Top 10 Biggest Hollywood Fails


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1 The Impending Demise of Sony Pictures (aka Sonygate)

Movies Involved in the controversy: Whatever film that started Sony to fall apart in the early 2010s, The Interview (The Sony Hacks), Pixels (Made Sony the laughingstock of hollywood in the most embarrassing way possible.), Ghostbusters '16 (Bad Film Marketing lead in one of the most pointless contreversies of all time), The Emoji Move (The widely hated film yet to be released that aims to be the demise of Sony Pictures). - dewy60

2 20th Century Fox's Shady Practices 20th Century Fox's Shady Practices

Movies Involved in their shady practices: The handling of Fant4stic (Trankgate), Ice Age: Collision Course (Possibly that this sequel is made to mistreat people of Blue Sky by milking money on a franchise.), Any film with bad reviews made from one their shady practices. - dewy60

3 Warner Bros' Identity Crisis (The Hobbit, DC Extended Universe)
4 Quest for Camelot blamed for the flop of The Iron Giant and Warner Bros Feature Animation's Demise

Word comes around that the film was originally going to be a PG-13 film as a non-musical fantasy epic akin to Braveheart and Ralph Baski's Wizards targeted for Young Adults with the original premise being that a young adult girl named Sussana who is wholly-independent unlike other common animated films in the 90s with princesses who dreamed of wanting more, goes on a dangerous mission to find the grail while trying to save her sister from The Red Knight. It was supposed to more faithful and darker to the book it was based on, The King's Demosel' before it was radically changed into a Disney Knockoff that everybody considers it as one of the worst animated films of the 90s. The film was blamed for making a better recived film " The Iron Giant" bombed and contributed to the quick demise of Warner Bros Feature Animation due to Mismanagement and executive meddling. - dewy60

5 Godzilla '98 (Aka, G.I.N.O)
6 Jem and the Holograms (Aka, Jemmah Jemontana)

Doll vs Cartoon

7 The Last Airbender (Or how Shamalayan touched upon a beloved TV Series and ruins it.)

Shayamalan is a disgrace to Indians. His country hates him. - TwilightKitsune

8 The Thief and the Cobbler (A magnum opus turned Aladdin knockoff by meddling)
9 Heaven's Gate (The 1980 cut that doomed Michael Cimino's career and destroyed United Artists made history as one of cinema's greatest injustices)
10 Lionsgate and the Post-Hunger Games Blues

Movies that flopped were responsible for making a company have bad luck on themselves: Norm of the North, Gods of Egypt and The Divergent Series: Allegiant - dewy60

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11 The Star Wars Prequels
12 The Creation of Illumination
13 Waterworld
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1. The Impending Demise of Sony Pictures (aka Sonygate)
2. 20th Century Fox's Shady Practices
3. Warner Bros' Identity Crisis (The Hobbit, DC Extended Universe)


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