Biggest Mary Sues of the Warrior Cat Universe

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61 Brindleface Brindleface
62 Goldenflower
63 Rainflower
64 Rainswept Flower
65 Runningwind Runningwind V 1 Comment
66 Dappletail
67 Fawnstep
68 Sorrelsnow
69 Silverflame
70 Flowerstar
71 Poppyfrost

Heh, my sister died so now I can take her husband... oh hi Berrynose let's have kits!

72 Frostfang
73 Northstar
74 Petalstem
75 Leafcloud
76 Snowmoon
77 Sorreltail V 2 Comments
78 Briarlight V 1 Comment
79 Feathertail

Well, there is a steep hill argumement on if she's a mary sue or not. I think she is. She's described as kind, pretty, gentle, a weakling, and looks a lot like her mother, who could have easily been described as the prettiest she in the clan. She attempted a forbidden relationship, while knowing her mother died from a forbidden relationship. Ignoring tradgedy in favor of instinct is pretty stupid for such a loyal clan cat, and it doesn't make since either. She was always so nice, but then argues when Stormfur and kills Sharptooth. Logic? I agree that she's a stereotypical girl from the 40's. - Diistortions

Also, to add to my post, Sharptooth was a MOUNTAIN LION, don't forget. He killed many from the Tribe of Rushing Water, and then is killed by a tiny little wild cat. - Diistortions

I don't love Feathertail..but I still don't think she's a Mary-sue! How is Feathertail a Mary-sue?! Yes, she's pretty, gentle, kind, looks like her dead mother, saved the Tribe, but she still is not a Mary-sue! She tried to pursue a forbidden relationship with Crowpaw(feather) even though her own mother DIED because of a forbidden relationship! That's not Mary-sue. And she argued with Stormfur. Not mary-sue.

Yep. Sue. She is the daughter of Silverstream and Graystripe, chosen to go on a quest, foribbiden love cliche, and saves an entire tribe with no flaws in between. She dies, sure, but that still makes her a Sue. She even had the cliche "I'll always remember you" cliche when she dies.

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80 Stargleam

Yup. Queen of mary-sues just about covers it. The ONE cat every single person in the fandom can agree is a Mary-sue! I mean, ugh why does she have to be so perfect?

Ugh, when I read Starkit's Prophecy, I wanted to strangle this cat. I mean, can you even call her a CAT? With her "super duper special powers", she should be the next queen! Seriously, there's, like, a million toms after her, one of which is her GREAT GRANDFATHER! Feh...go die in a hole, Stargleam.

Is it just me or does this warrior cat stuff have the DUMBEST names ever? I mean seriously, "snowfur", "stargleam", "feathertail". Ugh, gag me with a spoon. - Brobusky

She annoys me so much, I hate her!
But she is not a cat in the series so...

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