Biggest Game Theory Mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes, even Game Theory, the show that is hosted by a "doo doo brain". Try to at least give Matthew Patrick some slack.

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1 Game Theory: Why Mario Is Mental, Part 1

Never before in my life, have I wanted to punch someone in the the face. I hate game theory. - nintendofan126

The worst part about this video, MatPat never wants us to forget it. He now mentions it in pretty much every Mario theory he's done since and even outside his channel on a few occasions.

Well, he mentioned that he might not be right, but I don't like this theory

It's so stupid how everyone hates game theory for the few bad theories he had. He works very hard, and like he says, "That's just a theory…" meaning that it's not always right. He even said once that he makes these theories to show a new view of a video game, and even if it's wrong, that doesn't mean you should hate him for it.

Yes, the amount of effort he put into this theory TRULY SHOWS. Oh and "It's just a theory so you can't criticize him" is the worst excuse I've ever heard. *Rolls Eyes*. - DCfnaf

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2 Game Theory: UNDERTALE - Sans's SECRET Identity!

Undertale and Earthbound are made by different creators. Earthbound belongs to Nintendo. Undertale belongs to Toby Fox. Nintendo has Ness. Undertale has Sans. Nintendo and Toby Fox both have their own copyrights. Undertale has nowhere near the rights to use any of Nintendo's characters. Toby Fox can't make money of of Earthbound characters. Sans being Ness would give Toby Fox a copyright lawsuit. Since Toby Fox is a game developer who actually makes money off of his game, he would HAVE to know that taking characters from other peoples games and putting it into his own games is wrong. In conclusion, SANS CAN'T BE NESS!

He uses a series of references to claim that two completely unrelated characters from two completely unrelated series are the same person. Also, this theory was officially denied by Toby Fox (Undertale's creator) within 2 hours of its publication.

Because being inspired by a series means that all characters have some sort of connection between the inspiration and the work itself

Because of how forced the "connections" between the two games are. - Treacle

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3 Game Theory: Why Mario Is Mental, Part 2

1. MatPat stated that there's no Peach toy in the Mario VS. Donkey Kong series. No Peach toy? There is a Peach toy, MatPat. You probably never seen one before.
2. Mario IS A MURDERER! Wait! Maybe, he's not. It's probably the gamers. Yes! We all know the Toads are turned into brick blocks & they die after being smashed into pieces, but let's think about it. Try going through the first level in Super Mario Bros. without smashing a brick block. You'll see that you've murdered no Toads. Now, try again & this time, smash a brick block. You are a serial killer. BUT WAIT! I'm not done here. So, who controls Mario? You! That's right, you! The one that is playing Super Mario Bros. controls Mario & makes him smash brick blocks. Does this mean we the gamers have made Mario a serial killer? Maybe we did, or we didn't. Also, why do we get points for killing a Toad, why do Toads give you two middle fingers after saving them & why does nobody, I mean, nobody, seriously, NOBODY cares about Mario ...more

4 Game Theory: Wii U Is The Next Virtual Boy

Wii U + Smash Bros. 4 and Mario Kart 8 = Game Theory was wrong.

He couldn't have been more wrong

He literally complains how the WiiU didn't come bundled with a game, even though it's almost impossible to find one without a game. That would be like MatPat scolded Nintendo for not porting any Sonic the Hedgehog games to the Super Nintendo.

Plus if it is not the game you want, it's COMMON SENSE you have to buy a game! Do you pay for an oven and hope it comes with food? I hope not! - DCfnaf

HE DESTROYED THE WII U DURING IT'S LAUNCH! He didn't even wait for it to finish the launch before spewing out that garbage.

That was THE episode that made me realize somthing... HE HATES THE GAMING INDUSTRY AND IS TRYING TO DESTROY IT! I'm new t kidding! Between this theory, his role reversal (or bad guy is the good guy and good guy is the bad guy) theories, and him attacking Nintendo more times than I can count, it's safe to say that it's fact! But hey that's just a theory. You don't have to take it as fact even though I COMMAND you to think of it as undeniable fact and spread my BE across the internet because I AM A FOR OF THE INTERNET!

My gosh I really lost it there.

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5 Game Theory: Phoenix Wright is a Criminal

Worse than Sans is Ness - DCfnaf

6 Game Theory: Who Would Win -- Samurai, Knight, or Viking? (For Honor)

One of the worst, most inaccurate, trite theories he has ever made. - DCfnaf

7 Game Theory: Fart Rocket Physics With The Wario Waft-"Wario is practically 10 feet tall."

I've seen the Mario is mental and Wii U videos, and they at least have some point to them. This video is just all mistake. Completely based on mathematical flaws, that leads to one of the greatest mess ups in MatPat's history. He even referenced it in his Mario is communist video, which was a funny reference.

"Mario is nine feet tall and Wario is ten feet tall"

THEY'RE TINY - izayaorihara

Why does he think warioware is taller than samus, when clearly samus is taller than wario.

This is a classic mess-up. - Patty_C

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8 Game Theory: Rosalina is Peach's Mother

Actually stated in multiple sources that "When the game was being developed, the creators were originally going to make Rosalina related to Peach in some way, but ultimately decided against it." This came LONG before his theory, making both videos redundant in the first place.

