Biggest Gangsters of All Time


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1 Al Capone

This guy was literary the mayor of Chicago because he had complete control over a majority of the cops, the mayor, and scared/ massacred all of the other gangsters. He was so good at getting away with things he got caught for tax evasion not the dozens of murders he committed. He was the person who inspired Scarface. But still the truth is he was just a sick human being.

"Scareface" has no peer in Gangsterisum. With apologies to all the others mentioned, HE is the standard by which all related Movies, Themes and "Thugs" aspire to be. His Legendary status gets a 'tweek' in terms of enhancement thanks to The Emmy Award Winning HBO Series, "BOARDWALK EMPIRE. " We are treated to "THE BIG-DOG" of The Gangsters' evolution as a "young pup" in crime... THE STUFF OF LEGENDS!

he led to high inflation in the us due to him draining banks

He is the most infamous killer ever

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2 Charlie Lucky Luciano

I can not put in words how bigger Luciano was compared to Capone. He did much more to shape the Mafia than Capone did. Capone was most famous for the St. Valentines Day Massacre, in which he got the wrong guy and which ultimately forced the Feds to go after him sending him to jail. Also Morello should be in this, either 2 or 3.

Boss of all Bosses and formed the Commission. One does forget he was even the Boss of Al Capone.

He is like one million times richer and more tougher than 50 cent

Luciano put the organized in organized crime.

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3 Carlo Gambino

he was alawys in control, and died sleeping in his own bed. $500,000,000 a year to the Gambino Family and Capo Di Tutti Capi (boss of all bosses) what more could you ask for!

The power and influence this man had was incredible. When he was boss nobody got away with anything. He took control of a small crime family and turned it into the biggest, richest and most powerful Mafia family in the US.

Name is still around till this day

4 Pablo Escobar

The Most Powerful And Richest Gangster Of All Time And He's 15? - 12cc

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5 Frank Costello

Frank Costello was boss of the old Luciano family after was deported to Italy and a member of Luciano's 1st crew.

Isn't this guy not real because I remember him being a character in The Departed played by Jack Nicholson?

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6 Meyer Lansky

The brains of the operations part of my heart

7 John Gotti

This man is the best. He had his own boss killed at the risk of getting killed himself. He was a mans man didn't take anything off anybody. Rip John gotti - Simbauk

They wanted him to die trust me I've been in the joint ad they don't care if your healthy or not start saviving our peeps john gotti was vaery important I our lives now he's gone

8 Joseph Bonanno
9 Vincent The Chin Gigante
10 James "Whitey" Bulger

This guy ran Boston's criminal underworld for years, and wasn't caught until he was 83. He even struck a deal with the FBI to ignore his crimes in exchange for information on the Italian Mob. He had everyone- the mobs, the FBI- under his thumb for years. Truly an icon of Irish mobs.

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11 Dutch Schultz
12 Ronnie And Reggie Kray, "The Kray Twins"

Ran the full London didn't care who was in there way the got rid

13 John Dillinger

He was a very bad gangster/bank robber who murdered lots of people during the Depression Era of the U.S. , including a police officer. He escaped from jail twice.

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15 Albert Anastasia
16 Amado Carrillo Fuentes
17 Mickey Featherstone

A former member of the Westies, he had a nasty reputation as a psychopath and was willing to kill anyone who dared challenge the Westies in cold blood. However, after being framed by his own boss and allies, he helped police bring down the Westies and is now in the Witness Protection Program.

18 Jimmy Coonan

He was the leader of the Westies, and Irish gang in Hell's Kitchen. Cold and murderous, he was a ruthless killer who would kill anyone, even members of his own gang. At one time, he hired a man named Billy Bokun to frame his own right hand man Mickey Featherstone. However, Featherstone's wife, Sissy, proved his innocence and the Westies went down.

19 Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman

The Sinaloa Cartel controls roughly 40% to 60% of Mexico's drug trade, with earnings at around $3 billion annually. Appeared on both Forbes' World's Billionaires List and Most Powerful People List. Leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, which the US Justice Department describes as "one of the world's most prolific, violent and powerful drug cartels," moving billions upon billions of dollars in marijuana, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine

20 Frank Matthews

In the same time as Frank Lucks and Nikkie Barnes well they where fighting over Harlem. Frank Mathews wasa major play or they major suppier of drugs in 21 to 25 state in the us

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