Biggest Mary Sues of the Warrior Cat Universe

I'm sure we've all thought at least one character in the Warriors universe was a Mary Sue. In case you don't know, a Mary Sue (or Gary Stu, for male characters) is a character in the story that angsts about everything, is utterly perfect, and imbalanced compared to ther other characters. If you would like a more in-depth explanation, Google it.

Now, a Mary Sue (or heck, even Kitty Sue) is NOT just a character you don't like. Don't put characters up here unless you truly think they're unbalanced and either too generic/predictable or too overpowered. OCs will not be allowed. Feel free to put in plenty of cats, but I wouldn't recommend trying with the less well-known ones (such as cats in Codes of the Clans), as those are likely to just collect dust at the bottom of the list. Finally, please don't vote on a cat just because you think they shouldn't be called a Mary Sue. I may be new to this website and all, but I know that upvoting your favorite character to be recognized as an unbalanced one wouldn't be among the best of ideas.

Now, let the Listing Games begin, and may the odds be ever in the favor of your submitted cat!

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1 Dovewing Dovewing Dovewing is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is part of the Power of Three, and has a sister, Ivypool.

Dovewing is just very annoying in my opinion and she is nothing like her sister, though it breaks my heart because her and Ivypool would've been the best twins ever! And Dovewing just feels like a replacement of Hollyleaf, it didn't seem fair. Out of the blue she had these super-natural seeing powers that she probably would've told someone about before and not to mention Tigerheart and Dovewing are just an annoying couple. It doesn't seem right, not just because their both from another clan cause I have nothing against that, it's just, it doesn't seem to fit. And when she broke up with Tigerheart and went to Bumblestripe my mind went, UGH! Because Bumblestripe could do way better than her, I don't ship Dovewing with anyone and she's just an annoying character in general, she is a total mary-sue and I have no idea why people favor her.

The first book back seemed all too sudden. Lion blaze and Jay feather found their replacements without even trying. Dove wing felt too much like a perfect version of holly leaf which I didn't like too much. The first book she even went on a journey to save the clans and she is seen like such a hero throughout the series but whines too much on how her life it's fair. "Oh it's not fair two cats love me"! She always whines. "My life is so unfair I'm so important". She didn't say this but it's exactly what she is saying overall. I think the Erin's got caught up in how much they love dove wing and began to write only positive things and when she does make mistake it's because she is worrying about someone else

Dovewing has three toms padding after her and she is part of a prophecy that says she will save the clans!

All through OOtS all she did was worry about her precious Tigerheart and be absolutely horrible to poor Bumblestripe. During this her sister is risking her life every night against the greatest villains in the entire series.

Although Dovewing has many, many big flaws, the Erins write it in such a way to make Dovewing simply seem like a poor, confused, little she-cat with too much pressure on her!

Heckity heck why not. She was very annoying and self centered. I would’ve liked her a bit if she had ended up with Bumblestripe.
She has two (more? I’m not up to date) toms padding after her AND she’s part of a prophecy to SAVE THE CLANS

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2 Spottedleaf

Alright. Spottedleaf, you are going DOWN- no, Firestar, you can't stop me. I have the Bill of Rights. *waves in his face* Anyway, here is my list of sins that Spottedleaf has:

First: It was love at first sight. Love at first sight is almost never good. Because it's about LOOKS. He probably smelled her sweet scent (catmint. Firepaw didn't know what catmint was back then. She smelled of catmint.), saw her perfect coat (cats who care about what they look like...*shudder*), and saw her perfect green eyes (Sandstorm has green eyes too...), and thought *SHE'S SO HOT AND I'M GONNA MARRY HER. Bo-ring!

Second: She's. Way. Too. Old. Like, how?! Is an explanation needed for this?! Nah...

Third: She kept trying to steal Firestar away from Sandstorm! Unfair! She should be ashamed of herself! Trying to get Firestar to love a stupid dead cat instead of a living cat who's much more disciplined than her and is overall, just better! At least Sandstorm got to know ...more

That was beautiful! Spottedleaf was as useless as a rock. Even the rock has more personality than her. Even Sandstorm and Bluestar are better than her! - MLPFan

I'm just throwing a starter up here. Spottedleaf is a blatant Sue, not only because she's oh-so-sweet and beautiful and young, but she manages to fall in a forbidden relationship with a KITTYPET. In my opinion, a higher-ranking cat shouldn't be as soft on OutClanners, especially in the time when such an idea is so new and strange. Have you seen her do one bad thing? I think not. Her coat is literally IMPOSSIBLE for any cat in the real world to have, much less a full-blooded feral, and she cannot always have a sweet scent all around her.

Spottedleaf is just too "perfect." She has always so beautiful tortoiseshell fur, have a sweet scent, is small and lithe and so kind and pretty. She fell in love with a kittypet, who is 3,5 years younger than her. Just like EVERYBODY loves her UGH.. Well, she wasn't a villain or something like that but SO Mary Sue. I like Tigerstar much better than her. It was almost (or it was) like party when she died, especially when she died second time; she is the most boring cat I ever read (sorry for peoples who like her, that is just what I think about her


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3 Firestar Firestar Firestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of ThunderClan after Bluestar. He's mates with Sandstorm and has 2 kits: Squirrelflight and Leafpool. He was formerly a kittypet

Why is he apart of every prophecy? The whole five cats from each clan thing, he wasn't apart of. Blood will spill Blood, that was an OMEN, it didn't really make anything bigger. Even the power of three, it was HIS kin. I liked Firestar, but he should've just been the greatly remembered leader if not a little less. He did a lot of things, so he had his spotlight. Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf should've just had the spotlight. Then Dovewing replaces Hollyleaf, and above all, his final act of heroism took the place of someone like Ivypool or (FINALLY) Hollyleaf.
His character was stretched too much. He should've just been the cat to face Tigerstar, like he sorta hoped in Darkest Hour.

