Top 10 Biggest Pokemon Logic Fails

The Top Ten

1 Going On Tall Grass Is Too Dangerous, Defeating an Evil Organization Is Safe
2 "Hey, We've Discovered a New Region, It Was at the Other Side of the Mountain, Also My Friend Lives There"
3 You Can Fit Anything In Your Backpack, Including a Bicycle

Does a car full of weapons counts? - Delgia2k

4 Lickitung Couldn't Learn Lick
5 You Can Find Big Pokemon On Tall Grass
6 Wailord Fits Into Houses
7 Knows All the Pokemon In the World, But Not His Grandson's Name
8 All Pokemon Using Surf Are Lapras
9 Pokemon Hospitals In Every Town, Not One Human Hospital

That is messed up. Where do I go if Ciley gets injured? - RiverClanRocks

10 You Can Ride Dead Pokemon

The Contenders

11 You can climb stairs in cave riding your bike
12 Wailord is lighter than helium
13 People can lift 60kg like nothing
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