Biggest Mary Sues of the Warrior Cat Universe

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21 Scourge Scourge Scourge is a villain the Warrior Cats series . He's the leader of BloodClan . He was bullied by his siblings, Socks and Ruby, in the past because he was the smallest out of his kin . One of his most notable features is his collar of dog teeth .

I-I don't understand this one.

He kind of is though
His story was about as tragic as fire stars. Yeh he bullied for being small as a kit then all of sudden he earned the tough ally cats respect but 'beating a dog' I mean scaring it off with his shadow then he suddenly like *click* becomes the best fighter ever!

How he can be a Mary Sue? He just got punished his whole Life!

Uuugh this guy

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22 Whitestorm V 1 Comment
23 Ashfur

I truly don't get why people sympathize with this character. He acted like a huge jerk to Squirrelflight after their "breakup", he tried to kill his leader and three kits, and after all that, he gets to go to Starclan because he just "loved too much". Do you want to know who did basically the same thing as him and went to the Dark Forest/Place of no Stars? Mapleshade. If another cat from the same clan can do the same (the only difference is not successfully killing any cats) and go to Starclan because "oh he is so misunderstood and in pain and he loved too much", then that is a perfect sign of a Gary Stu cat.

How come ash fur got into star clan when thistle claw didn't. At least thistle claw didn't try to kill loads of cats then complain he loved too much

Before you go whining your butts off, he got a free ticket to Starclan after almost killing 5 cats. ALL BECAUSE HE "LOVED TOO MUCH." He was too emo, had a good name and appearance, and in the end got what he wanted. To ruin the Three's, Leafpool's, Squrrielflight's, Brambleclaw's, and Crowfeather's lives. He was, indirectly, a gary sue.

He went to StarClan because he believed that what he was doing wasn't against the warrior code(when it really was). - Sunwhisker

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24 Ivypool Ivypool

Ivy pool isn't. She doesn't have toms padding after her in fact nobody even recognised her. While dovewing had her fame ivy pool had to take an oath even though she was spying for the clans. Dove wing just whines about how bad her life is having too much toms after her and having annoying powers and being close to star tribe.

Ivypool is definitely a Mary Sue. She is grumpy for a moon after his sister goes on one journey. I don't get how people sympathize with her. She acts like a total jerk to Dovewing and then doesn't even give her a chance to explain! - Skyleap

Ivypool is a mary-sue I hate her so much plus she is emo

The people who think this is Sue, you need a check up, okay? Ivypool struggled over and over again and Dovewing gets everything on the first time.
Whitewing: Have a little nightmare about Swoop for the first time in your life darling?
Dovewing: Yeah mom. (smiles like a Sue)
Whitewing: Come here my darling.
Ivypool: Mom, I've been having nightmares since I was a apprentice.
Whitewing: (Still looking at Dovewing) Deal with it. Your sister has so many more problems.

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25 Feathertail

Well, there is a steep hill argumement on if she's a mary sue or not. I think she is. She's described as kind, pretty, gentle, a weakling, and looks a lot like her mother, who could have easily been described as the prettiest she in the clan. She attempted a forbidden relationship, while knowing her mother died from a forbidden relationship. Ignoring tradgedy in favor of instinct is pretty stupid for such a loyal clan cat, and it doesn't make since either. She was always so nice, but then argues when Stormfur and kills Sharptooth. Logic? I agree that she's a stereotypical girl from the 40's. - Diistortions

I don't love Feathertail..but I still don't think she's a Mary-sue! How is Feathertail a Mary-sue?! Yes, she's pretty, gentle, kind, looks like her dead mother, saved the Tribe, but she still is not a Mary-sue! She tried to pursue a forbidden relationship with Crowpaw(feather) even though her own mother DIED because of a forbidden relationship! That's not Mary-sue. And she argued with Stormfur. Not mary-sue.

Also, to add to my post, Sharptooth was a MOUNTAIN LION, don't forget. He killed many from the Tribe of Rushing Water, and then is killed by a tiny little wild cat. - Diistortions

Silverstream didn't REALLY kill Sharptooth on her own. Sharptooth was crushed.

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26 Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She one of the leaders of ThunderClan. She is mates with Oakheart of RiverClan and her kits, Stonefur and Mistyfoot, live in RiverClan

''Everything about Bluestar is a Mary Sue''

27 Princess

We don't know that much about Princess to know her overall traits. Along with that we got very little about her personality to know whether or not but for now I say no to the whole Mary Sue thing!

So what if her name is Princess. Her name doesn't reflect any of her traits. She didn't even get enough book time to show if she was a Sue at all.

Want a reason for her being a Mary Sue? I'll give you an obvious one: HER NAME IS PRINCESS.

Her name is Princess because her twolegs named her that way. I don't think her name makes her a Mary Sue. Any other reasons? Remember, she is a KITTYPET. Kittypets just get those names, they're no Clan cats!

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28 Sandstorm

Someone was a Spottedleaf x Firestar shipper or something shipper and they decided to post Sandstorm.. Look.. Sand x Fire is staying, why?

Cinder x Fire:

Sandstorm never stole Fireheart away, so shut it down please. Firestar never noticed, not because he was a jerk, but because he saw Cinder as a sister, their relationship was totally platonic. He felt bad when Cinderpelt got ran over not because he loved her, but because he was her mentor, and was supposed to be watching over her.