Anyone noticed that this cat almost ALWAYS made the best decisions for his clan after the first series? He led the attack on BloodClan, too. He was also in like, TWO major prophecies, one being even older than the clans. Firestar's personality seemed to be calm, peaceful, respective, brave, loyal... Totally a Gary Stu

Lots of people think Firestar is a Gary Stu but I don't think he is. I know what you guys are thinking.

But he's part of almost every prophecy

So what! In the first series they needed a main character and Rusty was the best kittypet for it. In the new prophecy he wasn't in the Blood will spill Blood prophecy. And when they found out he was the fourth cat, that didn't change anything. He didn't even have a power. So there.

He always made the best decisions

No he didn't. In the new prophecy he was a jerk and he let kittypets into the Clan. I do think he should've let Stormfur and Brook stay but Daisy. That useless kittypet wasn't needed at all. And as a warrior/apprentice he always broke the warrior code. So there.

3 cats loved him

Yes but 1 of them never revealed it, 1 was a creepy stalker and the other one was his perfect match. So there.

I admit when I first read the series I was madly in love with Firestar. I WAS EIGHT OKAY
Now he annoys me. He is a part of every single prophecy. He never does anything wrong. ANYTHING. And to those of you who say he broke the warrior code again and again(bringing food to RiverClan, etc.) he did it for the right reasons. He was good. He was handsome. He was brave. He was flawless. NO ONE is flawless. The very model of a Gary Sue for you! - Blossomfrost

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4 Millie Millie Millie is a character in the Warriors series. She's a small, short-furred light gray tabby with blue eyes and a torn ear. Also current mate of Graystripe and mother of Bumblestripe, Blossomfall and Briarlight.

Millie isn't a sue in the slightest. She looked nothing like Silverstream, and had to work so hard to get into Thunderclan with Graystripe. He only chose her because Graystripe truely loved her like he did Silverstream. She helped Graystripe, yet didn't always succeed. She was hurt, and I think blinded by getting hit with briars or brambles before arriving in the loner barn with those who helped her and such. Plus, Millie was the one to stand up to the dogs, and knew how to deal with them, but she also has some flaws to pull her weight with her good traits. In my opinion, Graystripe had many reasons to fall in love with her. Millie saved his life on multiple occasions, encouraged him, helped him, and made sure he kept his sanity. She was kind, but also clumsy, and couldn't exactly get hunting or fighting on the first try. Not at all. - Diistortions

I don't believe Millie is a total Sue. After all, not just any cat could bring Graystripe back to the clans in one piece! And, although this might just be me, I admire her for having the courage to face Thunderclan and declare she was going to keep her kittypet name. Usually, I dislike cats that deny a proper clan name upon joining a clan: like Daisy. The only thing I really dislike about Millie is her as a mother. She was fantastic until she had kits, then I started to dislike her a bit. She was a VERY protective mother, which I can respect in most characters, but Millie took it a bit far. I suppose what I really mean is her babying Briarlight, I mean I understand it's horrible what happened to her daughter: but she took it way too far. Instead of accepting that terrible things can happen to warriors, and praising her daughters bravery in going back to try and save an elder, she made things worse for all her kits. Millie first treated Briarlight like she was a poor helpless kit, ...more

Millie was NOT a mary-sue.. Looking like Silverstream doesn't make her a replacement or a Mary-sue.. She has FLAWS. She was overprotective of Briarlight. She snapped at Blossomfall even though she was injured. Whoever made this list has no idea what a Mary-sue is. Why wouldn't Graystripe fall in love with her? She saved his life SEVERAL times, and encouraged him, helped him, to find the Clans again. Without her, he would have died. Silverstream saved his life, and he fell in love with her..

Millie played a horrid game of favorites with her kits, Whitewing was so relived when Ivypool/Dovewing (I forgot who sorry! ) came back with Blossomfall and Mary Sue-Millie snapped at Blossomfall, "you know what Briarlight would do to be a warrior? She would be a much better warrior than you! Never sneaking off! " I was so mad! - Swiftdawn

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5 Leafpool Leafpool Leafpool is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She's the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, sister of Squirrelflight, mate of Crowfeather, and mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf

I'm not a massive fan of leaf pool but I wouldn't consider her as a sue. She isn't the prettiest cat ever (not saying she's ugly just normal looking). Like all medicine cats she is close to star clan just like spotted leaf yellow wing cinder pelt and Jay feather. She has drama and gets upset about cats dying and is very soft hearted not in a good way though. She had one Tom padding after her which was crow but he wasn't exactly madly in love with her. He was just thinking about feather tail and basically compared loads of stuff to her which is why I think that. Leaf pool didn't adapt to being a warrior too well to be honest and the only thing I can really say which makes her special is the fact she found moon stone and has the kits from the power of three and her father is clan leader which isn't really her it's just her Mary Sue kin

Hmm...75% Sue. She is pretty, peaceful, falls in love easily, (with someone you would never think had mutual feelings.) blames herself for the death of my favorite character after going on about "true love," (which isn't really a red flag for Sues, but it's a common side trait, with Mary Sues finding their one and only...) AAAND she gives birth to the three power kits, (which were painful to read about...) and is evidently slightly intelligent for being a med. Did I miss anything? Oh, yes! When she gets kidnapped, she easily knows exactly what to do even though she hardly knows humans at all. No sense of violence, so she is an innocent, pretty, smart, gives birth to powerful beings...Nevermind. Just-just call her a Sue!

