HT's Analysis: NFC South Draft Grades

htoutlaws2012 The NFC South has really stepped its game up this year, it might be the hardest division coming into the season. Atlanta looks impressive, Tampa Bay is on the rise, never count out the Panthers, and Saints well will just have to wait and see.

(Key: team in bold, grade in bold)

Carolina Panthers: To me it was a shock that the Panthers went from First to last place in a single season. Who knew that corner would not be the weakest link, but also be that big of an impact to that team. I really like the McCaffrey pick, which might mean the Panthers are finally done with Mike Tolbert, and Jonathan Stewart. I totally understand the Curtis Samuel pick because Ted Ginn is gone, and Devin Funchess doesn't seem like a number 2 Wide out so this in a way makes a whole lotta sense. Grabbing a tackle made a ton of sense, getting depth for 2 defensive ends sure. Getting additional corner that's fine by me. Get a kicker late makes sense since Graham Gano can't keep his cool. The Panthers to me did what they needed to, and I feel they could climb back, or just miss based on these picks. B+

New Orleans Saints: The Saints needed one agenda in mind anything, and everything on the defense, we know what the Saints do when there on offense the unreal, but on defense its ugly. I like the Lattimore pick despite that he has injury problems. There is no reason to grab any tackle, nor a 3rd running back of all picks. 2 Defensive ends check, linebacker check, safety check. Hopefully they got most of what they need otherwise no screw ups next time. C+

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The Bucs are just one step closer from taking that next leap into the playoffs, with that what should they do coming into this draft. Getting the top tight end around where he should e makes a lot of sense, and that right away he reminds me a lot of Gronkowski just by his size. Getting safety is about right, I do not understand getting a Wide Receiver at round 3, nor a linebacker in day 3, Your set on both of those positions. Running back I get if Doug Martin tends to go down again you have something just in case. Depth at D-tackle is just okay, I felt the bucs did what they could with a few questionable decisions. C

Atlanta Falcons: The Falcons could do anything they wanted to in this draft it felt like. McKinley looks like he could thrive in that defense. Grabbing another linebacker to is odd, getting a guard is fine, corner is very necessary especially someone at #2. Running back near the end was pointless, and tight end is what it is. I did not feel like The Falcons really cared that hard in this draft becuase they got what they have already. D

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