Top Ten Biggest Jerks in the NFL

The biggest football punks. 1st is the biggest loser.

The Top Ten

1 Colin Kaepernick Colin Kaepernick Colin Rand Kaepernick (born November 3, 1987) is an American football quarterback who is currently a free agent. Kaepernick played college football at the University of Nevada, where he was named the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) Offensive Player of the Year twice. After graduating, he was selected more.

Nobody wants to sign this loser because people that don't stand up for the national anthem should leave.

STAND UP FOR THE ANTHEM! Learn how to be respectful. Go protest somewhere else you ruined the NFL.

Chooses not to stand up for the national anthem that's enough being a jerk on this list. - htoutlaws2012

I don't care why, you do NOT disrespect The National Anthem of The USA.

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2 Michael Sam Michael Sam

Not a player, just looking for spot light "coming out".

If only Aaron Rodgers was as brave

He was not just looking for the spotlight, he came out to his University team first after much contemplation to test the waters of bigotry and found his team respected him for who he was. If you ever knew someone who made the decision to come out you'd know it isn't easy. He just wanted to play, unfortunately for him he couldn't make the cut. To label him as a jerk because of his sexuality is ignorant and insulting.

PS to trolls, I'm a straight white male football fan with no vested interest in defending Sam, just a vested interest in defending open mindedness and equality. Give it a try.

3 Chad Ocho Cinco

he changed he last name to his number - footballlover14

No way! Chad is awesome

He Headbutted his wife

4 Joe Horn
5 Richard Sherman Richard Sherman Richard Kevin Sherman is an American football cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League.

Big Mouth

"I'm better at life than you! " - R. Sherman - Elijah_Cook

6 Ndamukong Suh Ndamukong Suh Ndamukong Suh is an American football defensive tackle for the Miami Dolphins of the National Football League.

Kicks a guy in the balls, stomps on people, stepped on Rodgers, such a dirty ass

Most over-the-top player in the NFL. Should be kicked out of the league. - Elijah_Cook

He should be number one easily - awssteelers

7 Dez Bryant Dez Bryant Desmond Demond "Dez" Bryant Sr. is an American football wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League.

His antics have to hard on his team mates. To never know what stupidity he's going to pull next. Probably a better team without him.

Hit his own mom

Second only to T. O.

8 Michael Vick Michael Vick Michael Dwayne Vick is an American football quarterback who is a free agent. He has previously played for the Atlanta Falcons, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers.

It disgusts me that anyone cheers this guy. Do they forget he strangled dogs with his bare hands? Electrocuted them? Drown them by shoving their heads into buckets of water?

Oh, and now I'm supposed to believe his a different person now?
Would any of you trust him with your dog? In a just world Mike Vick would miss next season after contracting a blistering case of rabies after being bitten numerous times by a roaming pack of wild, mutated German Shepards. - corebare32

He was arrested 7 times in his life


9 Michael Strahan

He should go home and just shine his trophies for a while. It is hard to watch him on daytime T.V. - he seems so uncomfortable and awkward. His ego has pushed him into daytime T.V., not his talent.


10 Terrell Owens Terrell Owens Terrell Eldorado Owens is an American football wide receiver who played for the Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers, and Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League.

Jerk off. The fans support him and made this whole rich. How stupid

Why isn't he on top, only on this list.

I was thinking Richard Sherman

The Contenders

11 Cam Newton Cam Newton Cameron Jerrell Newton is an American football quarterback for the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League.

He'll become a better loser now that he's getting so much practice.

CLOWN, with appropriate ugly hats.

12 Aaron Rodgers Aaron Rodgers Aaron Charles Rodgers is an American football quarterback for the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League.

The nfl poster boy has no clue how much the refs are propping him up, throwing flags until he pulls out a signature last second espy worthy win

13 Steve Smith Steve Smith Steve Smith, Sr. is an American football wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League.

Steve is awesome I guess you losers don't like him now that he is kicking your butts.

14 Warren Sapp
15 DeAngelo Hall
16 Jeremy Shockey Jeremy Shockey Jeremy Charles Shockey is a former American football tight end. He was drafted by the New York Giants 14th overall in the 2002 NFL Draft.
17 Bill Romanowski Bill Romanowski

How is he not the biggest jerk? Even his own teammates hated him... he spit in the face of one guy, broke another guys eye socket... and both of them were teammates! WOW!

18 Odell Beckham Jr. Odell Beckham Jr. Odell Beckham Jr. is a NFL wide receiver, playing for the New York Giants. He is most-known for making an incredible one-handed catch against the Dallas Cowboys. Beckham was drafted 12th overall to the New York Giants.

He should be number 1 on the list.

He should be #1 on this list

Abused a Kicking net

Immature DIVA.

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19 Ray Lewis Ray Lewis Raymond Anthony Lewis Jr. is a former American football linebacker who played his entire 17-year career for the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League.

It is easy to hate the greats. And by the way he was not convicted of murder but a misdemeanor for not wanting to rat anyone out. He made the mistake of allowing the wrong people in his circle which he fixed and made sure that no longer was the case. He got that expunged from his record. But unlike another ex foot ball star he didn't kill anyone with a knife. He did kill lots of Steelers on the field though.

Got away with murder. should have been in prison for Life, or got the death penalty.


20 Randy Moss Randy Moss Randy Gene Moss is a former American football wide receiver who played 14 seasons in the National Football League.
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