Biggest Game Theory Mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes, even Game Theory, the show that is hosted by a "doo doo brain". Try to at least give Matthew Patrick some slack.

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21 Game Theory: Morph Ball is Lame

Morph ball has many useful applications, it is not just something born out of coding issues.
For example, when a physical force hits a sphere it has to be dead on for it to do any real damage, if it is not then the force will bounce right off.
Morph ball also allows access to bombs and power bombs and traversing surfaces that a magnet can stick to.
Morph ball also allows more mobility, as shown when Samus dodges gandrayda's attack before the fight.

22 Attacking Other People's Gifts to The Pope Compared to His

No one should ever attack anyone else's opinions or actions, unless they harm someone

23 Luigi and Peach are Rosalina's Parents

Nintendo did not confirm this. - ZachMandoGames

24 Super Mario Odyssey's GIANT Problem

I think Mario's height being 5 FT has changed. The original image that says he's 5'1 set Luigi up to Peach's height, and Peach is currently a little bit taller than Luigi. Not to mention things do change over time (like Mario no longer being a plumber). I believe Mario shrunk down in size and the humans are normal sized.

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