HT's Analysis: NFC North Draft Grades

htoutlaws2012 To be honest I was not very impressed with the NFC North like I was the past few years. Sure its a interesting division ruled by Green Bay pretty much. Who can dethrone the packers?

(Key: Team in bold, grade in bold)

Chicago Bears: Oh no, we get to start with the team that drafted completely out of wack. Da bears to me look ridiculously foolish. Moving up one spot to not get Solomon Thomas, but to get Mitchell Trbuisky. Who at best would of been maybe barely top 10, or in the teen rounds. Then on day 2 draft a Tight End to me was useless. Zach Miller to me is reliable, what do you plan to do with the #2 option? Getting a safety was kind of a need so fine. Then you draft a 5'6 running back what were they on? Jordan Howard was unbelievable, and Langford is the #2, why get ANOTHER RUNNING BACK! With there final pick they get a guard which is acceptable, but not by much. Overall the Bears to me did so bad, and yet so laughable you can't positively tell me with a straight face and give anywhere near a passing grade. D-

Minnesota Vikings: The Vikings have a chance to be great, but for that to happen there's a few things that must be in place. Get replacements for the weakened holes, hope that Sam Bradford isn't your starting QB, otherwise I do not like your chances one bit. I do like they picked Dalvin Cook as there first pick, although they might split carries Latavius Murray, and Cook. Drafting a center helps tremendously, then top if off with getting a defensive tackle, and a linebacker in very big needs. Chad Greenway is done, and Sharrif Floyd after discovering he might have a career threatening end to his short lived career. As those were addressed respectively, the vikings end with 2 more Wide Receivers (just in case Treadwell doesn't pan out). A guard because add more depth, Tight End in case of Kyle Rudolph's mishaps, and 3 other defensive players that might not even make the team. Where am I getting with this? The Vikings did what they were suppose to do, and there's nothing wrong with that. B-

Detroit Lions: Oh boy here we go the one everyone was waiting for my Lions. Well they clearly got there biggest need at linebacker, Jarrad Davis will be a starter from day 1. After that though the picks were just odd for me, we reached for a corner who was projected to go lower than expected in the second round. draft a Wide Receiver from Northern Illinois? Draft another linebacker I have no problem with because they really needed to badly. I hate the pick at Tight End, I wanted to break the TV when we pick Michael Roberts from Toledo instead of Jake Butt from Michigan. Another Corner grabbed, smaller than the other, add in depth a D-tackle for an declined Haloti Ngata, Draft another QB near the end of the draft as a backup. Finally add in somebody at the end. I'm against the picks well those that were big needs, but when you decide to draft unknown players who aren't projected high as they are then what draft analysis was Bob Quinn on. C

Green Bay Packers: For the Packers the focus was simple get in as much needs as possible. In this case getting a corner as the first was a must. safety I'd argue not really, D-tackle sure, linebacker of course. Getting a running back in the 4th absolutely, although they shockingly passed on Dalvin Cook. Add in another weapon for Rodgers, another running back, a guard for depth, a 3rd running back, and another WR for Rodgers. I'd say the Packers did what they needed to do. B

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