Spotted x Fire:

Fire had lust for Spotted, they barely talked, on about 3 times before Spotted got killed by Clawface. I know they kinda loved each other.. But after Firestar met Sandstorm and fell in love, he was more mature and realized that their love wasn't real, and Spottedleaf had to realize that in Starclan. Spottedleaf's acceptance was when she saved Sandstorm from Mapleshade by sacrificing herself. I think it was her last gift to Firestar once and for all, and then she ...more

To that one person, I don't think that Cinderpelt really loved Firestar that way...All the authors said was that she loved him, but that doesn't really mean lust, either. I don't think that a 6 month old kitten could be old enough to feel that way,(they do feel emotions, maybe not the same as humans, but...) even though they can be force-bred.(which, of course, isn't happening.) HOWEVER, Sandstorm gets defeated, has flaws, and GAVE BIRTH TO LEAFPOOL, the worst character in that thing!

Sandstorm isn't a Mary-Sue! How could you say that? She was the best choice for a mate because:
1) This relationship is allowed.
2) The couple has more development. Spottedleaf and Cinderpelt only loved him after like...3 minutes.
3) Sandstorm isn't a stalker; unlike Spottedleaf, that is.

Sandstorm isn't very much of a Mary Sue. She has genuine flaws and a temper, and the plot challenges her. Remember that there's a difference between a Mary Sue and a cat you dislike.

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29 Tigerheart

He seems really Mary sue. He seems like always the perfect warrior, who never does anything wrong.

Arrogant annoying jerk -Firestorm

Never does nothing, kinda boring Mary-sue


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30 Hawkfrost Hawkfrost

Wow hawkfrost is evil for the sake of his dad being evil uhh ya anyone else thinking GARY STU?

31 Unicornheart

This cat is nonexistent in canon Warriors, but vote here if you just want to comment on everything.

See below. I just voted on her to comment.

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32 Gray Wing

He isn't a Gary Stu at all! One of the defining traits of a Mary Sue/Gary Stu is that they have no real flaws, and that they power through the plot with nearly no loss, or with excess angst. And as awful as Clear Sky's evilness is,the angst isn't too excessive, and Grey Wing is clearly hurt, damaged, and in other ways thrown around by the plot.

How is Gray Wing a Gary stu? He was an amazing cat! - IcetailofWishClan

That's impossible.

I'm voting for Gray Wing because he is perfect. and it's a compliment. >8) - Hollysnow

33 Starstarstar

Heh. Awful name, but not a Mary Sue because Starstarstar doesn't exist in Warriors canon.

Wow now stop it this is so mouse brained

This fake cat is attacking thetoptens once again! - IcetailofWishClan

Starstarstar is best cat - Hollysnow

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34 Gleamstar

I am so very sure that she is not canon

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35 Starkit

She's supposed to be a sue, if you're talking about Starkit from Starkit's Prophecy. It was a joke story/troll story. She's still full on sue, though.

36 Brook Where Small Fish Swim

Once again, a cat added because someone didn't like her, not because she's a Mary Sue.

I don't like her :3

37 Violet Dawn

Yeah...she is a Sue. She's super beautiful, super skilled, super trustworthy, annnd pretty much every good thing ever. Her relationship with Thunder was SO underdeveloped, just saying. And you know what? Slash wanted to take her as his mate! The antagonist. Wanted a mate, and he chose Violet Dawn...

If you don't know who Violet Dawn is read PotS in DotC. She is this grey she cat that stood up to Slash (A villain). Slash wants to be her mate bu...hang on a minute. A villain falls in love with her out of all the cats that work for him. Sue point. She's the first to stand up to him which makes her super brave and amazing. Sue point. Thunder falls in love with her straight away. Sue point. She isn't that pretty yet Thunder seems to love her more than he ever loved Star Flower in less than five seconds. Sue point.
Results are...She is a total Mary Sue!

38 Clear Sky

Honestly, I'm pretty sure the only reason he is here is because people don't like him. Which is understandable, Clear Sky is shown to be a villain in most of the Dawn of the Clans books. But he is DEFINITELY not a perfect or idealized character. I mean, hello? He lost his first love and his unborn kits, had to go on to take charge of a whole new group of cats and become one of the most hated cats in the forest, find another mate only to have her run off to twolegplace with his unborn kits and die: leaving only one survivor, then he ruins his chances of ever being a father to his only son by making a grief-driven decision to push him away. The list goes on, I mean honestly: who would want his life?

Clear Sky fights and kills to get his way. In Moth Flight's Vision, he blinds Willow Tail which kills her. He busts up Wind Runner's leg. He claws cats if they don't agree.
Killed List
Willow Tail
Misty (A mother! )
He also has had three mates.
Bright Stream
Star Flower
Right after Bright Stream died, and Storm came along, he was mates with her. No thoughts on Bright Stream. Then, when Storm dies, he sees Star Flower and accuses his son of jealousy. No thoughts on Bright Stream or Storm.
Abandons Thunder, and goes
" oh well "

I'm pretty sure he just looked at Storm and then whoop de do! Mates. He basically stole her from Gray Wing. Poor Gray Wing, his brother stole his love from him and tried to kill him.

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39 Moonkit

I don't think this is canon.

It's not canon.

40 Hollypool

Not canon - Frogjaw1996

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