Biggest Pro Wrestling Upsets

Ok I'm. Not trying to copy it. I just want to know what the biggest wrestling upset was.

The Top Ten Biggest Pro Wrestling Upsets

1 Maven Eliminating the Undertaker
2 The Kid Defeats Razor Ramon On Raw
3 The Hurricane Defeats the Rock On Raw
4 Maven Defeats the Undertaker On Smackdown
5 Jeff Hardy Defeats Triple H on Smackdown for the I.C Title
6 Chris Jericho Defeats Triple H for WWE Championship On Raw

Not an upset. - RobertWisdom

7 Barry Horowiz Defeats Skip On WWF Wrestling Challenge
8 Santino Marella Defeats Umaga On Raw
9 Shelton Benjamin Defeats Triple H On Raw
10 RVD Defeats Steve Austin on Smackdown

Not an upset. - RobertWisdom

The Contenders

11 Billy Kidman Defeats Hulk Hogan On Nitro
12 Rey Mysterio Defeats Kevin Nash On Nitro
13 Santino Marella Defeats Sheamus On Raw
14 Spike Dudley Defeats William Regal for the European Championship
15 Spirit Squad Defeats Big Show and Kane for the tag team titles at WM 22

It was the raw right after w22 when that happened show and Kane faced Chris masters and carlito at w 22

16 Brock Lesnar Beats The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX
17 Cena Beats Jericho (Vengeance 2002)
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