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Leafpool is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She's the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, sister of Squirrelflight, mate of Crowfeather, and mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf


I know not everything went her way and stuff but I think a good example is the way Crowfeather was suddenly in love with her. Like they saw each other twice at gatherings or what not and BOOM! He saves her from falling and confesses his undying love for her like Feathertail never even happened. I know most don't agree but she is my absolute least favorite character in the entire series.

I hate Leafpool! She is way overrated! She's a Mary Sue because she is supposed to be more special than Squirrelflight, who is the wittiest, funniest, and best character in the series. She was a medicine cat who had a mate and kits, a dramatic backstory/love story, and she even had her own e-book, which she definitely didn't deserve. I think Erin Hunter tried to hard to make her a great character and made her too perfect. Leafpool is also selfish and dramatic. Furthermore, she is a brown tabby. I HATE brown tabby she-cats in Warrior Cats because they are always either overrated or Mary Sues. Leafpool is the worst character.

Leafpool is not a Mary Sue. Just because she's a medicine cat who had kits doesn't mean she's automatically a Mary Sue. She was punished like a normal medicine cat who had kits when it was discovered that she had kits. Also, she had to watch her kits grow up not knowing she was their mother, and now that they know, they hate her for it. I don't know why Leafpool is on this list, it just doesn't make any sense.

Leafpool isn't a Mary-Sue, read Leafpool's Wish, because she didn't want kits. She blamed herself for Cinderpelt's death. She lost her kits, medicine cat status, respect, and mate. Like what she said to Hollyleaf (correct me if I'm wrong, sorry): "I have lost my kits, role, and mate. What do you think is easier, to die or go on living? "

Oh poor you Leafpool, lost everything. BUT THAT WAS BECAUSE SHE BROKE THE CODES! BOTH OF THEM. She ruined her kits, Crowfeather's and Squirrelflight's life with her dumb love drama. If it wasn't for her, all three of her kits would be happy living with Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw. You KILLED Cinderpelt, you may not have really killed her, but it was her fault.

4 reasons leafpool is not a mary-sue.
1. It's not her fault Firestar's her father, lots of leaders have kids.
2. Crowfeather fell in love with HER.
3. It's not her fault she's the mother of two of the three, she didn't even want it!

I absolutely hate how dramatic and near perfect Leafpool is. She's almos5 always seen as innocent because "we all make mistakes", she's totally peaceful, she always knows how to soothe others, she loves to go '"Starclan, help us! " Leafpool begged', almost everyone who isn't involved in plot-related drama with her is nice to her, she gets involved in lots of big things, she has a special connection to Squirrelpaw/flight, she figured out how to escape the twolegs, she found the moonstone, Starclan adores her, Crowfeather falls in love with her just because, her kits all forgive her... so much more. The way she gets to become a Medicine Cat again and receives almost no backlash from anyone other than her kits and Crowfeather's mate and son after her stupid love drama (which is all swept under the rug in the latest series) is just... no thanks. Maybe she doesn't have three toms after her like Dovewing does, but I can't stand how everyone seems to love, how she seems to have no flaws ...more

Oh, wait wait wait! Why is Leafpool here? She totally did things wrong. Mating that stupid Crowfeather, indirectly causing Cinderpelt's death, destroying Hollyleaf's life, causing everyone to turn against Squirrelflight because of a favor she asked her sister...she's bad. She is not a Sue. - Blossomfrost

She isn't a Mary Sue but I still hate her.

Hmm... I never favored Leafpool in any way... So she's a medicine cat... And Smart... AND somehow pretty... and innocent?.. Never fought physically... Has a mate from another clan... The DAUGHTER of Firestar...AND HAS KITS WITH POWERS! I WISH FEATHERTAIL LIVED AND IT WAS HER BROTHER THAT KILLED SHARPTOOTH. Feathertail should've been CrowDramaFeather's mate.

Leafpool is a Mary Sue.
She had Crowfeather as a mate, but never got punished.
She is still medicine cat!
And she never got driven out of the clan.
Down with Leafpool.

Just because she broke the code (because of love, and you don't choose love, she got unlucky) doesn't mean she's a Mary Sue! She is my second favorite cat and she is so sweet and calm and nice. And honestly the books never say that she's the prettiest cat ever and she doesn't brag about it. 0 percent Sue - Skyleap

MARY SUE ALERT! "She's so perfect" Always breaking the warrior code and messing up but never gets in trouble.

Actually, Leafpool WAS punished. At the end of the Power of Three arc, she was forced to become a normal warrior and lost her post as a medicine cat.

Leafpool broke two codes, everyone forgave her, and she has never been mean or rude to anyone in her entire life. MARY SUE!

Leafpool lost everything, yet was forgiven for her loving someone and being nice... I hate her...

Leafpool isn't a Mary Sue. She suffered from leaving her clan, loss of her kits- and leaving Crowfeather. OF COURSE CATS FALL IN LOVE EASILY.

Even if she was punished, she's still a Mary Sue. It's her CHARACTER.

Personally I liked leaf pool I don't have a problem with her but she is a bit of a Mary-sue

2% Sue because she was pretty soft, but sometimes she could also be snappy. - Swiftdawn

Leafpool. The BIGGEST Mary Sue in the history of warrior cats. I'll make a warrior cat OC Mary Sue right now...Made it. Pretty big Mary Sue, but not as big as Leafpool.

I hate Leafpoop! And she is not like Silverstream! Silverstream is way beyond words better!

I hate Leafpool. She never got punished for taking Crowfeather as a mate, and then was medicine cat again at the end of the Last Hope.

Naïve, peaceful and loving. I'd say she's more like a hippie than a Mary Sue. She's normal looking, not fantastic. Brown tabby and amber eyes, that's plain. Crowfeather fell in love with who she was, not what she looked like. Her voice, soothing but not really celestial. Her scent, bittersweet herbs. Not the best, but still attractive. Going on and on about true love? That's pretty natural for a girl feeling love for the first time.

Leafpool IS NOT A MARY SUE! OH MY STARCLAN! She's not overly pretty or anything, she's definitely NOT perfect AT ALL. Just because she found the Moonpool and so happened to give birth to two of the prophecy cats doesn't mean she's a Mary Sue! ARGH - Scarletfall