Biggest Fan Base Rivalries

Im sure everyone will be super nice to each other in the comments!

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1 Star Wars VS Star Trek

Star Wars is my favorite film franchise ever but I haven't ever watched Star Trek so I can't say with certainty that Star Wars is better, but I'm pretty dang sure Star Wars is better. - GrimmShady

2 Tupac Shakur VS The Notorious B.I.G

I'm personally more of a Tupac guy, but I haven't heard enough of either of their music to make an accurate judgment. - GrimmShady

3 Sherlock VS Doctor Who

I've seen a few episodes of Sherlock and know nothing about doctor who, but from what I've heard these fan bases can get pretty worked up about each other. - GrimmShady

4 Directioners VS Beliebers

Both of them kinda suck but these fan bases hate each other. - GrimmShady

5 Mario VS Sonic

The classic video game fandom rivalry - BorisRule

Even though I like Sonic more, let's be real guys, Mario games have always been better. - GrimmShady

6 Team Jacob VS Team Edward

I hate twilight with a passion but purely based on what little knowledge I have on twilight, it's gotta be team Edward. - GrimmShady

7 The Beatles VS The Rolling Stones

Really? I didn't even know this was a thing. Lol - Misfire

It's the Beatles idiot. - GrimmShady

8 Marvel VS DC

Even though marvel makes better movies, the DC universe is overall better than the Marvel universe, at least in my opinion. - GrimmShady

9 Michael Jackson VS Prince

Haven't really listened to prince but they call Michael Jackson the king of pop for a reason. - GrimmShady

10 Stranger Things VS Riverdale

Now two of the top stars of each show have been nominated for a teens choice award. I sure this will go down great. - GrimmShady

The Contenders

11 J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-Earth VS J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World
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1. Marvel VS DC
2. Star Wars VS Star Trek
3. Michael Jackson VS Prince
1. Star Wars VS Star Trek
2. Tupac Shakur VS The Notorious B.I.G
3. Sherlock VS Doctor Who


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