Biggest NBA Draft Busts


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1 Kwame Brown

#1 Pick (Over Pau Gasol, Joe Johnson, Zach Randolph, Gerald Wallace) - mvp000311

Kwame Brown, God bless him, is a scrub

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2 Greg Oden Greg Oden

Led Ohio State to the national championship game, and doesn't do crap in the NBA

#1 Pick (over Kevin Durant, and Al Horford) - mvp000311

3 Hasheem Thabeet

#2 Pick (Currently in D-league) Over Tyreke Evans, Stephen Curry - mvp000311

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4 Darko Milicic

Look at all the players after him

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5 Michael Olowokandi

#1 Pick (Overt Paul Pierce, Dirk N, Vince Carter) - mvp000311

6 Sam Bowie

He was drafted right before Michael Jordan. That pretty much speaks for itself.

Taken over Jordan, Barkley, and Stockton

7 Adam Morrison
8 LeBron James LeBron James LeBron Raymone James is an American professional basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association.

I don't like LeBron, but he doesn't deserve to be on this list. - Bronson

Why is he here?!? He is better than wade, Carmelo, bosh, definitely Kaman, and definitely hinrich.

#1 Pick (over carmelo, wade, bosh, kaman, hinrich, david west and mo william)

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9 Stromile Swift

#2 Pick (Over Michael Redd, Jamal Crawford) - mvp000311

10 Anthony Bennett V 1 Comment

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11 LaRue Martin
12 Samaki Walker

#9 Pick (Over Kobe and Nash) - mvp000311

13 Jay Williams
14 John Koncak
15 Jonny Flynn

6th overall pick in the 2009 draft by the Minnesota Timberwolves (in front of Stephen Curry, Jrue Holiday, and Taj Gibson) - andnolan07

16 Andrea Bargnani

Taken over LaMarcus Aldridge, Rajan Rondo, and Kyle Lowry

17 Michael Jordan Michael Jordan Michael Jeffrey Jordan, also known by his initials, MJ, is an American retired professional basketball player. V 2 Comments
18 Eddie Curry
19 Joel Embiid

At least Greg Oden was able to play in general

Taken over Marcus Smart, Nik Stauskus, Aaron Gordon, and Zac LaVine

20 Ben Simmons Ben Simmons

He is an overrated piece of crap

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1. Greg Oden
2. Kwame Brown
3. Hasheem Thabeet
1. Greg Oden
2. Hasheem Thabeet
3. Michael Olowokandi
1. LaRue Martin
2. Hasheem Thabeet
3. Kwame Brown

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