DCfnaf Rants: MatPat

DCfnaf Good god...this one is really pissing me off. I apologize in advance if I sound obnoxious, but I got to be real with this one...sorry.

Yes guys, I'm taking time out of my day to YET AGAIN rant about this pathetic excuse for a person. "Wait, did you say PERSON and not YOUTUBER?" Yeah, that's exactly what I said. I can't stand MatPat and I hate him with a burning passion. I hate his cherry picking of evidence, his lying towards the audience, and his self-entitled persona. Trust me, videos like "Mario Is Mental" have really pissed me off, especially because he and his horrific fanbase take the theory so seriously and spread it around the internet as a fact. I already ranted about his channel so there's no point in me doing THAT again, however, I want to rant about his W.D. Gaster video. I know that I'm a few months late, but barely anyone on TTT is addressing this pathetic excuse for a video.


The theory itself is fine and I'm not going to bother debunking it, however, the first four minutes of the video legitimately made me want to break my computer screen. He basically spends four minutes before the video talking about how scared he is to talk about Undertale because of all the "unfair and horrible" hate he's gotten from his Undertale videos. I'll admit I felt some sympathy towards him because I've experienced truckloads of hate because of things I've done...but once I listened to what he was saying very carefully, not only did I get really pissed off, but I lost practically all of the respect I had for MatPat.

I don't feel sorry for this bastard at ALL!!! As a matter of fact, he actually DESERVES the flock he's been getting and he REALLY made me angry! This is just another attempt to get his fans to side with him and attack his "haters" when in reality they are criticizing him with the intent to HELP HIM! And guess what? It's working because all of his fans are blinded by the fact that they're his fans to even bother questioning what he's saying.

First of all, he's being completely manipulative. The music in the background is him trying to get you to feel bad for him when in reality he just can't take criticism and gets offended when he gets hate for things he deserves hate for. Ex. THIS VIDEO!!!

Next, let's talk about the part where MatPat flat out LIES to his audience JUST to gain sympathy:

"I've had literal petitions written to remove me from the Internet for slandering Mario's name by calling him a sociopath..."

I've seen that petition before, and all I can say is that you are a horrible liar. Hell, I'll link you to that petition, especially since I think citing sources is actually useful, unlike MatPat who is too cowardly to cite his.


There's the petition. You can say it's stupid all you want because I agree with you. MANY of these petitions are pure stupidity, did you remember the Suicide Squad petition? This petition just overreacts over the Mario Is Mental theory and even I can't stand that theory and think he should admit it's wrong. However, at NO POINT in this petition did it say to get MatPat kicked off of the Internet. All it said was to admit that the Mario Is Mental theory is wrong in a video. THAT IS IT. They NEVER SAID that they wanted to kick him off of the internet because of the theory. Don't even TRY to pull that crap to get sympathy, MatPat. Also, I completely understand the purpose of the petition, even if it is stupid. Seriously, when have you EVER admitted your mistakes? The only times you admitted you made mistakes were in 1. The Wario Waft theory and 2. The FNaF Got It a All Wrong theory. Plus the Mario Is Mental theory was so terrible that literally EVERY single piece of "evidence" could be debunked in seconds if you used common sense, played the games, or knew the characters inside and out like me and DaisyandRosalina. You clearly did none of those things. When the Internet calls that theory a complete pile of bullcrap, don't constantly parade your theory around just to boost your ego and "remind" everyone that you're "100% correct". Hell, you even do it in theories that don't involve Mario. You also parade other crappy theories like "Link is Dead" and "Rosalina Unmasked". It's especially stupid when you make a Mario theory that debunks half of your Mario is Mental theory, yet you still parade it like it's your magnum opus.

I get it if MatPat made a mistake, but he's still misrepresenting the petition completely. Anyways, next:

"First was Sans is Ness, a theory I was SO excited to share with you. In fact, it was one of, if not my FAVORITE episode that we had done of Game Theory to date because it allowed me an opportunity to talk about one of my favorite franchises growing up, Earthbound, as well as one of my favorite modern franchises of Undertale...and it was a FUN episode! Now, don't get me wrong, did I, in any way, think that this was canon lore to the series? No, of course not, I didn't think Sans was actually Ness, but at the end of the day these theories are meant to get you to think about things from a different perspective. And let's be honest here, there are a LOT of similarities between Earthbound and Undertale, okay? From visual design, to ACTUAL sound effects to even the TIMELINES of the games!"

