Biggest Problems with the Beatles

The Beatles have always just seemed like an average to mediocre pop rock band to me, I’ve never understood the constant praise for them. There’s much better bands out there if you just look hard enough (i.e King Crimson, Jethro Tull, etc.).

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1 Their music is relatively generic and mediocre

The Beatles are very overrated - MegaSoulhero

A lot of their songs are, like I’ve said, cheesey love ballads, sexual songs, or just generic pop rock songs. Their discography is completely chock full of repetitive rock anthems and unintelligible nonsense.

Absolutely correct, their lyrics were totally generic, except for the songs that are about stopping war, civil rights, LGBT acceptance, loneliness and alienation, drugs [both pro and con], depression, bittersweet reminiscing, single motherhood, death, along with all of those scathing political statements and biting social commentary.

2 A lot of their early albums, and in some of their later albums, there is a huge amount of filler

Their first four to five albums were almost nothing but filler, the later albums had less filler but still had a lot of filler. The songs all seemed to be sober before they started, and it had very little substance to it.

3 They were a very dysfunctional band

John Lennon was basically a black hole of General contribution to the group, and was basically the source of all of their problems and also the cause of their inevitable falling apart. They pretty much all hated each other, John Lennon especially.

4 John Lennon was a terrible member and person

Vocally, he’s nothing special. He was an average to terrible lyricist, “Imagine” is a preachy, pretentious piece of garbage and “I Am The Walrus” is a load of nonsensical BS.

5 George Harrison wasn't that great of a guitar player

I mean, he’s by no means bad, but there’s people who play guitar way better.

6 Their cheesey love ballads and sexual songs

Their early albums are absolutely littered with these.

7 Their music is often completely unintelligible and nonsensical

Examples: “I Am The Walrus”, “Mean Mr. Mustard”, “Why Don’t We Do It In The Road? ”, etc.

8 Their music is repetitive in several places
9 They don't appeal to adolescent males at all

I don't think adolescent males would agree with that in the 60s. That was the decade when people actually liked male groups who sang songs about love...and some unusual songs Revolution nine.

10 The music is nothing special

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11 A lot of their music sounds incredibly dated
12 The music is too formulaic

Usually, the music is just a generic love or sexual song, or about some other lame, tired subject.

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