Ah, person who can't spell, punctuate, or anything you should be able to do on a normal basis, she couldn't control her father and mother, but she COULD control her kits. She could have killed her kits or given them away if she didn't want them. She had forbidden love, (a common thing in Sue Stories) special snowflake kits, and just GAVE UP HER ROLE AS A MEDICINE CAT. Crowfeather should have been with Feathertail.

Oh, wait wait wait! Why is Leafpool here? She totally did things wrong. Mating that stupid Crowfeather, indirectly causing Cinderpelt's death, destroying Hollyleaf's life, causing everyone to turn against Squirrelflight because of a favor she asked her sister...she's bad. She is not a Sue. - Blossomfrost

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6 Onestar

Why is he a Mary Sue? He raided a clan that had been his friends (worst betrayal ever) and because of that put his clan in a battle with a no known reason and if I'm not wrong let his cats trespass into another clans territory! Would you call that a Mary Sue?

One whisker was an amazing cat but when he became leader, I think being " less powerful " and stress of being leader kinda went to his brain. But I don't think of him as a Gary Stu.

Not exactly a Mary Sue, but very, very annoying.

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7 Lionblaze Lionblaze Lionblaze is a character in the Warrior Cats series . He is part of The Three, along with Jayfeather and Dovewing, and has the power of being undefeated in battle . However, the power if removed from him after the Clans are saved from the Dark Forest .

Uh... That's his power. Being invincible. Blame the Erins for giving him the power, not making him a bad character. I mean, sometimes he was a bit bland, but he never beat a fox as kit. At least I didn't read that. He and Hollyleaf were saved by Thornclaw's patrol, not by themselves. And Jayfeather almost died. He always had to deal with it, Hollyleaf "died", Cinderheart had trouble accepting his power, I mean... He's not a Gary-Stu.

Here ladies and gentlemen is the BIGGEST Mary Sue in Warriors, Lionblaze! He is literally invincible! When he was just a kit he bet a fox. A fox! He's just a kit and he a fox that's bigger than him and could kill him easily! Thank you Warriors you have won an award for making a canon sue. He can win any fight but lost only once because he wanted to show Cinderheart he could control his powers. He even bet Tigerstar like What the heck! He was still young too and look at Tigerstar. Tigerstar is a senior warrior who is really strong and is still training in Dark Forest. Now he's another reason he's a sue, almost everyone loves him expect for a few. Cinderheart and Heathertail like him! I absolute hate him. I hope they make another book in Warriors where he actually loses a battle not on purpose either.

I wouldn't call Lionblaze a complete Gary sue, but I also think that he is probably one of the closest you get in warriors. He is my least favorite character, not because he is invincible and stuff (which is such an annoying Gary sue power), but because he has a bland personality and he doesn't really make in progress in the books. In the end of The Power of Three (spoilers), Jayfeather and Hollyleaf are figuring out who they're parents are while Lionblaze doesn't even care. I'd always sigh when there were Lionblaze chapters because he is just so bland while the other two have such interesting and real personalities.

He's close to, but definitely not a complete Sue. - Blossomfrost

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8 Star Flower

Yeah, no, total Mary Sue. Her "loyalty" is all over the place, and she plays with the emotions with pretty much all the toms ever. I mean, really? And she puts on the water-works when her father is murdered, but then becomes mates with one of the cats who wanted him dead? I want to trust her now that she is Clear Sky's loving mate, but I can't: she's always seemed just naturally evil. She's manipulative, secretive, and treats toms like objects.

She's constantly described as beautiful and stunning, etc, and she attracts the attention of THREE tomcats (if you count Slash, which was implied). Her personality changes according to the plot. In one scene, she's kind and supportive. In another, she'll be a badass fighting machine. One scene later she's a damsel in distress. She is also the center of a creepy love triangle. (Between the dad or his kid, really? ) Just, ugh. The Erins tried too hard this time.

All she does is stand around and look pretty, and everyone thinks she's amazing for it! I've only read up through 'Blazing Star', but even in that one she was annoying. I dare you to name one useful thing she ever did that didn't have some sort of personal benefit, or one time she was criticized by one of the good guys. It just doesn't happen.

Star Flower is like the worst cat in the warriors world for me. I mean, she attracts all the toms, is cruel, sneaky, manipulative, a two-faced liar...she played with Thunder like he was a mere THING, then mated Clear Sky. I hate him too; they're matched in cruelty. I just...if ever meet her I'm going to murder her in cold blood. - Blossomfrost

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9 Cinderheart

I prefer Cinderheart over Cinderpelt.

Before you hate me, I want to say that I have my opinions and you have yours.

