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1 Parents

My Mum and Dad the biggest hypocrites EVER!

Yep. Parents are number one. They act like they are perfect when they can be one of the WORSEST HUMAN BEINGS ON THE PLANET!

I HATE my Mum! I HATE my Dad!

It's stupid how parents tell their kids that it's wrong to do one thing, but then they do it themselves, like really? Being an adult doesn't give you a free pass to do whatever you want. Besides, actions speak louder than words.

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2 Women

My Mum and my sisters (especially the youngest) are the biggest hypocrites ever!

My top reasons why women are hypocrites (As a woman, I agree):
1. They want to change a man in a relationship, but if a man does the same thing to a woman, they get upset.
2. They call their boyfriends, fiances or spouses horrible names (e.g. stupid, etc). But again, a man says that to a woman, they get angry with them and it causes a huge conflict.
3. They point out others people's problems and wrong doings, but they have far worser mistakes than them. Women get also upset if anyone has called out their mistakes.
4. Some say that you can't get a job and raise a family both at the same time, but somehow, they have both of them (career and family).
5. Women expect their husbands and kids to apologize to them for their disrespect, but they never apologize for their disrespectful behavior.
6. They want equal rights, but takes them for granted (winning in court, etc). A
7. Tell their children to be good when they act very stupid themselves.

I'm female and I agree with this item. Women these days are very privileged, yet they still believe that they can whine about their rights. Before a few rabid feminizis start bashing my opinion, there are a few things I would like to say: I know that a few women's rights issues still exist. If they did not, then women would be paid equal amounts of money as males and would not be judged on their looks. However, I really hate women who say they want to be empowered but act like spoiled children every time they feel as if they have been wronged. I would also like to say that our society is so focused on sexism against women in this day and age that it never pays attention to sexism against men, which actually exists, believe it or not. Here are a few reasons why:
1) Male murderers are more likely to be sentenced to death than female murderers
2) Men have been drafted in order to fight in wars
3) Women are allowed to express their emotions, but men who do so are seen as ...more

Put down 'Radical Feminists'. You can't just make the assumption that women in general are hypocrites. That's, well, hypocritical

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3 Stza

Anarchism and socialism!? People should stop reading the definitions of each on wikipedia and read the actual texts by philosophers of such ideologies. Marx didn't like anarchism one bit by the way.

Leftover Crack more like Leftover Crap

One of the biggest hypocrites in punk music. Every time I meet a fan of one of his bands they tell me how much of a scumbag and phony he really is. He says he's ''anarcho-communist'' and socialist, not even he buys the stuff that he preaches. It kills me that he has such a big fanbase, comes to show you that the old formula of bashing anything that isn't extreme left wing and being a hypocrite about it sells.

Lol, a guy like this under socialist rule he'd be the first to go

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4 Feminists

Especially the 3rd wave radical feminazis - Joeljohns249

Dyedhair you're Sexist -You're harrassing me
Timmy The Turner - Ok
Dyedhair - *Harrasses Timmy with sexist slurs*
Timmy The Turner - Posts it on Reddit - Maddox121

5 Religious Groups

They whine about people not respecting their religion when the only religion they respect themselves is their own. - 3DG20

6 Girly Girls
7 Teachers

My High School teacher is very evil!

We can’t bring anything other than water to school or be on our phones, but it’s okay for them. - 3DG20

8 Politicians

Politicians can be hypocrites, liars and I don't mean to rude but they are not doing a good job at all.

"If you vote for me, I will end poverty! "
"If I win this election, the economy will improve"
"If this election is to be my destiny, then ending corruption shall be my mission"


Corrupt and liars ( no exeptions )!

9 Celebrities

Clickbaits, hiding behind mental health for attention, low-key hating their fans

Especially Nicki Minaj. She always whines about people being rude to her, but she says millions of rude things in her songs. Nicki Minaj says, "I'm s****** on your whole life" in Beez in the Trap, raps about a girl being raped in Bottoms Up, and made an entire song bashing Lil Kim (aka Stupid Hoe). I can't wait until she fades away from pop culture in twenty years.

Let’s take Nicki Minaj for example who makes a song called “Stupid Hoe” when she herself is a stupid hoe... Or Justin Bieber who whines when people are hating on him, even if they’re doing so for a good reason which they most likely are, but he’s not only a d*** to the people that do treat him like he’s perfect, but then he goes and hates on other artists for completely idiotic reasons, sometimes not even with a reason, but the most hypocritical group of celebrities are probably the ones that talk about how you should donate to a bunch of charities, when they themselves have millions of dollars and donates none of it. I hate those people! - 3DG20

10 Fanbases

They’ll treat you like you’re not human if you don’t like the same things they do, yet they expect other people to kill them with completely undeserved kindness. - 3DG20

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11 School Staff

Back in middle school, I got called into the office for starting a big argument on Facebook. They confiscated another student's cellphone after he recorded a fight and decided to go through its Facebook account. They saw the whole thing I started. They didn't realize they were invading the students' privacy when, like any other school, they always told their students not to invade other students' privacy. I am now 19 and graduated high school last year. To this day, I keep wishing I could go back to that day in 7th grade in the principal's office so I could have the courage to point out the hypocrisy aloud.

12 Police
13 Liberals
14 Special Snowflakes
15 Donald Trump Donald Trump Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is an American businessman, television personality, politician, and the 45th President of the United States. Born and raised in Queens, New York City, Trump received an economics degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. In 1971, more.

It’s bad when the biggest hypocrite in the entire universe is the president of the United States. - railfan99

16 Critics
18 Atheists

A lot of them bash religious people for shoving their beliefs down people's throats, but almost always preach their atheism to theists.

19 Old People

My parents are the biggest hypocrites ever! They're old!

Yep. They are!

20 Managers
21 Onision Onision Gregory Daniel Jackson, known by his YouTube username Onision, is an American YouTuber and Internet personality.
22 Conservatives
23 Hipsters

I don't like hippies and I can't stand them at all. They don't want to be judged by other for any action they do, but yet, they are not only judging others but they force their decisions, beliefs, etc on others.

24 Teenagers
25 Bible Thumpers
26 Haters

Well haters gonna hate.

27 H3h3productions H3h3productions
28 Athletes
29 Misanthropes
30 Men's Rights Activists

All men are hypocrites!

Wait, what? You mean that's actually a thing?

They complain the women have rights and men are being discriminated against. Yet they constantly bash and depower you guessed it, women.

31 Your Classmates

The biggest hypocrites in my life! - Lucy1402

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