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Firestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of ThunderClan after Bluestar. He's mates with Sandstorm and has 2 kits: Squirrelflight and Leafpool. He was formerly a kittypet


Okay, I am on The Power of Three, but what the fridge is wrong with Firestar? I remember him as a nice, forgiving cat from The Prophecies Begin... Now he's a weirdo. I mean, I can't even explain him! I don't think he's a Gary stu and I don't hate him for killing Stupid Scourge but the fact that they HINTED that he favored Leafpool for having the prefix "-Leaf" like Spottedleaf is bad. Also, there's proof because she broke THREE codes and was stripped off of medicine cat duty then put back again! Poor Mapleshade. Also, the fact that her punishment as an apprentice was going to the WindClan patrol with the cats. Really? He used to be my role model.

, I never thought I would see a Gary Sue in warriors. But you sir, crossed the line. EVERY single time he makes a mistake is due to "the prophecy". At the start of the books spottedleaf said that "Fire alone will save our clan" this prophecy has it so firestar can sit and do nothing and still come out as a hero. And plus, THREE she-cats like him, THREE. I do like firestar but he just seems like to much of a Sue alongside Dovewing and Lionblaze.

Firestar wasn't that much of a Gary-Stu in the beginning. He was a kind, lively tom that always had loyalty issues. He was ridiculed behind his back and had some flaws to his character. However, as the series progressed, he became a leader and then BOOM- he was connected to multiple prophecies and was deemed as a force that could do no wrong. Seriously, Firestar barely made any mistakes after the first prophecy and if he made any, they were usually brushed away.
He's still one of my favorite characters, though.

A Mary Sure/Gary Stu is a cat who doesn't seem to have any special talents, but is SO successful. This is Firestar described. I mean, he's an okay warrior, but AVERAGE, and he happens to be deputy and then leader at a very young age, always somehow makes the BEST decisions for his Clan, is so NOBLE and PERFECT, and has like 3 she-cats chasing after him. He managed to make 2 loyal medicine cats fall in love, and another cat besides, and plus he was a former kittypet. How is this possible?

Firestar is just a Gary Stu.

Somehow, when he first goes into Thunderclan camp, he manages to beat an experienced warrior right off the bat. He was made warrior by the end of a single book, and made leader at the end of a single series. He has the personality of a pile of sawdust. Everything about him screams perfect. He's also part of several prophecies, and if he's not part of one, his great grandchildren or something is part of it. Bluestar, why did you make this perfect, Mary sueish cat leader? Then, firestar decides to kill Scourge because perfectness.
I don't care much for Firestar, because he's just too perfect.

In every prophecy. Never makes a mistake, always does what has been best. He is literally described as a handsome ginger tom. His relationship with Spottedleaf makes NO sense, and I know people will say HE BROKE THE CODE! 11! Well, it alway turned out to ALWAYS be morally right and the best decision. Total sue.

Firestar has no real flaws. Even when he broke the warrior code, everyone thought he was doing the right thing. Firestar is a great leader, a peacemaker, brave, loyal, kind, patient, friendly, noble, etc. Almost all of the prophecies in the series are about Firestar or his kin. Plus, his fur is always described as "The most flame colored pelt I've ever seen", which is kind of like an unusual fur color. He also used to be a kittypet, but everyone respects him, and the warrior code says specifically that "A warrior despises the soft life of a kittypet" or something like that, yet the clans all agreed to be led on a perilous journey by a former kittypet. Doesn't it seem a bit unrealistic that even the most kittypet-despising Shadowclan cat would happily be led on a dangerous journey to some random place by Firestar?

Guys, Firestar isn't completely a Gary...remember he DID break the warrior code on his first solo tAsk in into the wild. Apart from that, he is a bit of a Gary but I still think he's cool

It's sad cause he was great in the first series but after the first series he just became a Gary Stu which is a shame because there was so many more ways his character could have developed.

This cat was pushed, too pushed. Other Cats needed to have the spotlight. It was just FIRESTAR... FIRESTAR... and FIRESTAR! Honestly liked him a bit but Erin's team pushed this cat way too far.

Of course the authors would give him lots of attention- he was the main character! Just because Firestar is in the spotlight doesn't make him a Gary-Stu

Firestar, the hero of the clans, saved countless lives, a part of TWO prophecies! He is the closest we, the warrior cat fans, will ever get of a Gary Stu (hopefully). When they revealed that he was the fourth cat in The Last Hope, I totally face palmed. REALLY ERINS? FIRESTAR?! I was hoping for Hollyleaf or Ivypool. STOP HOGGING THE SPOTLIGHT, FIRESTAR!

I personally think he should have been number 1, he's the biggest Gary sue out there. If you want to know why, don't read this; read the other comments. I'm too lazy to type 3 paragraphs long of why

Firestar, or Rusty, was in the first 6 books, mainly going on adventures that he couldn't do. For example, why try to bring back windclan while still at the age of an apprentice? That also brings up something else, One book, and then he is a Warrior! Congrats Erin's, You just appointed your next leader for 3 or 4 series!

He is apart of every single prophecy. Even though he's dead now, he's even in 'The Apprentice's Quest' prophecy. What really annoys me is 'The Last Hope'. The battle of Firestar and TIgerstar..the battle we have been building up since 'Into The Wild.' It turns out they both die in a page and a half. Another thing was, that Firestar turned out to be the fourth cat. I thought it would Ivypool,Hollyleaf,or Blossomfall. It was so cliche, of course he was the fourth cat. He was a good character at the beginning but than he got boring and turned into a Gary Sue. He lets almost everyone into his Clan. I know, the Warrior Code does not say you can't show mercy but, do you really have to show mercy to EVER SINGLE CAT? Why is Purdy even in the elders? What use will he be in the future? - iiDreamCat

He is the most Gary-she cat ever. He is so perfect and can't lose (pretty much) I HATE HIM! He should be #1! I take tons of Mary Sue/ Gary sue tests and he ends up being a TOTAL Gary sue. Vote to #1

Someone explain how he is not a Mary-Sue. I think he is a BIG one and every Mary-Sue test I take I test Firestar and he's a Mary-Sue on the tests.

I guess this comment isn't right because it was the first series and stuff is being mapped out and all but I have noticed that it took less than one book for fire star to become a warrior instead of the five and a half books it takes for lion, holly, jay, dove,ivy, and normal characters

A hero that is still part of every prophecy even when he's nearly an elder. I bet now he's dead he will come back and haunt bramble star

Give us one book that doesn't have Firestar as part of a prophecy, Erin PLEASE I BEG OF YOU! Please let us get away from this gary-stu.

Firestar should be first. He relates to the readers and made peace throughout the books, he has no flaws. He showed the clans that a kittypet can be a warrior, deputy, and leader, he has saved many cats lives and saved the forest. He is by far better than Dovewing and Spottedleaf.

Gary Stu doesn't always mean "No flaws" it means "Mostly no flaws" so. I think he's a Gary Stu. He has barely any flaws anyways.

FireStar is overrated, he is so OP and ALWAYS sticks his nose in things. He's a nice cat but he saves the day too much - scourgeisdabest

In my opinion, he is best in the first arc, then slips into a bit of Stu-ness in the other arcs. But in the first arc, Firepaw/heart/star is a fairly well-developed character. I prefer Graystripe, though.

Definitely a Gary Sue, can anybody actually name a fault he has, because I don't think he has any