I will make a Mary-Sue!

Name: Cupcake Bloom Rosalina Cherry Heart
Age: 15
Height: 8 ft
Weight: 20 kg

Appearance: Cupcake has long, soft pink hair dyed with baby blue and purple. Her hair falls to her knees and she has color-changing eyes that are usually baby blue in one eye, and bright yellow in the other. Her whole body shines like stars in the darkness, and she has pale skin. She is also very tall and skinny.

Personality: Cupcake is smart, amazing, friendly, loyal, selfless, and is the prettiest and most kawaii girl in the world. She has about 3,000 boys who want to marry her.

Parents: Cupcake never knew her parents since they abandoned her at a young age.
Raven: Raven is Cupcake’s crush who loves her dearly. He and Cupcake are destined to be married and have 1,000 kids.
Leana: Leana is Cupcake’s bitter rival. She hates Cupcake and wants to kill her.
Cupcake’s crushes: About 3,000 boys have a crush on Cupcake, but Cupcake always ignores them since she loves Raven.

Cupcake was abondoned by her parents at a young age and sent to live at an orphanage. She was abused on a daily basis, whether at school or at the orphanage. When she was 15, her powers began to fester, and she almost burned down the orphanage. She later had to live on the streets. Later, a mean girl named Leana wanted to destroy the world and kill Cupcake, but Cupcake used her powers to save the world. Cupcake became a hero and the most popular girl in the world.

Skills and abilities:
Pyrokinesis: She has fire powers and can burn anything she wants with a simple swish of her hand. She prefers not to.
Telepathy: She can read minds and is the strongest mind reader in the world.
Telekinesis: She can move anything she wants with her mind.
Shapeshifting: She can turn into any animal she wants.
She is very skilled with knives, swords, guns, and every other weapon in the world.
Healing: She heals very fast and can heal any injuries.
Martial arts: She is very skilled in karate.
Flying: She can fly.
She can never get drunk or get fat unless she wants too.

1. She has her own religion.
2. She is immortal.
3. If she dies, the whole world will end.
4. She has 4,000 mansions.


This is a joke OC. - Sunwhisker


I forgot to add this, but Cupcake is fluent in every single language in the universe. - Sunwhisker