How would you feel if you were only a second chance for another cat who didn't live a fair life? Would you feel all happy? No! Cinderheart has her flaws as well. Nobody calls Cinderpelt a mary sue? She didn't put a paw wrong either! I don't hate Cinderpelt, but when somebody calls Cinderheart a Mary sue, I don't get that. This is my opinion, so there's little reason to bash me for this. Thank you and good night. - Mewbosses

Sure, she was practically Cinderpelt reborn (actually I guess she is), and that affected her life, but drama! She's just extracting pity from everyone, which I hate. Come on, try and stand on your own four paws for a change! I have to say, Lionblaze's attraction to her was totally random and out of the blue. They weren't a good match. But hey, Sue for Sue I guess - Blossomfrost

Honestly, I like her. She spent an entire life with a broke leg, hoping to be a strong warrior as an apprentice and kit and boom! Her life is ruined! Even though it was technically her fault for not listening..

Cinderpelt's so much better.

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10 Brightheart

Mary sue. Everyone loves her because she lost an eye. She overreacted too, cinderpelt's leg looked horrid, but did she complain? Nope. Crookedstar's mother abandoned him because of his looks, but he learned to cope with it on his own. Brightheart needed Cloudtail to tell her she was pretty. Whats worse, she's super overrated JUST BECAUSE SHE LOST AN EYE.

I get it she's got an injury. So did crookedstar. Brightheart complained about not being beautiful, and didn't stop until Cloudtail became mates with her. Crookedstar's ' mom hated him. I only started liking Brightheart when she forgot about her injury

How is she a Mary Sue? She isn't pretty because her face got ripped apart. You would complain if this happened to you. She only had one tom that liked her and Cloudtail cheated on her!

Pitytown train is leaving the station! I mean, come on. Okay, she got INJURED. Be grateful you didn't die stupid. She mopes and cries all the time because her 'beautiful' face is ruined. It was her own foolishness that scarred her. She was lucky Cloudtail was there, already losing her heart to her, or everyone would have gotten fed up with her drama. You can see how the Erins make her look so brave and patient after a while. Which she is definitely not. Worse, everyone sucks up to her because she injured her face. Big deal. - Blossomfrost

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11 Jessy

If you don't know who Jessy is, she's the "brave, bold, sparkling kittypet" from Bramblestar's Storm. Mary-sue senses tingling. Every /single cat/ had talked about what a "perfect Clan cat" she was. She's a natural hunter, picks up fighting super quickly, worms her way into Thunder Clan with ease. What made it even worse was the fact that she was "always right." /Always/? Really? She was very unlike Minty, Daisy, /or/ Frankie (though Daisy joined much much earlier). They were having difficulty accepting the new life while at the same time, trying to adapt to it, but Jessy just suddenly got used to everything on the first try. Even worse, apparently all her ideas were the best. Bramblestar agreed on /all/ of her ideas. Her personality had remained static, intrusive, rude, perfect, and /annoying/.

I personally hate her. And not just because she stole Bramblestar. Look at her. Just look! She is an Outclanner who somehow wormed into his heart and stayed there. I would've thought she'd be a bit of an outsider but no, everyone loves her, like Dovewing. She always comes up with the ideas, and is always 'the perfect warrior'. Just no. Jessy deserves to be number 2!

She is SO ANNOYING. I think she should be number one. She is rude, annoying, and tears Bramblestar away from Squirrelflight even more. Then she leaves and pretends to be all innocent and go "I must leave, my beautiful Bramblestar! You belong with Squirrelflight, hon" so annoying! And since she still has feelings for Bramblestar, Squirrelflight gets very hurt by how he is lured away by Jessy. BOOO HER - Swiftdawn

Whenever they talk about her my Mary-Sue sense goes CRAZY! Biggest ever - Swiftdawn

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12 Daisy

Well I don't see why she's on this list, she might be annoying but not a Sue. - cassiabez

She's not that bad guys, just a little irrational. - Songwind

EMBERLEAP! You are NOT alone! I like her too!

I am the lone one who actually likes daisy. ~~Emberleap

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13 Squirrelflight

I don't even get how she would be a mary sue. She didn't get everything she wanted.

She is flawed in being inpatient and stubborn when she doesn't get what she wants and I know she's beautiful but it doesn't make her a Mary Sue so much as a cat who, as everyone has, flaws and it's not to mention that she didn't mean to ash fur that she didn't love him it's just you can't love someone because they like you and are your friend so she. Is. Not. A. Mary. Sue!

I don't get how she isn't. She is a beautiful fiery she cat with skills and is the clan leaders daughter. She has toms padding after her and then ends up being the deputy and has kits with the clan leader. There was one part where she wasn't a sue. It was about the kits but everything worked out in the end and even bramble claw apologised for getting upset over the fact his kits weren't actually his

NO WAY! Squirrelflight had so much pain in her life, she is scarred but still bold and snappy, love you, Squirrelflight! - Swiftdawn

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14 Crowfeather

He felt loss and grief tearing him up on the inside, like claws attacking his emotions. Loving three she cats doesn't make him a Gary stu, it makes him heartbroken. He never truly loved Nightcloud, anyway. She was his reputation repair-girl after he ran off with Leafpool as an attempt to repatch his reputation and prove himself loyal to his clan. - Ku

How does loving three cats make Crowfeather, Crowfeather of all cats, a Gary-stu?!?

He loved three cats Nightcloud Leafpool and Feathertail.

Well, he is pretty torn up on the inside, but he is kind of imbalanced...
He loves Leafpool and her kits more than he loves Breezepelt.
He broke a warrior and a med code and he didn't want to but he loved Leafpool and couldn't help it... I guess you can say this doesn't make him Gary Stuish, but he is always getting in the way when ThunderClan comes to speak with WindClan.

