Biggest Jerks In Diary of a Wimpy Kid Movie 2


The Top Ten

1 Patty Farrell

She hates greg so I hate her enough said

2 Rodrick Heffley

Cose he does music

Rodrick is so mean

3 Chirag Gupta
4 Mr. Huff
5 Bill Walter

Is a fat, ugly, weirdo, with a tatoo - GinnyWeasley

6 Scotty Douglas
7 Manny Heffley

He is so funny he never takes a chance he is funny though I do not no why

Manny should not be in the top 10 cause he is so cute!

8 Coach Malone

Name Sounds like Post Malone

9 Greg Heffley Greg Heffley
10 Ward Alberts
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