Biggest Fan Base Rivalries

I'm sure everyone will be super nice to each other in the comments!

The Top Ten

1 Star Wars vs Star Trek

I'm sorry, as a Star Wars fan myself, I would obviously say Star Wars. - Kevinsidis

Star Wars is my favorite film franchise ever but I haven't ever watched Star Trek so I can't say with certainty that Star Wars is better, but I'm pretty dang sure Star Wars is better. - GrimmShady

OG space rivalry. - MasterBeef

2 Tupac Shakur vs The Notorious B.I.G

I'm personally more of a Tupac guy, but I haven't heard enough of either of their music to make an accurate judgment. - GrimmShady

3 Sherlock vs Doctor Who

I've seen a few episodes of Sherlock and know nothing about doctor who, but from what I've heard these fan bases can get pretty worked up about each other. - GrimmShady

4 Directioners vs Beliebers

Both of them kinda suck but these fan bases hate each other. - GrimmShady

5 Mario vs Sonic

Even though I like Sonic more, let's be real guys, Mario games have always been better. - GrimmShady

The classic video game fandom rivalry - BorisRule

OG gaming rivalry. - MasterBeef

6 Team Jacob vs Team Edward

I hate twilight with a passion but purely based on what little knowledge I have on twilight, it's gotta be team Edward. - GrimmShady

7 Marvel vs DC

Even though marvel makes better movies, the DC universe is overall better than the Marvel universe, at least in my opinion. - GrimmShady

OG comic rivalry. - MasterBeef

8 The Beatles vs The Rolling Stones

Really? I didn't even know this was a thing. Lol - Misfire

It's the Beatles idiot. - GrimmShady

9 Michael Jackson vs Prince

Haven't really listened to prince but they call Michael Jackson the king of pop for a reason. - GrimmShady

10 Halo vs Call of Duty

The second gaming rivalry. - MasterBeef

Call of Duty is gay - HaloFanboy

Both are worthy. - Kevinsidis

The Contenders

11 Stranger Things vs Riverdale

Stranger Things, hands down. Despite the bit of the cliches, at least it's less cliche than Riverdale. - Kevinsidis

Now two of the top stars of each show have been nominated for a teens choice award. I sure this will go down great. - GrimmShady

12 J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-Earth vs J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World

OG fantasy rivalry. - MasterBeef

13 Superman vs Goku

OG who's stronger rivalry. - MasterBeef

14 Fortnite vs Minecraft

The third gaming rivalry. - MasterBeef

15 Percy Jackson vs Harry Potter

The second fantasy rivalry. - MasterBeef

16 Jason (Red Ranger) vs Tommy (Green Ranger)
17 Eminem Fanboys vs Hip-Hop Heads
18 Selenators vs Arianators
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