Top Ten Biggest Minecraft Ripoffs

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1 Survival Craft

I've never played I'm checking it out

I don't know

What is survival craft

I never played it before maybe I will try it

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2 Roblox

ROBLOX has all those ' awesome shapes and Minecraft only has cubes which are also ' awesome.

Roblox came in 2006, and Minecraft in 2009. What kind of idiot put this in top 2 - CnCF_0878

Dr. Phil wants to know your location - RawrBirb

I like roblox this is offensive to me

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3 The Blockheads

I did not play it yet
but I like it.

ripoff - Supermarioplush220

Its ok but to fast

Dud I love dis game

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4 Skyblock


love it

This is something in minecraft

Hate it

5 Garry's Mod

Are you mentally handicapped? Are you I'll? Do you have brain damage? - RawrBirb

AAA? This game is way older than MC! Garrys Mod came in 2004. What idiot put this here - CnCF_0878

Garry's mod is from 2004
minecraft is from 2009

Bruh this ain't no ripoff its minecraft with more mods kinda like tekkit

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6 Terarria

Terarria came after minecraft did

Look at this dude *weird noises*,*louder weird noises *,*high pitch laughter*LOOK AT THE TOP OF HIS HEAD *even more weird noises * *really high pitch laughter* OH LOOK AT HIS LIPS*really weird noises followed by EXTREMELY high pitch laughter* all of this means I would rather watch ali-A than see this(I HATE ali-A don't ask me


I was literally having the "Bruh... look at this dude" laughing meme play in my head as I was scrolling down to find this. - Sync

Minecraft is Better

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7 The Sandbox

What? You play God here, in Minecraft you do what you want but you are not God. - CnCF_0878


Boring by the way I ran out of money too soon

This game is trash. I pressed one button and couldn’t leave a menu. I had to delete this game. I ran out of money by just buying 3 things. If you want a good Minecraft rip-off go play maxcraft!

8 Cops and Robbers

I know free is awful ripoff fighting is too hard

Don't play it! it's a big crap for 1 dollar!

9 Pixelgun

Rips off 3 games 1.) Minecraft 2.) Call of Duty 3.) Pubg - RawrBirb

This is a ripoff - Supermarioplush220



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10 Grand Theft Auto 5

This is the biggest minecraft ripoff I know of

This is no ripoff. An idiot probably put this here. - CnCF_0878

This is no ripoff

This is not a rip off of minecraft, it has nothibg to do with minecraft, its not blocky, it has no building, only sex scenes and robbery - RawrBirb

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11 Fortnite: Battle Royale

Fortnite suck

Fortnite sucks

Fortnight sucks

Fortnite sucks

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12 Minicraft

Is not a rip off

Just made by the creator of Minecraft,so this isn’t a rip off.

13 Bedlington Terrier Bedlington Terrier The Bedlington Terrier is a breed of small dog named after the mining town of Bedlington, Northumberland in North East England.

This man is a actual idiot, go back to special ed you fat uncultured bastard - RawrBirb

Whatever stuff you are on right now, I want some of it

This is an animal, not a game. - CnCF_0878

A huge 100% clone of minecraft

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14 Paper Minecraft

It IS minecraft but in 2D form. They tried to be cool but no. I think it's because minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world so they wanted to be a part of it.

I've played it before...terrible.

15 Builder Buddies

Just the same man, looks bad

I play this

Basically the same as Minecraft

16 Block Craft 3D

Yes, It's a ripoff. IT LITERALLY HAD THE SAME IDEA AS MINECRAFT. I am NOT going to install this filthy ripoff! I'm gonna kick it into the lava instead! I bet the creator is an egghead who likes jeff171!

You can't die in this game and you can only have ONE WORLD! WHAT THE FUDGE IS THIS?!?!

17 Trove

I played it and its kinda fun but there are major problems and... bad players too

I downloaded it And I can't get In LOLOLOL


18 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

You actually have an IQ of a spoon, 1.) It has no blocks 2.) It came before minecraft 3.) It has no building - RawrBirb

The guy who put this here may have a brain that has the same IQ as Stupid Mama. - CnCF_0878

The person who put it here is a dumbface. This game came WAY before Minecraft, AND is not even remotely similar. If they put this here, they probably consider pac-man a rip-off too, since these people are so stupid.

Did Super minecraft kid put this on here? - Sync

19 Pixel Gun 3D

No ripoff

It suck

20 BattleCraft
21 Exploration Lite


This game sucks

22 My Craft

So cool

This game is a hilarious rip off! It has the same seeds, same mobs, and everything! It is practically a beta version with a different texture

so weird

This a rip OFF GAME

23 Block City Wars

Half Grand Theft Auto five half Minecraft

This game is waaay better than minecraft.

Not like minecraft like pixelgun

24 Block Ops
25 Half Life

Alight... Who's the wise guy that put this on here?!? - Sync

This game is terrible. First, notice the blocky graphics and the low resolution textures just like Minecraft, second, there's multiplayer, mods, commands which is EXACTLY like Minecraft. I liked Valve until I noticed this. Good job, Valve, good job...

Half life was released in...1999

Yes, this game is such a ripoff I can't believe people are still waiting for the third game. - DJRainFlame

26 Super Mario Bros.

Are you high Mario came way before Minecraft


It cool not gonna lie

No ripoff

Not really a ripoff, but it shares the same concept of blocky graphics. Both games are really fun and jolly.

28 Exploration Craft
29 Warcraft

Who made this crap? This game is from 2003! I hope this is a joke and that you didn't mean it. Because this is NOT a ripoff of minecraft just like the other 40% of games here.

Minecraft actually ripped off the name of warcraft

30 World Craft
31 Blox City

It was taken down but its still a ripoff

32 Manyland

I've played this game :(

33 Mine Blocks

-it's a 2D version of minecraft but they changed the name

34 Build Craft

This is the exact same to me, I couldn't tell the difference

35 World of Cubes Survival Craft

Nothing to say, its just bad

36 Brick Planet

It suck

Go to this site it is a ripoff

37 Big Craft
38 Mio Craft

This is ripoff is when you brake block is soud like metal

39 MultiCraft

Pure ripoff

40 Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge

You uncultured swine! It's not blocky! - RawrBirb

It is minecraft on steroids

41 MonsterCrafter

You bassically just build monsters in a Minecraft-like world, but same thing.

42 Planet of Cubes

Just as horrible as World Of Cubes Survival Craft😂

43 Dangerzone
44 Minebloxs

Its minecraft in roblox

45 Battleships HTML Project

This game by appletiser industry is just a big fat ripoff. it is uninspirted and written in c# and haskell, which if u ask me is rediculous. This game was refunded by me within 15 days because it is such a big dollop in the face of humanity in terms of game design

46 Unikitty's Tail

When I played the game, all the mobs, items and blocks looked like Unikitty's tail. Hence the title like you can mine and craft in Minecraft.

47 Terasology
48 Minetest

Afwol rip off nkicant play peapole say is better then minecraft

49 Guncraft

It’s ok but really hard

50 Relam Craft

I have played

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