Top 10 Biggest Harry Potter "What Ifs"

The Top Ten Biggest Harry Potter "What Ifs"

1 What if Harry was sorted in Slytherin?

Well if Harry was friends with Ron and they flew the Ford Anglia to Hogwarts, Snape would've expelled Harry.
He might not have found out loads of things he needed to know.

2 What if James Potter had his wand that night?

Nothing would change. Voldemort could probably overpower him. - Cyri

Probably would still have died
just more of a fight - GleamingShadow

3 What if Voldemort had won the final battle?

See cursed child - GleamingShadow

Then he'd be pretty paranoid after his horcruxes were all destroyed. - Cyri

4 What if Sirius never went to Azkaban?

Stupid Ministry they should've like done a trial with Veritaserum.

5 What if the Potters chose a different secret keeper?

Replace "Harry Potter" with "Neville Longbottom" in the titles. - Cyri

6 What if Harry never attended Hogwarts?

Oh my god Stonewall High the Local Comprehensive. The Dursleys making him wear Dudley's old school uniforms because Dudley is as fat as a baby killer whale.

7 What if Draco had killed Dumbledore?
8 What if Crookshanks had eaten Scabbers (Peter Pettigrew)?
9 What if Lupin was never with Harry on the train?
10 What if Harry had accepted Draco's friendship?

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11 What if Harry had killed Draco with Sectumsempra?

Yikes,that would be spooky. - Yeetyard99999

12 What if they realised that Tanya Grotter was not a rip off?

Read PDF of her story.
Even her relatives turn out to be witches and wizards according to the Wikia which I went on Google translate. The evil witch made a dark magic school. They ride double basses and vacuum cleaners.
Some things are based on Russian legends.

13 What if DADA was not cursed?

Quirrell would still be teaching Muggle Studies, Lockhart would still be using memory charms on real heroes and people would think Lockhart is the hero, Lupin I dunno, a bit awkward of book 4 seeing as it was not Mad Eye Moody it was Barty Crouch Jr, then the ministry would not throw Umbridge into Hogwarts, maybe Snape would have the job and there would be no death eater teaching.

14 What if JK Rowling failed her end of first year exams and decided to just tell the muggle world
15 What if they had done Harry Potter before Hogwarts instead of Cursed Child?

Living in his cupboard under the stairs with spiders, believing that his parents were killed in a car crash--no questions.
Something terrible that Dudley had worn that kept shrinking to a size of a sock Petunia thought it had shrunk in the washing machine.
Harry ended up on the roof of the primary school kitchens to escape Dudley's gang and Vernon and Petunia got a letter saying he was climbing school roof.
His haircut confusion, turning his teachers hair purple.
Punched by Dudley breaking his glasses.
No friends in Primary school because everyone was afraid of Dudley's gang.
But witches and wizards bowing, shaking his hand and waving at him.

Nah I've been reading The Journey you'd be less of a hater of Cursed Child.

16 What if Peter Pettigrew had stayed as Scabbers and Sirius Black never saw the Daily Prophet with him in the photo?
17 What if Tom Riddle Sr did love Merope Gaunt?
18 What if Harry and Ron didn't crash into the Whomping Willow?
19 What if Lockhart had picked up Harry's wand?
20 What if Draco didn't trick Harry and Ron?

The "duel" in the trophy room.

21 What if only Harry picked up the Triwizard cup?
22 What if Lily had married Snape?
23 What if Petunia was a witch or squib?
24 What if Remus + Sirius had happened.
25 What if Voldemort never existed?
26 What if JK Rowling was Rita Skeeter?
27 What if Goyle wasn't saved?
28 What if Mark Evans was a wizard?

Mark Evans was a 10 year old boy that Dudley Dursley punched.
The fandom back in 2003 were making up loads of theories.

29 What if Ginny didn't realise she forget the diary or her parents didn't let her go and get it?

In the second book when they were heading to Hogwarts in the Ford Anglia.
Ginny shrieked that she forgot the diary.

30 What if Neville was the chosen one?
31 What if the real name of Hermione's mother is Hermione Granger?

I just want to know the real names of Hermione's parents not the fake ones they were given under Polyjuice and sent to Australia.

32 What if Hermione's father had found baby Harry in the ruins of his parents cottage?

What could've been the original plot including Hermione's name being Hermione Puckle. Also an old quote that Hermione's middle name was originally "Jane" but changed to "Jean" thanks to Umbridge.

33 What if Dumbledore hadn't given Gryffindor their house points back that McGonagall took away for being up at night.

Professor McGonagall is like Hardbroom from The Worst Witch in some ways (I know she doesn't pop up into the dormitory, she doesn't teach potions and doesn't dislike the main character) but taking away 50 house points for being out of bed and sending them for detention in the forbidden forest.

34 What if Draco had puked the slugs?

Eat slugs!

35 What if Dudley had turned properly into a pig, not just the tail or more parts like the ears?

We know Dudley is a pig but Hagrid was trying to turn him into the animal but could only manage the tail with his broken wand.

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