Top Ten Biggest Minecraft Ripoffs


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1 Survival Craft

Giant I say GIANT rip off! I seen this game but I don't play it

You can't sleep whenever you want but still stupid

Survivalcraft is just stupid. Seriously, it has WAY too many animals, you can sleep WHENEVER you want, and things are CIRCULAR. - Minecraftcrazy530

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2 Roblox

Okay, I Understand Why You See THis, But, Pretty Much Minecraft Would Be A Ripoff Of Roblox, Roblox Was Made BEFORE Minecraft And Minecraft At THe Time Would Be Considered A 3D Version Of Roblox Just Without THe Items And Games, ( Proof For Release > Roblox Was Released 7/6/06 < And > Minecraft Was Released 29/11/09 <

Roblox is the best but the updates get worst though I still like the game I will never quit roblox not even if it becomes a horrible game

Lol I wont play minecraft until the new update

Roblox is too good. It's WAY better.

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3 The Blockheads

Much better than minecraft.

4 Skyblock
5 Garry's Mod

What? Do you even see this game on YouTube? This was made 6 years before a block game

My favorite game but nothing can beat Minecraft

Lol I know not like minecraft no no no

This is not a copy! it's a mod of Half life 2

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6 Terarria

This isn't a ripoff. Terraria is better, and it came before, so.

Someone doesn't know how to spell...

Probably because they are 12. Terraria isn't even a Minecraft clone. - FrozenHatingPokefan

Terarria is like even beter than minecraft

Terarria is dumb. it keeps lagging my cousin out of the game. >:(

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7 The Sandbox

Boring by the way I ran out of money too soon

8 Cops and Robbers

I know free is awful ripoff fighting is too hard

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9 Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto V has an A in the title and minecrAft too so Grand Theft Auto v is a minecraft ripoff

Nothing can beat Grand Theft Auto!

Iluvt this gake 10/10fite e me after school if you don't luvz it plzi love th

10 Trove

I downloaded it And I can't get In LOLOLOL


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11 Pixelgun V 1 Comment
12 Warcraft

Who made this crap? This game is from 2003! I hope this is a joke and that you didn't mean it. Because this is NOT a ripoff of minecraft just like the other 40% of games here.

Minecraft actually ripped off the name of warcraft

13 BattleCraft
14 World Craft
15 Builder Buddies

Basically the same as Minecraft

16 Block Ops
17 Block City Wars

Half Grand Theft Auto five half Minecraft

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18 Exploration Lite
19 MonsterCrafter

You bassically just build monsters in a Minecraft-like world, but same thing.

20 Blox City

It was taken down but its still a ripoff

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