Oh my lord, I can't stand his tone...anyways, I've got a lot of explaining to do with this one. The most aggravating thing about this part is when he pulls the "It's just a theory" card. "HURR DEEE DUR, It's just a theory dude! Who cares if my evidence is complete trash and who cares if NONE of my points make sense whatsoever!! I am 100% IMMUNE to criticism because all I want to do is get others to think about things differently, huhuhuhUHUHUHUHUUUUUUUUUHHHHHH!!" <-- Okay, sorry about that. It's just how I interpret him. Anyways, this excuse has always been pure stupidity, especially since it's constantly been used by your cul-I mean fanbase. You are not exempt from criticism just because you made a THEORY. Hell, you are STILL defending the evidence that was DEBUNKED by SEVERAL COMMENTATORS such as MangaKamen and AnnabethRide. Your theory was NOT GOOD and you should be able to understand that. I know there are similarities between the two games and you are correct about that, but that doesn't make it okay for you to switch around evidence in a way that fits your theory rather than letting the evidence GUIDE your reasoning. Obviously the poses of the Starman and Papyrus are CLEARLY DIFFERENT, yet you were SO desperate to try and connect the games that you just didn't care whatsoever.

"But the overwhelming negativity and ridicule that that video got was just...was just CRUSHING. It sucked man...and don't get me wrong, I have gotten used to dealing with internet hate over the years. I've gotten through the 'Sonic is slow' Controversy; I've had literal petitions written to remove me from the Internet for slandering Mario's name by calling him a sociopath but...this one...this one hurt..."

Well, BOO FREAKING HOO MatPat!!! --> 🎻🦀. We surely are terrible people for being the only people on the planet to see through your manipulative, idiotic garbage that you shove onto YouTube. I mean...pfft, OBVIOUSLY you shouldn't have to deal with that because you always look at yourself in the mirror and go, "MatPat...you truly are the greatest theorist on the internet. That 'Smartest Show in Gaming' tagline that I have suits me well!!!". Seriously, do you really think people wouldn't get upset if I went around calling myself the greatest user to ever discover TheTopTens? Of course they'd get upset from that because they'd find users like PositronWildhawk and htoutlaws2012 and claim they have better content. Guess what? THEY WOULD BE COMPLETELY CORRECT. I'm not the best user that has ever been on this website, nor will I ever be. So stop parading yourself like you are the gaming guru of everything. People aren't even being THAT extreme with their hate, you're just upset that they called your "Sans is Ness" theory garbage...and it IS garbage. It's one of your worst theories by far. Undertale Fans and Earthbound Fans should be smart enough to see through your stupidity. Look, you could just pull a "Mario is Communist" and call the theory satire so people wouldn't even hate on you. Also, I get it completely if you are crushed by the fact that the commentators criticized a video you put your heart and soul into, but you only got 17,000 dislikes on a video where you got 185,000 likes. Immense hatred? Provide EVIDENCE like you are supposed to and maybe I'd believe you.

I know writing this probably won't get MatPat to change in any aspect. People have been criticizing his trash for a long time now and he's still been the same clickbaiting, egotistical piece of crap he's always been...but this is a NEW low for him. It's really tragic that a 15 year old needs to write this rant to an adult who has tons of subscribers. Let's talk about the second most popular YouTube theorist, Lockstin. Lockstin actually puts FAR more effort into his content than MatPat does (hell, his theories can last an HOUR), ADMITS when he makes mistakes and even makes fun videos debunking his theories showing what he got right and wrong, and...most importantly...DOES NOT SIT IN FRONT OF A CAMERA AND WHINE LIKE A SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE ABOUT GETTING HATE FOR HALF-BAKED THEORIES THAT DESERVE IT WELL.

*Pant, Pant, Pant, Pant* Okay, I feel way better now. These rants really are cathartic, especially this one.

The only thing that MatPat complains about that I agree with is the hate towards the "Why I Gave the Pope Undertale" video because there was a symbolic purpose in doing that. However, everything else you're being bashed for is actually LEGITIMATE. You can't just get onto everybody's case and defend yourself for being wrong about theories like "Sans is Ness" and "Mario is Mental". They're both horrible and the commentators are telling you why while begging you desperately to improve.

It's official. MatPat is now my least favorite "YouTuber" in existence over IGN:

Top 5 Least Favs

5. Treesicle
4. Watchmojo
3. Gamespot
2. IGN

I guess I was just hoping that the person who was making the theories...was far more likeable than whoever was manipulating his audience in this video.

I'm sorry that I got really enraged with this one. Life is kind of irritating right now so I figured taking my anger out on my least favorite YouTuber would make me feel better. Honestly...it really worked. Anyways, if you potentially enjoyed this, be sure to stick around for more of these. Thanks for reading guys.

P.S.: MatPat, bashing other people's gifts to the pope does not make you look better, it makes you look like a jerk.


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