Top Ten Biggest Minecraft Ripoffs

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1 Survival Craft

I've never played I'm checking it out

Giant I say GIANT rip off! I seen this game but I don't play it

I got this because it was cheeper than minecraft...

It's just Steve and mobs

2 Roblox

Roblox isn't a copy it used to be kinda but Roblox was made in 2005 I think way earlier than Minecraft they changed there logo so it didn't look like they copied Minecraft

Roblox ain't a copy because Roblox was released in 2006 and Minecraft was released in 2009.

ROBLOX has all those ' awesome shapes and Minecraft only has cubes which are also ' awesome.

Roblox came in 2006, and Minecraft in 2009. What kind of idiot put this in top 2

3 Garry's Mod

its not ripoff and it's better it has nextbots nukes and better building style

Are you mentally handicapped? Are you I'll? Do you have brain damage?

What? Do you even see this game on YouTube? This was made 6 years before a block game

AAA? This game is way older than MC! Garrys Mod came in 2004. What idiot put this here

4 Terarria

It was actually in development before Minecraft it was just released later also it has much more mobs much more bosses much more biomes and much more NPCs

This isn't a ripoff. Terraria is better, and it came before, so.

Minecraft is better, and it came before, so. (Minecraft came in 2009, Terraria in 2011)

Look at this dude *weird noises*,*louder weird noises *,*high pitch laughter*LOOK AT THE TOP OF HIS HEAD *even more weird noises * *really high pitch laughter* OH LOOK AT HIS LIPS*really weird noises followed by EXTREMELY high pitch laughter* all of this means I would rather watch ali-A than see this(I HATE ali-A don't ask me


Minecraft is Better

5 The Sandbox

What? You play God here, in Minecraft you do what you want but you are not God.

Boring by the way I ran out of money too soon

This game is trash. I pressed one button and couldn’t leave a menu. I had to delete this game. I ran out of money by just buying 3 things. If you want a good Minecraft rip-off go play maxcraft!

6 The Blockheads

I used to play this game. It's like Terraria mixed with Minecraft. But this game is actually fun!

Much better than minecraft.

Stupidest game ever

I did not play it yet
but I like it.

7 Skyblock

This is something in minecraft

Love sky block

love it


8 Cops and Robbers

I know free is awful ripoff fighting is too hard

Don't play it! it's a big crap for 1 dollar!

I like cops and robbers because I think it's a good game and it makes me feel happy and I love it #cops and robbers 🍓🐟💩

9 Pixelgun

It is good. It kinda opens the idea of what if Minecraft was a shooter game.

It lags and pixels I mean like come on!

This is a ripoff


10 Minicraft

Yo they just blew up a Minecraft server cus of their games birthday and that player is wanted on the internet all over.

Yes, this one looks and play like minecraft but you can be assured that this ripoff should be number one

Yeah I know they even copied and pasted Minecraft’s coding and the texture makes me want to throw up and the sound is just devastating. Also, the vehicle copied roblox and one of the swords that glows blue on the side... It looks familiar and not from Minecraft... It looks like it is from a game from n... Yeah I forget nvm

Is not a rip off

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11 Grand Theft Auto 5 Grand Theft Auto 5 Product Image

This is not a rip off of minecraft, it has nothibg to do with minecraft, its not blocky, it has no building, only sex scenes and robbery

Your mom gay lol

Grand Theft Auto V has an A in the title and minecrAft too so Grand Theft Auto v is a minecraft ripoff

Grand Theft Auto 5 is the worst. it is an open explorer like minecraft it sucks

12 Half Life Half Life Product Image

Minecraft was released in 1994 for the Saturn,3do,and Pc. Plus hotel Mario 2 would be amazing! ALSO I HATE THE DATE GRAPHICS IN HALF LIFE EVEN THOUGH IT WAS RELEASED IN 2014!

Half Life is the worst game. There should never be a 3rd game. Instead hotel mario 2 would be amazing!

Half-Life released in 1998 (developing back during 1996 as modified Quake engine), THIS IS NOT A RIPOFF, there is no blocky at all, IT'S NOT SANDBOX game as well, the textures is small it's because of GoldSrc limit or designed for low end PC.

This game also have mods and custom games as well.

This game is terrible. First, notice the blocky graphics and the low resolution textures just like Minecraft, second, there's multiplayer, mods, commands which is EXACTLY like Minecraft. I liked Valve until I noticed this. Good job, Valve, good job...

13 Fortnite: Battle Royale Fortnite: Battle Royale Product Image

This has nothing to do with Minecraft, heck it isn't even a sandbox game.

The nonverbal storytelling, the building, even the battle royale was all ripped from various aspects of Minecraft

Fortnite sucks

Fortnite suck

14 Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros. Product Image

Are you high Mario came way before Minecraft

15 Trove Trove Product Image

I played it and its kinda fun but there are major problems and... bad players too

I downloaded it And I can't get In LOLOLOL


16 Paper Minecraft

It IS minecraft but in 2D form. They tried to be cool but no. I think it's because minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world so they wanted to be a part of it.

I've played it before...terrible.

17 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Product Image

You actually have an IQ of a spoon, 1.) It has no blocks 2.) It came before minecraft 3.) It has no building

The guy who put this here may have a brain that has the same IQ as Stupid Mama.

Did Super minecraft kid put this on here?

The person who put it here is a dumbface. This game came WAY before Minecraft, AND is not even remotely similar. If they put this here, they probably consider pac-man a rip-off too, since these people are so stupid.

18 Pixel Gun 3D Pixel Gun 3D Product Image

No ripoff

It suck


19 Block Craft 3D

Yes, It's a ripoff. IT LITERALLY HAD THE SAME IDEA AS MINECRAFT. I am NOT going to install this filthy ripoff! I'm gonna kick it into the lava instead! I bet the creator is an egghead who likes jeff171!

You can't die in this game and you can only have ONE WORLD! WHAT THE FUDGE IS THIS?!?!

Eh, not really—it’s more like a brief introduction to Minecraft for younger kids.

20 My Craft

This game is a hilarious rip off! It has the same seeds, same mobs, and everything! It is practically a beta version with a different texture

This a rip OFF GAME

So cool

so weird

21 Builder Buddies

Basically the same as Minecraft

Just the same man, looks bad

I play this

22 Exploration Lite

This game sucks


23 BattleCraft
24 Block Ops

rip off

25 Block City Wars

Half Grand Theft Auto five half Minecraft

This game is waaay better than minecraft.

Not like minecraft like pixelgun

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