Biggest Problems in Roblox's Meepcity

I used to love Meepcity, but because of the changes they made to it, I've stayed away from it.

The Top Ten

1 There are ODers everywhere

Back then the community used to play this game for the INTENDED purpose, adopt a meep, work, and decorate your house. Where do I even begin with this thing? The removal of beds was because of them, so was the party names, and sexual parties. There are even predators there. Meepcity currently has over 500M visits, about 15 - 20k play a day, which means thousands of children are being predated everyday. Even CowCow (YT: greenlegocats123) got terminated for STOPPING Online dating. It's obvious alexnewtron (creator) supports ODing since he works at Roblox. He added the avatar editor in which makes you look "cool" and attract, the morphs, in which having a family is still considered as ODing, since the parents are in a relationship, and he did little effort in preventing ODing (removal of beds, removal of party names, an changing the crying animation) and he knows exactly what's going on since it's a huge trend in the Roblox community but doesn't want to do anything about it - Ohno

2 Sex parties
3 There are Kid Morphs, which induces the online dating
4 Beds are no longer visible in parties

You Meepcity, not just failed in protecting kids, you removed a good part of parties too. Pajama party isn't available anymore.

5 You can no longer name your party to attract a certain group of players
6 There's a hospital and baby Meeps, which make players pretend they are giving birth
7 There's a bigger Party House for 400 R$, but there's really no reason to have it if you don't spend another 300 R$ on the VIP Pass
8 It lost its charm with the updates
9 The community in general is just nauseating
10 Avatar editor

You can never tell if it's a person's real look now! - Roguy

To the person below:

You can, just click on the player, it shows a small menu on the top right that reveals the real avatar.

The Contenders

11 Buying a Party House and all of a sudden everyone is in there
12 The community caused the updates to ruin the game

This pisses me off to no end. They're the reason I can't have beds in parties anymore, when the intended purpose of those beds was for sleepovers. Also, I can't name my party anymore to attract a certain group of players, which really sucks because I could no longer name my party "Twenty One Pilots dance party". Even before I could no longer name my parties, there was an update to censor inappropriate words in the names of parties, which didn't do it any favors. I couldn't type "Twenty One Pilots Dance Party" without "twenty one" being covered up by hashtags no matter what I did. Thanks, ODers. You ruined MeepCity. I went on there so I could hang out with friends, selling fish, planting and selling flowers, using the money to decorate my house, and also throwing parties so I could hang out with people that also like Twenty One Pilots! Now, your visitor count to your parties depend entirely on luck. - thunderstar1124

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