Biggest Misconceptions About Adulthood

Things you thought would be different when you were a kid looking forward to being a "grown up".

The Top Ten

1 You can do anything you want

you can't laws are made for a reason. we have to do things we don't want to - JESSIEMEN

2 Collecting a paycheck means you don't have money problems

Until you find out about tax, bills and the other 'responsibilities' of being an adult. - rochelle42

3 Drinking is cool

It actually IS cool... Until the next morning...

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4 Once you're done with school you wont have to read, study, write reports, etc.
5 You can eat whatever you want whenever you want without consequences
6 You'll always have cool people to hang out with
7 That when your grown up life is more fun

Adults have a lot of responsibility and less free time.

boy!i can't wait for my prostate exam! - Rocky5

After you go to work, pay bills and taxes its a lil fun! - beckihrh

8 Cars/transportation doesn't cost anything

Kids just don't understand...

9 You can still do the things you do as a kid and not look stupid
10 Your parent(s) will always be there

Worst thing to take for granted. When you think about it how many friends would stick around after wiping your backside, clearing up your vomit and putting up with difficult stroppy behaviour for YEARS endlessly declaring that everything is booring?

Not ALWAYS and not both (some people live with a grandma/grandpa)

The Contenders

11 My house would have a waterslide, go cart track, all kinds of toys and videogames

If you have 10000000 dollars then yes. - SammySpore

12 Sex is the best thing about marriage

Don't even try to coax me into beliving THAT!

13 Everything will always be ok
14 Marriage always guarantees love lasts forever
15 You can scold your children whenever you want

of course not! equality is the most important along with democracy. stupid, hypocrite, bossy parents - ronluna

16 You don't get seriously sick

The risk for cancer/diabetes might increase...

17 I shall be an astronaut!

When I was little I wanted to be a vet (a job little girls probably would like to do when they grow up) but I would never be able to become one now.

18 That you could stay up as late as you wanted

Ha ha.

Oh sure, I could stay up to all hours if I wanted, but I still have to get up at 5:30 to go to work! - kiwigreeneyes

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19 You?ll be happier
20 Your kid(s) will be perfect
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1. You can do anything you want
2. Collecting a paycheck means you don't have money problems
3. Drinking is cool



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