Biggest Pet Peeves About Video Games

Most of the time, us gamers encounter something annoying in a video game. This list is about the things that can piss off a gamer.

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1 Lag

Lag is cool. But cool means cold. And cold means evil. So lag is evil. - Solacress

Tell me about it, my laptop is pretty old at this point and lag is very common - Phillip873


Congrats on getting your list featured EvilEyedWarHawk / Wolfenstein Follower! - B1ueNew

2 Microtransactions

Well, there's an upside. If there are in-app purchases forced into your face in a game, it usually means the game was free. - Solacress

We all know who loves these. - Ashes

Ruined Gaming

The problem with modern games, even Mario.

3 Unskippable Cutscenes

One time on Pokemon sun, my 3DS was about to run out of battery and I had to go through this cutscene. I was out!

If you played Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon you know what I mean by useless and unneeded cutscenes! - tacoperson

In spiderman ps4 the cutscenes are SO LONG but at least you can skip them - Penguino

I wonder why people hate cutscenes?
Oh yeah, the evil speedruns. - TriggerTrashKid

4 Long Loading Screens

Lego city undercover. Great game though...

Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition on PSP. - SapphireDragon95

*cough* Fortnite *cough* - sadical

My internet - Solacress

5 Bugs

I sometimes like bugs. They can be really interesting. - Solacress

La ferme

6 Frame Rate Drops
7 Over-Saturation Due to Too Many Sequels
8 Video Game Rip-Offs

Yes. Ugh. These "good game developers" are just scamming ya!

9 Immature Kids Playing Violent Video Games

I remember this 4 year old at Woody's. He said there was this game he liked to play, and I had no idea what he was talking about, so I asked him, is it innaproprite. And he said "very, lots of blood and weapons." Legend says he is playing Where the dead go to die : The game, right now.

Parents should know by thus point that kids under 13 or 17 shouldn't even be playing Call of Duty or Mortal Kombat.

As long as the kids don't do anything in those games in real life. It's not that bad. - B1ueNew

Fortnite has become a social event for 9 year olds now

My mom is very strict about these things

10 Bad Controls

Everyone likes good controls. - LightningStrike

The Contenders

11 Good Graphics but Bad Gameplay

Remember when Call of Duty was good?

It's still good though in my opinion. Just not as good as it used to be. - B1ueNew

This is why I love Nintendo! - neehawgamer

Madden much?

Agreed - Phillip873

12 Bad Graphics but Good Gameplay

Ah the 80s and 90s.
I didn't even grow up in the 80s but they had good games.

I know you people are probably going to make the generic "Nintendo has bad graphics" comment...

but honestly, have you SEEN how insanely stylish both they AND many of their affiliates make their games art-wise? - xandermartin98

Most Call of Duty Wii games have this. - B1ueNew

This is totally fine for me

13 Bad Fandoms

Especially Fortnite! It's so overrated!

All nintendo games have this. - B1ueNew

Really? Are you sure you're not only speaking of the BAD parts of the fandom? Every fandom has one of these. - Marxcute19

Take any popular video games in this case. - MrCoolC

Take Fortnite for example. - SashiMori

14 Overhyped Games

Any modern Call of Duty game. - MrCoolC

Super Metroid and the Prime Trilogy, for example - xandermartin98

Fortnite in a nutshekl

Fortnite is dumb

15 Crashes

Very annoying

My game crashed once in Overwatch when I beat my high score of kills. I had 50 in that round, and my saved high score was 45. The game wasn't even over either! - sadical

16 Overrated Games

Ahem "Fortnite" cough cough

Cough Overwatch cough Minecraft cough cough Zelda cough Mario cough - B1ueNew

Cough fortnite cough

17 DLC

I've already paid for the game itself! Now if I want to play more I have to buy more? - B1ueNew

Paradox: its free real estate - namesnipe

Unless it's fortnite - Penguino


18 When There’s a Waterfall Without Anything Behind It

Most annoying thing in the world. Even more annoying than that dog.

I bet one is better than you, dogs are cute!

so? - GleamingShadow

19 Bad Soundtracks

I've never had to deal with this, since I mostly play nintendo games. - Solacress

Hong Kong 97 my friends, it still haunts me to this day!

20 Stickers
21 Tryhards

Tryhards are meh in my opinion.
I don't like them; I don't hate them - neehawgamer

Holy cow this is why we go deaf - GleamingShadow

Some people aren't good at games so they have to try hard... except when I try, I’m still not very good. - sadical

22 Not Being Able to Sprint

This is so awful for me because I love sprinting everywhere and if I can’t sprint it bugs me.

23 Platforming in Non-Platforming Games

Who knew jumping in games not built around it would be so difficult

Oh dear God, I'm already getting Vietnam-esque flashbacks of the first Half-Life - xandermartin98

Bed of Chaos from Dark Souls

24 Have Nothing to Do After Finishing 100% the Game

Uh... that's because you finished 100% of the game - GleamingShadow

25 Hackers

Making the game impossible or difficult to play at times.

26 Purposeful Trolling

Depends on the quality and the player's sense of humor... - neehawgamer

I’m looking at you Mario maker

Guests in Roblox. Thankfully, they were removed. :D

27 Campers

I have a similar situation in some games. There's some Roblox games I play, and there's an "end zone". EVERYONE has to go in to go to the next level. Some peeps just wait outside of the end zone and waste time. It's so ' annoying.

Yes! one time I was playing black ops ( the first one, which is the best one of them all and if you don't agree I'll tell u why) and this one kid was camping the flag. he got 48 kills!

28 Can’t Skip the Credits

I was finishing assassin creed rogue and when I got to the credits it took 20 minutes for the credits to finish and I didn't even get anything from sitting their and watching the credits.

29 Pretentious Storylines

POLL: Between Mother 3 and Undertale, which game has one of these more so?

(No, Final Fantasy VII is NOT included in this poll, as it would far too easily take the cake) - xandermartin98

30 Dead Batteries

That's a controller's fault, not the game - GleamingShadow

31 People Who Spam Voice and Text Chat

These people really can ruin the fun by being annoying sometimes.

32 Online-Only Games

Why is that bad? - sadical

33 Too Much Story in a Series that Shouldn't Even Have that Much Story

Pokemon Sun and Moon is a example why this is a issue. Pokemon shouldn't even have that much story. Even Black and White did better with it's amount of story.

That’s why

34 Day One Patches
35 Getting Knocked Backwards/Flying Backwards After Being Hit

I'm sure we all know how annoying this is in old video games. - SailorSedna

36 Bad Ports

A great port example however is Resident Evil 4 on the Wii. - B1ueNew

37 Pre-Rendered Backgrounds
38 When Noobs Want to Join the "Fun"

They could make you start over, waste your stuff on their stuff etc. x46853

Living life in the life of a noob, I rarely use my gun! - sadical

39 Opinion Disrespecters

These people said I suck nuts just for expressing a positive opinion on animal crossing

40 People Who Act Racist

I hate people like that I mean, it’s a game so just shut up and play.

41 Can't Find the Game You Wanna Play
42 Scammers
43 Ads
44 PC Ports that Run Poorly
45 People Make Fun of You Online
46 When on the Pause Screen, There is a Continue and a Quit Button but There is No Restart Button
47 Losing by One Point or by One Second
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