Top Ten Biggest Noobs On Roblox


The Top Ten

1 piiggg
2 DrBacon2
3 Clonetrooper1019

He's a show off - IHateOnions

4 LadyDogewithbig8008s

Who would name them selves that - IHateOnions

5 Suck8008

Another who would name their self that - IHateOnions

V 1 Comment

Who the hell put this here

Money Hunger

7 1x1x1x1
8 DrBacon

Haven't met him but he's a noob - IHateOnions

9 Noob

My friend met him and he didn't know how to move - IHateOnions

10 ihateonions2

IHateOnions Is a boss but he's a noob - IHateOnions

The Contenders

11 WatchFullKittycat32

She forces her opinions down people's throat's, and if you don't like her, she and her fanboys/fangirl (WatchFull noobs) will bonfire your ROBLOX page with raging and crying and they will assume that the reason you hate her is because she has autism, despite the fact that is considered false.

12 nmerdo

Biggest idiot in the history of the universe

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