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15 Jayfeather Jayfeather Jayfeather is a character in the Warrior Cats series . He is part of The Three, along with Lionblaze and Dovewing, and has the power to read other cats' minds . He is blind .

He's a cliche emo teenager. He always complains about how Leafpool and Crowfeather are his parents, and how he's blind. He's got blue eyes, one of the worst things you can do to a cat unless it's common in their breed. A siamese would have blue eyes, but Jayfeather is a silver tabby mix if I remember correctly. NO SIAMESE!

Like the previous post states, he is constantly challenged by the narrative of the story. He's clumsy and a grump, constantly snappy and has a tragic backstory. His mother didn't want him, and his father is kind of a prick in my opinion. Almost 99% of the time he is completely emo and can never be happy. The only time he ever screwed up is when he through a STICK out of all things into the lake and almost drown Firestar. Wow. You wanted him to cry and whine and mourn after Flametail's death? NOPE! To emo to have feelings like that! Even though Jayfeather liked Flametail as in friendship, he just can't mourn over someone from SHADOWCLAN of all things. Plus, he ...more - Diistortions

Jayfeather is always challenged by the narrative, and that's the true definition of "Mary-Sue" or "Gary-Stu". What, did you want Jayfeather to weep for days when Flametail died, and be traumatized? He has Clanmates to treat, you know, he couldn't grieve about ShadowClan's medicine cat forever. He plenty of times falls/trips/walks into things, like in Sunrise when he walked into the brambles, Eclipse he got scratched by a thorn, and more. He's snappy and moody, and that's not being perfect. How would you feel if you were blind and all you had was a blind elder also to share feelings with? I mean, he was annoying sometimes, but still, but his blindness really is tragic, and he never had a "perfect life".

I don't know why everyone is either obsessed with Jayfeather or thinks he's a Gary Stu. He's so grumpy all the time, and he even doesn't appreciate his awesome powers as much as he should, but he doesn't think of them as a curse. Jayfeather is pretty much an anti-sue, minus the awesome powers. Jayfeather isn't really the nicest to be around, I don't know why there's an overwhelming amount of fan art about him. Even though I do like the ones about him and his stick.

Sometimes I'll admit, even though he's my baby, he really does ramble on and on about how much pain there is in his life, and really Leafpool and Squirrelflight were the ones suffering, - Swiftdawn

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16 Oakheart

You could say he's a Mary Sue for one reason... Crookedstar got his injury his mother completely ignored his brother and paid attention to him only.

He's to arrogant, but I have sympathy for his messed up kit-hood - Songwind

Oak heart is not a Mary Sue and he's a good cat has a horrible mother (one of my least favourite cats)a wonderful father and brother great clan...and now that I think about it maybe he is...a little bit.

He’s not mary sue! It was his MOTHER”S fault that she loved him more than she loved Crookedstar, not his! Plus he was nice to crookedkit - Aquastar_of_DewClan

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17 Silverstream

Sure, she was a beautiful, lovely, sleek, charming she-cat, but for one, she died giving birth to her kits, she was in a forbidden relationship, and she stated in code of the clans she only saved Graystripe because she didn't want the river to be poisoned with dead bodies. Go ahead, but she is everything BUT a Mary-sue.

Absolute selfish Mary-sue. Every time she was mentioned, it always involved being called a pretty/beautiful she-cat. The other cats aren't called beautiful nearly as much as her (Well, maybe Spottedleaf). The rules obviously do bend and break with her, as she broke the Warrior code just to be with Graystripe. She's also basically royalty. She's well-liked in the Clan and she's even the daughter of Crookedstar, RiverClan's leader, and the niece of RiverClan's former deputy. She's just like Leafpool. She wasn't punished by Crookedstar for seeing Graystripe, and her character is overall BAD.

I personally disagree with this. Sure, she is called a beautiful, nice, she-cat, but at least she has EXAMPLES of that. She's really nice to Firestar, she knows that her relationship with Graystripe was wrong, but she loved him too much.

Oh yeah. Go onto any, ANY TopTens list like Prettiest She-Cats and Silverstream is always first. Here is a little list... She lost her mother and siblings at birth, she is the RiverClan leader's only surviving daughter, she has a " beautiful " silver tabby coat, she mated with a ThunderClan cat, she died while giving birth, and she had one kit who was part of a prophecy. She has flaws but the way they wrote it makes it seem like she is perfect. I mean, even her name is pretty, as some would say. Most people don't even think of her as a Mary-Sue; when they say that word, they immediately think: Dovewing.
( Or Lionblaze as Gary-Stu ) In the first series, Fireheart went over to RiverClan and saw Silverstream. And what does he say? He says ( well not " says " ) that he wasn't surprised Graystripe loved her. Seriously!? She is mentioned to be beautiful everywhere! I wouldn't say Spottedleaf is super Mary-Sue, all she is known for there is her tortoiseshell fur. She stalks Firestar too ...more

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18 Brokenstar Brokenstar

This is his description:dark coloured Tom with chipped ears loots of scars personality:cruel blood thirsty cat murdered kits banished his medicine cat drove out a whole clan! Does that sound like a Mary Sue to you?

His prefix is literally BROKEN. I don't think this cat was ever a gary stu...

Brokenstar is NOT a Gary Stu in the slightest!

