Biggest Pet Peeves at Restaurants

These are the most annoying things that could happen at a restaurant

The Top Ten

1 Getting your order wrong

This almost happens at every restaurant - ElSherlock

That happened to me at Starbucks, but then they gave me the wrong one and the right one, and the wrong one was so much better! - sadical

2 words: Panda Express.

One time, at Taco Bell, I ordered no sour cream and I got extra sour cream.

2 Rude people

Yeah I can't stand going to a restaurants and those people be asses to you for no reason - Adventurur2

3 Long waiting times

Once I had to wait an hour to get a table, 10 minutes for me and my family's table to get ordered,and 35 minutes for their crappy ass food

One time when I went to Adelphia my food took like 45 minutes to come. It was a terribly long wait. - DrayTopTens

I ended up waiting 2 hours for chicken McNuggets but my phone died so I left - sadical

And watching everyone around you being seated - Randomator

4 Kids nearby

The screaming babies are worse

Only if they're loud and annoying, I can't stand it! - Lucy1402

Not an issue for me.

Only if they cry. - Userguy44

5 Watching everyone get their food around you

And you are sitting there waiting - Randomator

6 Your food isn't cooked right
7 Being the last person to get your food at your table

Then, you can steal other people’s food! - sadical

8 Hearing people chew

My brother Lol - 2storm

Absolutely disgusting!


9 Can't see the TV

@Userguy44-Chinatown restaurants have them

T.V. at a restaurant? - Userguy44

Who cares?

10 The person who orders a lot

The Contenders

11 Arguing over the check

Asian parents do this all the time!

(in a restaurant in LA/Vegas)
Mom: I'll pay
My aunt: No I'll pay


12 Slow waiter

Hey, patience is a virtue. - Lucy1402

13 You get the unattractive waiter instead of the really hot one
14 Having a baby near your table screaming and crying the whole time and ruining your enjoyment

Me: What a nice looking restau-
Me: Someone please kill me! - DrayTopTens

About 99% of the times I go out to eat - DrayTopTens

This is incredibly annoying. - Userguy44

15 Rude waiters
16 Dining with a messy eater

Honestly that applies for even dinner time at home. It’s SO GROSS eating and watching half my family members use their fingers to eat food such as spaghetti! It’s even worse at restaurants though because then every other person there can see them too!

17 Not getting your included item

At a buffet that's in my area, they give out free fortune cookies to the diners. Once I dined there and I didn't get them. I tried to ask, but they didn't response.

I saw where they kept the fortune cookies, and when they aren't looking, I stole some :D

18 Loud music

Don’t happens to often. - Userguy44

19 When someone else at your table gets an entree that looks more delicious than your food.

Just steal/sample their food

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