Persebaya 1927 Surabaya (Bonek, Balgo, P.F.C)


We are who we are, I know that many people said about bonek negatively, but I don't care. Because bonek doesn't need their advice, all we need is a togetherness for support persebaya!

Until ugly, until old age, until dead I always support PERSEBAYA 1927.. Be opposed to Arema. Because Arema is breaking apart provocateur supporter in Indonesia.

It cannot be denied that Bonek is more loyal to their beloved team then other supporters. Bonek is always be by Persebaya side. Anywhere they fight, Bonek is always there.

I will not surrender to support Persebaya... I Am proud to be Bonek!

Bonek the best supporter in the world

Bonek semarang support persebaya 1927

This Is Bonek Mania... The Real Football From Indonesia...

From Bonek London England..

Wherever we go, whatever we do, persebaya is always there, deep, locked in our heart.
time flies and goes by.. Bonek and persebaya will never separated..

Friend of a friend of our family even that bonek 1927.
Remain faithful together Persebaya 1927
Brothers your blue, viking persib

Persebaya is one of forefathers football team in indo n the world, full of achievements and experienced to played against most wellknown footbal team of the world such AJAX AMSTERDAM, ARSENAL UK, SAMPDORIA, SPARTAK MOSKOW, AC MILAN n others, and they're former player of persebaya become legendary player in Indonesia n BONEX is THE TRUE MILITANT SPORTERS EVER OF THE WORLD

Bonek the real suporter from Indonesia by: Bonek Blitar Bersatu