Not a Gary Stu, but certainly Mouse-brained, Fox-hearted, Fox dung, and Bat Blind - Swiftdawn

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19 Bramblestar Bramblestar

Yup, Bramblestar is a Gary-stu. HAHAhaha... This is officially the stupidest list I have ever seen. Squirrelflight was never even described as pretty! He doesn't even have that many friends! Feathertail and Stormfur are gone. Crowfeather's returned to his prickly old self. Ashfur pretty much backstabbed him by working with Hawkfrost, claiming he was not trustworthy, and insisting Leafpool made up a StarClan sign. He wasn't even temporary deputy! Graystripe was officially pronounced dead, they even had a funeral. Brambleclaw was officially deputy. It's like a deputy deciding to retire. If for some reason the deputy wants to be a warrior again, he's not going to be reinstated as deputy.

Bramblestar was tempted to kill his own leader. Gary-stu? NOPE. He was the son of Tigerstar, and had to struggle to prove his loyalty to his own Clan just because of his looks. Gary-stu? NOPE. He and Squirrelflight argued a lot. Gary-stu? For the third time, nope. Even though he knew Tigerstar was ...more

I HATE BRAMBLESTAR! Such a Gary Stu! He LEFT SQUIRRELFLIGHT for being loyal to her sister! And I bet he would do the same for Tawnypelt. Bramblestar complains that Squirrelflight is accusing his half-brother and SHE WAS RIGHT! And Brambleclaw bossed her around and bullied her just because he was deputy and he could. BO - Swiftdawn

The ONLY reason he became leader was because he was the main character in the second series. I bet if Tigerstar was the main character, he would become leader! (Don't tell him that.)

He thinks he's struggling SO much, NEWSFLASH, YOU DITCHED SQUIRRELFLIGHT! She was only being loyal! You would do the same for Tawnypelt, man! - Swiftdawn

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20 Snowfur

There is no way she was a mary sue! Sure, she came to terms with her mother's death a lot faster then Bluestar: but she isn't perfect. Honestly, my only guess for why she is here is either because people favored Bluestar or because some just didn't like her mate (Thistleclaw.) I suppose her death was the reason he turned evil, creating an evil Tigerstar: who beat up Tiny and then invited bigger Tiny (Scourge) to come attack the clans. He also made almost every cat in the forest pregnant, resulting in half-rogue kits (one of which messed stuff up in the lake territory).. so yeah, her love with Thistleclaw did pretty much screw the four clans over, but where would the story be without it?

Um, how is she a Mary-Sue? Some people...

I personally LOVE Snowfur's character. She is not a Mary sue in the slightest!

She is one of the least Mary Sue type at all! - Swiftdawn

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21 Whitestorm

I love him but... total Gary-Stu

He is not a Gary Stu! Just because his mother died doesn’t make him a Stu.

22 Scourge Scourge Scourge is a villain the Warrior Cats series . He's the leader of BloodClan . He was bullied by his siblings, Socks and Ruby, in the past because he was the smallest out of his kin . One of his most notable features is his collar of dog teeth .

I-I don't understand this one.

He kind of is though
His story was about as tragic as fire stars. Yeh he bullied for being small as a kit then all of sudden he earned the tough ally cats respect but 'beating a dog' I mean scaring it off with his shadow then he suddenly like *click* becomes the best fighter ever!

How he can be a Mary Sue? He just got punished his whole Life!

Uuugh this guy

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23 Ashfur Ashfur

I truly don't get why people sympathize with this character. He acted like a huge jerk to Squirrelflight after their "breakup", he tried to kill his leader and three kits, and after all that, he gets to go to Starclan because he just "loved too much". Do you want to know who did basically the same thing as him and went to the Dark Forest/Place of no Stars? Mapleshade. If another cat from the same clan can do the same (the only difference is not successfully killing any cats) and go to Starclan because "oh he is so misunderstood and in pain and he loved too much", then that is a perfect sign of a Gary Stu cat.

How come ash fur got into star clan when thistle claw didn't. At least thistle claw didn't try to kill loads of cats then complain he loved too much

Before you go whining your butts off, he got a free ticket to Starclan after almost killing 5 cats. ALL BECAUSE HE "LOVED TOO MUCH." He was too emo, had a good name and appearance, and in the end got what he wanted. To ruin the Three's, Leafpool's, Squrrielflight's, Brambleclaw's, and Crowfeather's lives. He was, indirectly, a gary sue.

He should be a danger to the forest and why the heck didn't he go to
Starclan he deserves to be in the top ten dangerous clan cats don't you all notice

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24 Ivypool Ivypool

Ivy pool isn't. She doesn't have toms padding after her in fact nobody even recognised her. While dovewing had her fame ivy pool had to take an oath even though she was spying for the clans. Dove wing just whines about how bad her life is having too much toms after her and having annoying powers and being close to star tribe.

