Biggest Pet Peeves at Restaurants

These are the most annoying things that could happen at a restaurant

The Top Ten

1 Rude people

Yeah I can't stand going to a restaurants and those people be asses to you for no reason - Adventurur2

2 Getting your order wrong

I hate this. - Randomator

3 Watching everyone get their food around you

And you are sitting there waiting - Randomator

4 Long waiting times

And watching everyone around you being seated - Randomator

My thoughts while waiting at a restaurant "i am hungery, please, I ORDERED 1 HOUR AGO... yes finally, wait what..come on.."

5 Kids nearby

So annoying - Randomator

6 Being the last person to get your food at your table
7 Your food isn't cooked right
8 Can't see the TV

Who cares?

9 The person who orders a lot
10 Arguing over the check

The Contenders

11 You get the unattractive waiter instead of the really hot one
12 Slow waiter
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