Browsing YTV X ''The 15 Biggest NFL Draft Busts Ever''

10 episodes already at this rate... I could of done 25, but since the draft approaches maybe i'll just turn the focus to the National Football League, and video that caught my eye was one showcasing the 15 biggest busts (by TPS) of course falling somewhere in the first round. This a pretty quick video, but some of these I was surprised to see where they were with that said let's begin.


#15 Jake Locker, hmm... yeah I can get behind this choice since Locker never really had flashed of becoming that future quarterback Tennessee had hoped for, but another name that deserves a mention he didn't make the top 15 is Christian Ponder. Each player is far closer to one another in the same draft, but I'd have those two literally right next to each other honestly to guys I couldn't believe were drafted as high as they were.

#14 Rick Mirer, One thing I can't say i'm not shocked about is 75% of the busts we see are basically the position of quarterback If I ever was going to do a top 100 biggest NFL busts list I wouldn't have 50 QB's pop up constantly you gotta spread around other key position too. Mirer is a more classic bust in which he had a great rookie year sound like someone familiar (RGIII), but by year two everybody knew how to play his style of game throwing in the one side that is now labeled one dimensional, you can't win playing one dimensional offense its just not possible.

#13 Akili Smith, Oh the first three are quarterback already revealed here is a notable 90's bust who he, and the other player from that same draft sandwiched between the best of the top 3 that year Donovan McNabb. You would think he would work as a potential mobile type of quarterback, but no we would have to wait 3 years to see the short lived magic of Michael Vick before he would go on to do a dog napping of his own.

#12 Justin Blackmon, I wouldn't say a top tier receiver bust, but he had potential to be a great player if he didn't go into off field trouble this was a missed opportunity for Jacksonville. If you want somebody who didn't do much at all as a first rounder then how do you leave off R. Jay Soward that guy played one season before getting bounced out immediately with ironically the same team that took Blackmon. Soward yes was a late first round pick, but I still considering him a bigger busts than Blackmon.

#11 Vince Young, Awe yes Vince Young is most known for giving the world one of the top 3 greatest bowl game comebacks of all time. Young like others has maybe a find it ironic he chose to be on the madden cover after a so so second year. Since then he has not lived up to the potential he was with the longhorns.

#10 Brian Bosworth, Should be higher up the list here's a guy who liked a legitimately good pick on paper, but instead he played only 3 seasons with only 4 sacks in his short lived career this is a top 5 big time bust that I have ever seen.

#9 Aaron Curry, back to back Seahawks huh only this time its a more emotional player that was in the forgotten dark ages of what would become the legion of boom era. Curry ended up playing another gig at Oakland before eventually being kicked to the curve entirely in 2012. He can be on the list, but Bosworth is just slightly more worthy of the Seahawks distinction of the bust category.

#8 Ki-Jana Carter, One of those infamous running backs to come out of that 90's Penn State lineage back when they were a big deal, but there was some voodoo of there transition into the NFL. What's more of an interesting name that could potentially join them is Saquon Barkley a prospect easily falling in the top 5 in this years NFL Draft.

#7 Courtney Brown, Now we start seeing Browns fly near the top of the list expecting to see at least one more be mentioned on the list Brown was a massive disappointment. He had problems staying healthy on the field,. and when he did he was constantly inconsistent for the most part.

#6 David Carr, Awe yes the David Carr who had a lot of pressure for the new expansion of the Houston Texans now how it stands today, but in early 2000 he was not exactly what he maybe could of been given the talent he had was very fresh, and unknown. Can't blame an offensive line for this one considering there's another quarterback on the list who is somewhat similar to David Carr, but I feel should be on the list after seeing what team would do later down the path. Derek Carr though has looked like a much better Carr that fades away David forever of existence.

#5 Tony Mandarich, This is without a doubt the biggest offensive lineman bust in history he looked like a real deal tall dude who is guaranteed to go 10 long years. Hard to believe he was around for that long, but then he was an awful right tackle to place for someone of that size is unreal how much of a fail this guy tried to derail the Packers, and then go to the Colts who are known to have a terrible line all together.

#4 Charles Rodgers, Back to back all time spartan busts, honestly though Lions have had a lot of bad draft picks from the 2000's you could make arguments for Andre Ware, James Jones, Joey Harrington, or Eric Ebron, but Charles Rodgers definitely is on the top of all time Lions busts ever. Here's a guy who was a stud for a college I was the opposite of love, but he could of done more than given the two seasons he was barely even targeted, or he just could care less about the laying scheme Detroit was using, and busted himself off-field issues thus he was gone after 3 seasons.

#3 Tim Couch, At the time yes he was the worst quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, but as time goes on he manage to get Cleveland to there once forgotten playoff run in. I know its not a good excuse to use oh he never had an offensive line I not his TD/INT ratio is terrible, but then you look at somebody like Johnny Manziel, and while he was not a number 1 selection he was projected to fall 4th overall to the Browns, but instead still chose to draft him. The one difference between Couch, and Manziel is Tim at least he the heart to continue playing even with ugly looking stats where as with Manziel he is just a clown wasting your time was all he was, while he is trying valiantly for the NFL to take notice of him again it likely since his a wall gamble incident makes him a bigger bust than Tim Couch, but I digress.

#2 JaMarcus Russell, In his short lives 3 season JaMarcus Russell was one frustrating player to see throw the ball as it would predictably be intercepted to the opposing team. He also has the second worst completion percentage of any player taken in the first round behind of number one on this list. You could argue Russell is the much bigger bust since the number of talent in the 2007 draft was endless. They could of had Calvin Johnson, Adrian Peterson, Darrelle Revis, Joe Thomas, Greg Olsen, and even Patrick Willis.

#1 Ryan Leaf, Yep the tale of two quarterbacks's in the 1998 draft. One of them (Peyton Manning) went on to have a legendary career with the Colts, and Broncos while the other (Ryan Leaf) had a cup of coffee with both the Chargers, and Cowboys because they realize how much of a cancer he was in the locker room. This would be the first time for somebody any player was earned of that name label simply because Ryan Leaf sucked period. Luckily they took Phillip Rivers 6 years after this, and things haven't changed since.

That was the list now let's see here we had... 8 outta 15 who were once quarterbacks either for a short periods, or had a decent number of years. I feel like take some of those guys out for these other names I fell deserve t be on an all time bust list these names would be the following... Rae Carruth of the Carolina Panthers, Lawrence Phillips of the then St. Louis Rams, Dee Milliner & Vernon Gholston of the New York Jets, & Aundray Bruce of the Atlanta Falcons. This reduces the number of quarterbacks on the list in which three of them stay on the list Leaf, Russell, and Smith which means all the others mentioned in the video for me would be taken in favor of these other big busts of their respective team they have been drafted to. I'd say for the most part it was on par except for some which I feel yeah they aren't goo by any means to what they should of been by now, and yet they have there own defense mechanism to be excluded from me. That is all for now until next time!