He bases his theory off the fact that they both have blue eyes and attached earlobes, and claims that the tree from the storybook (clearly a pine of some kind) is the same as the clearly-not-pine seen in the game's ending.

Correction: Peach is Rosalina's mother

Peach and Rosalina WERE supposed to be related in the early version of the game but the idea has been dropped, this means they're not realted anymore so this deconfirm this theory. - DaisyandRosalina

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9 Game Theory: How Fast is Sonic the Hedgehog?

He used Modern Sonic's height to scale a Classic Sonic game.
Also, Sonic travels at 321 meters/second. When he side steps in the modern games, he maintains his speed, and also, why does he only go 321? He's so close to the sound barrier...

He doesn't want to. Sonic Booms (breaking the sound barrier) causes EXPLOSIONS. He doesn't want to destroy his home of Green Hill.

Now, you're thinking "He wants to destroy Eggman's bases! He doesn't break the barrier then! ". Wrong. Sonic is also considering his own safety. Have you not seen Scrap Brain Zone?!

Imagine if Sonic the Hedgehog literally traveled at the speed of sound in the game as in, A sonic boom like what he wanted it to be. It would be game breaking and also worthless to play a stage because it will be completed in a matter of 5 seconds to 1 minute. - YourWaifuSucks

I like how he used classic sonic's zone while using modern sonic's height when in Sonic Generations, it's out right obvious that classic sonic is shorter.

The main problem with this theory was that when calculating the speed of the two characters, Matpat didn't take into account the fact that World 1:1 is really flat where as Green Hill Zone is full of hills and loops. So Sonic had much further to travel than Mario did.

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10 Game Theory: Toad's Deadly Secret

I don't agree with a lot of mat pat theories but he is not THAT BAD lolol. - HeavyDonkeyKong

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11 Game Theory: Who is W.D. Gaster - Four Minute Detour Complaining About His Hate

One of the worst and most annoying things he's done. - DCfnaf

Should be number 1 (#exposing dory Should be number 2)

None of his evidences are true. sans doesn't always use his left. when he tried to prove that gaster is sans and papyrus he didn't solve the other contradictions like : who are the two gaster was speaking to? how they can be him if he was already shattered in time and space and one of his followers had a piece of him? is splitting into 2 skeletons called shattering? why did the guy who is alleged to be gaster disappear, does papyrus have also the power of transporting through time and space?

12 Game Theory: Best Breasts in Gaming


Completely inappropriate

Kind of a pervert

Best mistake MatPat could make.

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13 Telling His Fans to Harass Ellen DeGeneres About His Theory of Dory Faking Her Short Term Memory Loss

Wait... did he actually do this?!

14 Believing that the Universe Resets in Super Mario Galaxy

Imagine playing Mario Galaxy when the final boss turns out to be Enrico Pucchi with Made in Heaven instead of Bowser - izayaorihara

Did he Age of Sigmar Mario?

The reason I put this on the list is because I know what was MEANT to be the point. In the ending cutscene of super Mario galaxy (the first one) after Mario got knocked out, Rosalina tells Mario that when a star dies it scatters star dust and star bits everywhere and when it piles up enough, it will turn into a new galaxy. However, Matpat concludes that he when Rosalina says "but the cycle always differs slightly", which is what Rosalina MEANT to say, he thinks she means instead of "the new galaxies make new planets, new creatures, and new environments," he thinks she meant "the universe (or as he says the galaxy) resets every so often and has different things changed, created, or disappeared".

If you find out that what was meant to be the case was that no 2 galaxies are ever the exact same even if they have similarities between them, it basically debunks the ENTIRE theory (and yes I know that peach and Rosalina where going to be related but it was decided not to and I can ...more

15 Treating Mario Like the Devil

All they do is ruin Mario's reputation. - ZachMandoGames

16 Game Theory: Why I gave the Pope UNDERTALE

When I saw this video I started cringing and having flashbacks to the "Sans is Ness" episode at the same time. I mean, I like both Game Theory and Undertale, but this is just awful. To be honest, it's fans like these that give good franchises such bad reputations.

It's more likely for Emma Watson to fall in love with me than the pope ever playing this game

Come on, a copy of a game isn't that bad. - Ultron123

Until you realize that the pope probably doesn't have a computer or a steam account so he can't use it. - Lmrpirate

It is literally clickbait to any Undertale fan that exists in the realm of humanity. - YourWaifuSucks

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17 Game Theory: The Gender Of Team Fortress 2's Pyro

Valve has always been evasive concerning pyro's gender, often switching from reffering to the pyro as "her", to "he" and sometimes even "it"

Valve has confirmed that there were no female classed in production of tf2. There is even unused audio for meet the pyro that confirms it as male.

18 Game Theory: Portal's Companion Cube Has A Dark Secret

He cherry-picks 'evidence' for his theory, even outright fabricating some of it (such as the fact that the Companion Cube screams when it's incinerated; it's a sound the radio makes that he's taken out of context), and jumps to conclusions based on little evidence that contradict established canon. The video just rubbed me the wrong way.

19 The Team Fortress 2 vs Overwatch

This video has more errors about both games than there are stars in the universe.

20 Creating the Channel

Yes this is the worst mistake he ever did

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