Ivypool is definitely a Mary Sue. She is grumpy for a moon after his sister goes on one journey. I don't get how people sympathize with her. She acts like a total jerk to Dovewing and then doesn't even give her a chance to explain! - Skyleap

I don't like either Ivypool or Dovewing, but Ivypool has to be better. At least Ivy wasn't just a replacement for Hollyleaf that was just rushed in because, "Oh hay! Let's murder Hollyleaf all of a sudden! " and they need a replacement. - Mossglide

Ivypool is a mary-sue I hate her so much plus she is emo

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25 Feathertail

I can sorta agree with this. I've never really thought she was a Mary-Sue, but I don't like her. I've always favored Stormfur. I hated how she would argue with Stormfur when the sweet lil bean Storm was just trying to protect her and help her not beak the warrior cat's code. I felt betrayed by the author(s? ) of the series when they made Feathertail all of a sudden the new main cat of the prophecy. - Mossglide

Well, there is a steep hill argumement on if she's a mary sue or not. I think she is. She's described as kind, pretty, gentle, a weakling, and looks a lot like her mother, who could have easily been described as the prettiest she in the clan. She attempted a forbidden relationship, while knowing her mother died from a forbidden relationship. Ignoring tradgedy in favor of instinct is pretty stupid for such a loyal clan cat, and it doesn't make since either. She was always so nice, but then argues when Stormfur and kills Sharptooth. Logic? I agree that she's a stereotypical girl from the 40's. - Diistortions

I don't love Feathertail..but I still don't think she's a Mary-sue! How is Feathertail a Mary-sue?! Yes, she's pretty, gentle, kind, looks like her dead mother, saved the Tribe, but she still is not a Mary-sue! She tried to pursue a forbidden relationship with Crowpaw(feather) even though her own mother DIED because of a forbidden relationship! That's not Mary-sue. And she argued with Stormfur. Not mary-sue.

Silverstream didn't REALLY kill Sharptooth on her own. Sharptooth was crushed.

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26 Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She one of the leaders of ThunderClan. She is mates with Oakheart of RiverClan and her kits, Stonefur and Mistyfoot, live in RiverClan

''Everything about Bluestar is a Mary Sue''

27 Princess

We don't know that much about Princess to know her overall traits. Along with that we got very little about her personality to know whether or not but for now I say no to the whole Mary Sue thing!

So what if her name is Princess. Her name doesn't reflect any of her traits. She didn't even get enough book time to show if she was a Sue at all.

Want a reason for her being a Mary Sue? I'll give you an obvious one: HER NAME IS PRINCESS.

Her name is Princess because her twolegs named her that way. I don't think her name makes her a Mary Sue. Any other reasons? Remember, she is a KITTYPET. Kittypets just get those names, they're no Clan cats!

V 9 Comments
28 Sandstorm

Someone was a Spottedleaf x Firestar shipper or something shipper and they decided to post Sandstorm.. Look.. Sand x Fire is staying, why?

Cinder x Fire:

Sandstorm never stole Fireheart away, so shut it down please. Firestar never noticed, not because he was a jerk, but because he saw Cinder as a sister, their relationship was totally platonic. He felt bad when Cinderpelt got ran over not because he loved her, but because he was her mentor, and was supposed to be watching over her.

Spotted x Fire:

Fire had lust for Spotted, they barely talked, on about 3 times before Spotted got killed by Clawface. I know they kinda loved each other.. But after Firestar met Sandstorm and fell in love, he was more mature and realized that their love wasn't real, and Spottedleaf had to realize that in Starclan. Spottedleaf's acceptance was when she saved Sandstorm from Mapleshade by sacrificing herself. I think it was her last gift to Firestar once and for all, and then she ...more

To that one person, I don't think that Cinderpelt really loved Firestar that way...All the authors said was that she loved him, but that doesn't really mean lust, either. I don't think that a 6 month old kitten could be old enough to feel that way,(they do feel emotions, maybe not the same as humans, but...) even though they can be force-bred.(which, of course, isn't happening.) HOWEVER, Sandstorm gets defeated, has flaws, and GAVE BIRTH TO LEAFPOOL, the worst character in that thing!

Sandstorm isn't a Mary-Sue! How could you say that? She was the best choice for a mate because:
1) This relationship is allowed.
2) The couple has more development. Spottedleaf and Cinderpelt only loved him after like...3 minutes.
3) Sandstorm isn't a stalker; unlike Spottedleaf, that is.

Sandstorm isn't very much of a Mary Sue. She has genuine flaws and a temper, and the plot challenges her. Remember that there's a difference between a Mary Sue and a cat you dislike.

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29 Tigerheart

He seems really Mary sue. He seems like always the perfect warrior, who never does anything wrong.

Arrogant annoying jerk -Firestorm

Never does nothing, kinda boring Mary-sue


V 3 Comments
30 Hawkfrost Hawkfrost

Wow hawkfrost is evil for the sake of his dad being evil uhh ya anyone else thinking GARY STU?

31 Unicornheart

This cat is nonexistent in canon Warriors, but vote here if you just want to comment on everything.

See below. I just voted on her to comment.

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32 Gray Wing

He isn't a Gary Stu at all! One of the defining traits of a Mary Sue/Gary Stu is that they have no real flaws, and that they power through the plot with nearly no loss, or with excess angst. And as awful as Clear Sky's evilness is,the angst isn't too excessive, and Grey Wing is clearly hurt, damaged, and in other ways thrown around by the plot.

How is Gray Wing a Gary stu? He was an amazing cat! - IcetailofWishClan

That's impossible.

I'm voting for Gray Wing because he is perfect. and it's a compliment. >8) - Hollysnow

33 Starstarstar

Heh. Awful name, but not a Mary Sue because Starstarstar doesn't exist in Warriors canon.

Wow now stop it this is so mouse brained

This fake cat is attacking thetoptens once again! - IcetailofWishClan

Starstarstar is best cat - Hollysnow

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34 Gleamstar

I am so very sure that she is not canon

Gleamstar. Everything said.

