Top 10 Biggest Music Scandals

There are moments in music that are really controversial, some controversies have even destroyed some mucicians' careers.

The Top Ten Biggest Music Scandals

1 Michael Jackson sexual abuse
2 Gary Glitter child pornography
3 Sid Vicious finds Nancy Spudgen dead
4 Phil Spector murders Lana Clarkson
5 Madonna's "Like a Prayer" music video
6 R Kelly child pornography tape
7 Varg Vikernes murders one of his bandmates
8 GG Allin goes to court for throwing feces in a performance

He also ate his own feces... - Metal_Treasure

9 Chris Brown assaults Rihanna
10 Ozzy Osborne eats a bat on-stage

Someone threw a bat on stage, Ozzy thought it was a toy, a fake one, and picked it up and bit its head off. - Metal_Treasure

More like bites its head off. - PhoenixAura81

The Contenders

11 Jim Morrison drops his pants onstage in Miami
12 Milli Vanilli exposed as lip synchers
13 Janet Jackson's breast exposed during Super Bowl halftime show

That’s bad for her, though Justin Timberlake rips her breast cup and her shows off her breast during the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show performing Rock Your Body. Shame

14 Sinead O'Connor rips a photo of the pope on Saturday Night Live
15 The Dixie Chicks slam George W. Bush
16 2 Live Crew obscenity scandal
17 Jerry Lee Lewis marrying his teenage cousin
18 Led Zeppelin groupie abuse
19 Woodstock 1999 Riots
20 Lars Ülrich v. Napster
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