Top Ten Biggest Hopes for the Next Generation

The Top Ten Biggest Hopes for the Next Generation

1 Peace

More time for peace than destruction and for the rest of the next generation, we are needed the most

I need more peace

Good Choice

2 Less Rape

Victory to that.

More like none at all.


3 Better Role Models

I like real life people as role models than the modern celebrities today

And that means no one like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus. - SamuiNeko

4 Less Judgements
5 Death Penalty Gets Banned

Death Penalty sucks. Solitary Confinement is a more effective alternative!

We don't have the right to take away other's valuable lives. - SamuiNeko

6 Better Environment

Already as is

Yes I am making the history of the world to stop this garbage game!

We live in it every day. It is our duty to the next generations to get it better.

7 Less Racists

We are getting better as racists are being removed from the planet’s population

8 Better Technology
9 More Appropriate Songs

That means Nicki Minaj should stop making garbage!

Pop used to be nice,but nowadays popstars ruined it. - SamuiNeko

10 Better Government

The Newcomers

? More Creativity

More time to get more ideas of their minds than computers

The Contenders

11 Child Porn is Banned

Already is.

12 Better Music

Good selection of songs to choose in the next decade

Like miserable songs? About war and death. Ok.

13 More Quinkan Art

Me too if you want to have more Quinkan art as I wish

Yeah. There should be more Quinkan art.

14 Fewer Stupid People

But will probably never happen. Kids get stupider everyday.

Um I'm 11 and I'm one of the people who think good. Not like a dumb gangster who thinks saying 21 is funny. - Jake09

15 End Family Guy

Who cares?!

16 To The Indie Pop Genre To End

Yes, it is already dying literally

17 End SpongeBob

Yes please to cancel the show

18 End Simpsons

Hooray for The Simpsons Cancelling this next season!

19 End Meet the Press

I’m sick or worst of this nightmare show

20 End Bob’s Burgers

To cancel all the terrible shows on TV for good

21 Feminism Dies
22 End Rick And Morty

Already is. So are The Cleveland Show and Family Guy. Rest In Peace

23 No More Having Sex

Having Sex is so disgusting, and no one likes this type of thing on relationships

Basically you’re saying we should stop reproducing meaning we go extinct! Yeah we would love that (sarcastic)

24 Better Housing for Communities

Yes, I am loving into the housing for the communities of those cities and towns to people who are struggling with their life in their residence places

25 Less Terrorism

More likely to be having world peace than this destructive terrorized theory

Already it is happening

26 Better Visual Artworks
27 End of the Star Wars Franchise

To end all the Star Wars movies for good

28 More Sustainable Things

Good luck with this material for the next generation!

29 End Superhero Movies


30 More Healthier Food
31 Fewer Shootings

We want fewer shootings going on in order to get rid of brutal shootings in the US

32 End Any Limited Series

Limited series are going to be extinct in, soon

33 No Global Warming

Yes we did of course

34 Better Society
35 More Classical Writing
36 End Archer


So are Shrek

37 Less Online-Only Games

So are Call Of Duty and Battlefield

I'm sick or crap like Fortnite.

38 End the Purge Franchise

Please let us end, this and other Blumhouse Productions projects are being pushed down to the trash bin and let’s bring back kid friendly movies

39 Fortnite Gets Banned


40 Better Outings
41 Fewer Web Series Shows

Good news, we are getting fewer webseries shows of course

42 Vinyls Banned

Mostly gone in the next generation

43 No Homework

Mostly yes to most of them

44 No More Memes

Make it happen if you’re gonna rid of all the memes, we are going to let the memes extinct afterwards

45 Fewer Sequels and Remakes

Make it happen please. We want to be go bring back the originality material as before!

46 End Pretty Cure

Please let make it happen, cancel the hypocritical girly T.V. show and sent to crump it

47 End Shrek

Shrek is a hypocritical franchise we are having nowadays. But as the next generation will be born, we are should dumping the franchise out of the hypocritical things list and for the next generation, we are hyped for the good new franchise happens to be started

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