35 Marysue

Not real. - IcetailofWishClan

36 Starkit

She's supposed to be a sue, if you're talking about Starkit from Starkit's Prophecy. It was a joke story/troll story. She's still full on sue, though.

37 Moonflower Moonflower

I don't really like Moonflower, but that doesn't mean she's a Mary Sue. Sure, she has the prefix moon: which I'm surprised the Erin's let happen, she wasn't very understanding to her brother, and honestly I think she was pretty awful to him: but she wasn't mentioned enough in Goosefeather's curse and she died too quickly in Bluestar's Prophecy to have any real evidence of being a mary sue. At the very most, she's an underdeveloped character.

Bluffer and Snowfur loved her so much, she was definitely described as beautiful and sweet, but she doesn't really have any character development. I haven't seen examples of these traits. Plus, she's Goosefeather's littermate, so while he's described as old and crazy, she's young and motherly. They're the same age, guys!

She has the prefix "Moon", is gorgeous, and described as young and lovely while her littermate is described as old and cranky. Enough said.

Moonflower was not a mary-sue. She was flat but she wasn't a mary-sue. I'm sure that if she didn't die she'd be a good character. Her prefix is forbidden but I'm sure the erins didn't figure that out until after. I mean she only exists so that
a) Blue could be born and
b) Have a sad backstory.
PS: Stormtail sucks. I totally ship Moon x Sun.

V 3 Comments
38 Billystorm

This name is so funny all I think of when I hear his name is a bunch of goats in a hurricane!

This cats name...

Seriously. This guy is just annoying. Leafstar should've picked someone better. In my option, Billystprm is a Gary-stu. I just find his act heroic. Suddenly being a kittypet gets you three kits with the leader? I know he has an emotional side, but I just think he needs to get a grip.

His name... His NAME...HIS NAME LOL

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39 Brook Where Small Fish Swim

Once again, a cat added because someone didn't like her, not because she's a Mary Sue.

I don't like her :3

40 Violet Dawn

Yeah...she is a Sue. She's super beautiful, super skilled, super trustworthy, annnd pretty much every good thing ever. Her relationship with Thunder was SO underdeveloped, just saying. And you know what? Slash wanted to take her as his mate! The antagonist. Wanted a mate, and he chose Violet Dawn...

If you don't know who Violet Dawn is read PotS in DotC. She is this grey she cat that stood up to Slash (A villain). Slash wants to be her mate bu...hang on a minute. A villain falls in love with her out of all the cats that work for him. Sue point. She's the first to stand up to him which makes her super brave and amazing. Sue point. Thunder falls in love with her straight away. Sue point. She isn't that pretty yet Thunder seems to love her more than he ever loved Star Flower in less than five seconds. Sue point.
Results are...She is a total Mary Sue!

41 Clear Sky

Honestly, I'm pretty sure the only reason he is here is because people don't like him. Which is understandable, Clear Sky is shown to be a villain in most of the Dawn of the Clans books. But he is DEFINITELY not a perfect or idealized character. I mean, hello? He lost his first love and his unborn kits, had to go on to take charge of a whole new group of cats and become one of the most hated cats in the forest, find another mate only to have her run off to twolegplace with his unborn kits and die: leaving only one survivor, then he ruins his chances of ever being a father to his only son by making a grief-driven decision to push him away. The list goes on, I mean honestly: who would want his life?

Clear Sky fights and kills to get his way. In Moth Flight's Vision, he blinds Willow Tail which kills her. He busts up Wind Runner's leg. He claws cats if they don't agree.
Killed List
Willow Tail
Misty (A mother! )
He also has had three mates.
Bright Stream
Star Flower
Right after Bright Stream died, and Storm came along, he was mates with her. No thoughts on Bright Stream. Then, when Storm dies, he sees Star Flower and accuses his son of jealousy. No thoughts on Bright Stream or Storm.
Abandons Thunder, and goes
" oh well "

I'm pretty sure he just looked at Storm and then whoop de do! Mates. He basically stole her from Gray Wing. Poor Gray Wing, his brother stole his love from him and tried to kill him.

V 2 Comments
42 Mosskit Mosskit

Just because she died early doesn't make her a mary sue. - IcetailofWishClan

I don't agree! She was flat, but that doesn't immediately make her a Sue. She died before she could have a personality. - Mossglide

She died too early.

Destroy person who put this on! Get your paws off my child! -Hopestar

V 1 Comment
43 Moonkit

I don't think this is canon.

It's not canon.

44 Hollypool

Not canon - Frogjaw1996

45 Magicstar

Stop with the non canon cats - Frogjaw1996

And this d

46 Sharkfall

Not a cat - Frogjaw1996

I'm getting the Sharknado vibe from this e.e

47 Brindleface Brindleface

Brindle face is not a mary sue! She fostered cloudtail which is a lot of work, and she was killed by Tigerstar. Nothing about her is a mary sue, she is just a normal queen.

48 Snowmoon

Why are you people putting on cats that aren't real?
-Talonsnow of BrambleClan

49 Briarlight

She is more like an anti-sue! She is anything but a Mary Sue. She HAS FLAWS: broken spine, miserable, and yeah

No way!

50 Appledusk Appledusk Appledusk is a RiverClan cat who was formally mates with Mapleshade (ThunderClan) which broke the warrior code. Later he took a mate—Reedshine and had kits with her.
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