HT's Analysis: AFC South Draft Grades

htoutlaws2012 The AFC south has gotten quite interesting the past few years, I mean sure the Texans are still getting in, but the gate might be closing to a rising team who is it exactly? let's find out.

(Key: team in bold, grade in bold)

Jacksonville Jaguars: I'm not sure where I did not feel like the jags had that great of draft as they did the past 2 years. Sure they got Fournette, but here's the problem with this. If your Tom Coughlin, why not just invest on the offensive line in this draft and keep running with it. Cam Robinson was a steal considering he was projected near the 20's of the first round, falls at the early second round to a team that desperately needs it is a big win. Adding in defensive line is also a big need, Jags were never strong on each side of that, because of that they lost most of there games, not because of the actual guys making the plays, but the supporting up front crew were so bad they need to be upgraded. Then they go and get a Wide Receiver like what? You have Allen Robinson, and Hurns as your Wide outs, why do you need a 3rd for? I do not for the life of me understand why Coughlin chose to get a Linebacker at round five. Myles Jack, Telvin Smith, Paul Poslunzny its set so what was the point of doing that for? I really do not understand corner either, just got Jalen Ramsey last year, and just signed A.J Bouye from free agency, yet you go for a corner another unneeded pick for something that should been more defensive line, or offensive line. Then to end with a fullback is like what went wrong with this draft board exactly? Well I tell ya, was it necessary to get a running back? Can he actually run with the crew he has I'm gonna probably say absolutely not. If Chris Ivory could not do anything, what makes you think Leonard Fournette will be any different? C-

Indianapolis Colts: To me what was the more bigger concern for the Colts heading into this draft the defense or the offensive line? Well the message was very clear what they were going to do for the most part. All the picks the Colts made make very logical sense in where they went. The defense was so bad they needed to get in more young players well done, the same with running back get a younger running back for a declined Frank Gore. The secondary took a hit this off-season so what does the Colts do, draft 3 guys in the defensive secondary alright. Two guys at the defensive front. Then an another guard for what looks to be depth. Irsay is hoping for a much better defense, and can Andrew Luck reform into the old self he once started out to be? B

Tennessee Titans: The Titans the past few years have been a brutally terrible team, but you know coming into this new season I like what I saw from this Titans team, and how they finished it sucks, but hey they beat the Texans with a backup QB. This says a lot for the team moving forward. With there first pick they take what could be a Stud in Corey Davis, then they reach on a corner in Adoree Jackson. He was not on my first round board if he was he would of ended up near the of the round if anything. I totally hated the Titans day 2 picks. Another Wide Reciver, this does not make sense because yes Corey Davis I had no problem with, but your number is Rashard Matthews who had proven to be reliable when his on the field. To top it off you draft a tight end, this is not even a need. You have Delanie Walker for crying out loud, that is all you need. A linebacker that's a little short, which bugs me, because at one point the Lions had Stephen Tulloch who was way too short, and everybody could pass in his zone who were much bigger than him. Add in more depth at Tackle, and guard, a developmental defensive lineman, and a running back who most likely won't make the team. I'm not trying to be harsh for a team that I believe will be exciting to watch in 2017, but this draft I felt they could of done better with. Sure Day 1 was good, but after that they just went in different routes. C

Houston Texans: For the Texans objective number find that Quarterback who can lead you to somewhere you have never been before, and to me the Texans got there guy, the man that I truly believe will lead them there, but yet I also think they might take a minor step back in DeShaun Watson. Watson to me is the best QB in this draft, for Houston to get him, and not Cleveland is a blessing. Then to get one of the last linebackers studs on the board in Zach Cunningham makes a lot of sense, Although I was hoping for the Watt brothers to be on the same team that would of looked scary for the rest of that division. They grab Foreman, which means he'll battle for number next to Alfred Blue, while Lamar Miller is clearly the starter. Getting an O-tackle, and a D-tackle definitely makes a whole lot of sense. Getting corner is more like wasting a guys to be fed to the wolves. At least the last pick makes sense getting a center. The Texans partially did what they should, but I feel maybe they should of did a little more than have half type of method. B-

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