power of the hippie culture

Not even close.

A great thing to be sure, but not even the best thing that happened in 1969.

17 Cold War

An indirect conflict between two sides: East, URSS and West, the American.

i agree

18 The Holocaust

Millions died and it changed the course of history forever on how we view literally everyone.

Most tragic event. Over 6 million innocent people died and I was lucky enough to meet a survivor. I will never forget his story.

Death toll and effect on people

19 Civil Rights Movement

The Black Society was able to have more rights and allowed them to have more successful lives.

What this was so important

20 Titanic Disaster

The first big, fancy(For the most part) ship failed, many died, and the captain who was going to retire died on his last voyage.

Also the disaster of getting your knickers in a twist overreaction of three cartoon Titanic movies because they had a fairytale ending instead of the disaster ending. (Oh ok, the second film just had the Octopus rescue, the rapping dog could've died in the first)

Everyone should choose this or vote this

21 Great Depression

This effected everyone in the world...

22 Brexit
23 1960 Valdivia Earthquake
24 Indian Ocean Earthquake & Tsunami

Watching the video of this event gets me every time

Worst natural disaster on record

This was bigger than 9/11

25 Spanish Flu

Worse than the Black Death, more than 40 million people died.

26 Eruption of Vesuvius‎
27 The Fall of The Roman Empire
28 Gravity is Discovered

Yup that's pretty big

29 The American Revolution

There would be no United States of America

IT IS SO IMPORTANT now now now

30 Invention of the Hologram
31 Last Manned American Rocket Launch

Changes the course of space aeronautics forever

On July 18, 2011, America launched its last manned rocket, the 125th Shuttle, into space, putting an end to Manned American Rockets.
Almost a million people in the area, and those in the rest of the world, cheered for the entire minute, and cried nonstop afterwards, it has been one of the biggest, and saddest, days in modern history.

We'll never get to put Americans into space ever again with american technology, let alone Russians.
F.U. Politics.

32 The French Revolution
33 2011 Norway Attacks

The saddest event ever even more sadder than sandy hook

Oh god I forgot about this event I had nightmares for a week about this feel so damn bad for the victims I wish I can go back in time and stop this event this will haunt me for the rest of my life X(

34 Hurricane Katrina
35 Salem Witch Trials
36 Nonviolent Liberation of India
37 The Advent of Capitalism
38 Ebola Outbreak
39 Pearl Harbor Attacks

America became the worlds sole super power

One big bombing that happened in1941

40 The American Civil War

Freed blacks and allowed them a chance at having their own lives here in America

41 The Mongol Conquests
42 Trojan War
43 Tsar Bomba

This was the biggest nuke ever.

44 The Bolshevik Revolution
45 The Agricultural Revolution
46 Boston Marathon Bombing
47 Aurora Movie Theater Shooting
48 Eruption of Krakatoa
49 April 2018 Inter-Korean Summit
50 Bering Land Bridge Exposed
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